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Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes, Textures & Stamps

Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes, Textures & Stamps

Watercolor is a distinctive and undoubtedly beautiful art style. Buying some Procreate watercolor brushes is essential if you’re a watercolor artist using an iPad for drawing.

While making your own Procreate brushes is fun, it can be time-consuming. This is just one of the reasons why downloading already-made Procreate brushes is a great choice.

To make your life easier (and give you more time to create), we’ve gathered a selection of the best watercolor brushes for Procreate.

With these stunning brushes at hand, you can create incredible watercolor masterpieces. Plus, thanks to the handy undo button (and lack of real water), you won’t have to worry about making a mess.

Best Watercolor Paper Texture Procreate Brush Pack

One of the things that makes watercolor so incredible is how it interacts with paper. With apps like Procreate, you don’t work on real paper, so this effect can get lost without the proper paper textures.

The Procreate Watercolor Brushes & Paper pack includes watercolor paper textures that will allow you to create the most realistic watercolor artwork on your iPad.

watercolor art procreate

Best Watercolor Lettering Brushes

The Realistic Watercolor Lettering pack offers you all the brushes you need to make incredible watercolor typography on your iPad. This collection allows you to create watercolor calligraphy and lettering pieces easily.

This brush pack takes things to a whole new level by letting you create without using a clipping mask, fussing with recoloring, and struggling with blending modes!

Best Realistic Watercolor Brush Pack

Watercolor paint and pencils are one of the most beautiful artistic mediums. Achieving the same effect digitally can be challenging without the right tools (or brushes). The Real Watercolor Procreate Brushes pack has been designed based on actual watercolor brushes, considering how the media flows and interacts with papers.

These factors make this the best realistic watercolor brush pack.

15 Best Watercolor Brushes Procreate

Discover the best watercolor brushes for Procreate below, from lettering brushes to watercolor stamps.

Watercolor Stamp Procreate Brushes 

watercolor stamp brushes

  • Number of Brushes: 33
  • Price: $
  • Includes 30 watercolor and three wax crayon stamp custom-made Brushes and 7 PNG files with watercolor paper textures

Embrace your creativity with this collection of Watercolor Stamp Procreate Brushes. This brush pack contains 30 unique watercolor brushes designed specifically for watercolor art. In addition, this pack also includes three wax crayon stamps for you to experiment with.

The creator hand-drew each brush stroke with real watercolor paint and then digitized them. Each brush offers a realistic experience for artists. The brushes also create great backgrounds and combine beautifully with calligraphy.

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Procreate Watercolor Studio: Brushes & Paper

procreate watercolor studio

  • Number of Brushes: 7
  • Price: $
  • Includes five layered Procreate files for painting, video tutorials, and six premade color palettes

Paint your masterpiece with Procreate Watercolor Studio: Brushes & Paper. This Watercolor Studio kit is an all-in-one solution for artists experimenting with watercolor.

This brush collection is created by a watercolor artist for watercolor artists. Each brush interacts with the watercolor papers included in the pack, allowing for a realistic watercolor look. You can choose from a wash, wet, flowing, accent, and splatter brush.

To make things even more fun, this pack also includes various color palettes for you to play around with.

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Procreate Watercolor Mops & Brushes 

procreate watercolor mops and brushes

  • Number of Brushes: 120
  • Price: $
  • Includes 20 color palettes, accent brushes, and paper texture documents

If you’re searching for a pack with everything you need to create your own watercolor studio on Procreate, this collection is a winner. In this Procreate Watercolor Mops & Brushes collection, you’ll find natural-feel watercolor brushes and mops.

This set contains over 140 high-resolution brushes for you to test out. There are 60 watercolor brushes, and the pack includes 30 mop and dry watercolor brushes. Additionally, there are 20 watercolor bloom and texture stamp brushes and unique accent brushes to bring your artwork to life.

You’ll also be able to create even more realistic artwork with the paper textures!

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Watercolor Brushes for Procreate 

watercolor brushes for procreate painting

  • Number of Brushes: 15
  • Price: $
  • Includes nine paper textures and instructions for mastering the Procreate watercolor brushes

With this bundle of Watercolor Brushes for Procreate, you can explore 15 different watercolor Procreate brushes. With the nine different paper textures, you can create something magical. This unique collection boasts a circle brush, wet brush, various textured brushes, spray brushes, and a fantastic aqua pastel.

The creator has also provided instructions for using the Procreate brushes and tools to help you achieve the desired watercolor effect. You can also watch the brushes in action with 16 minutes of videos.

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Watercolor Brushes, Procreate Brush Pack 

watercolor brush procreate kit

  • Number of Brushes: 6
  • Price: $
  • Includes six different brushes that can be used together in one drawing or separately

Elevate your creativity with this collection of Watercolor Brushes for Procreate. These watercolor tools are designed to mimic the feel and look of the traditional watercolor medium. The brushes boast a watercolor edge to create the most realistic look.

When drawing, you can either choose to use one brush or combine them in one drawing to achieve an even more striking effect. Whether you want to create floral artwork, watercolor portraits, or landscapes, this pack is a terrific choice.

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The Ultimate Procreate Watercolour Brush Set 

ultimate watercolour kit

  • Number of Brushes: 41
  • Price: $$
  • Includes watercolor stamps, 16 texture stamps, and a watercolor boost canvas

SketchWerx has created The Ultimate Watercolour Brush Set to allow watercolor artists to bring their digital artwork to life. This set contains an extensive collection of brushes, splatters, stamps, paper textures, and a watercolor boost canvas to make your artwork pop.

With a choice of 41 Procreate brushes, you can create truly unique watercolor brush strokes. This pack has everything you need to aid you in designing your own style of watercolor. The variety of brushes includes clean, abstract, and messy options, giving you endless possibilities.

If you’re looking for calligraphy and lettering brushes, you can use watercolor stamps, drips, splatters, and shapes. This pack comes with three specific blenders, but any of the brushes can do the same thing (even the splatter brushes).

To make things even better, each Procreate watercolor brush and stamp in this set has been created with scans from real watercolors. They have also been extensively tried and tested.

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Procreate Watercolor Brush Pack

procreate watercolor brushes for artists

  • Number of Brushes: 10
  • Price: $
  • Includes real hand-drawing watercolor brushes

With this pack of Procreate Real Hand Drawing Watercolor Brushes, you’ll have complete control over your creativity. This pack contains the perfect brushes for watercolor drawing.

The collection has ten different brushes, including textures, various water brushes, a watery brush, a limpid water brush, and a water point brush. You can use the brushes individually or combine them to create something incredible. 

The pack also includes a watercolor artwork for you to use as a reference or to experiment with yourself.

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Watercolor Procreate Brushes 

watercolor procreate brushes

  • Number of Brushes: 18
  • Price: $
  • Includes blending brushes, six color palettes, and a PDF guide

This Digital Watercolor Procreate Brushes Kit offers artists a lot to explore. The PDF guide will teach you how to make the most of all the brushes, while the six different color palettes will allow you to experiment with new color combinations.

The set includes watercolor brushes, watercolor pencils, water blenders, splashes, and droplets.

This collection offers four different techniques for you to test:

  • Dry on Dry (very little water on the brush applied to dry paper)
  • Wet on Wet (wet paint applied to wet paper)
  • Wet on Dry
  • Dry on Wet

The pack also comes with a watercolor paper texture. The texture is a scan of actual watercolor paper, offering unique settings to imitate real watercolor paintings.

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Real Watercolor Procreate Brushes 

realistic watercolor brushes

  • Number of Brushes: 11
  • Price: $$
  • Includes five magic canvases, 27 color palettes, seven sketches, and a guide

Realistic Watercolor Procreate Brushes is a unique painting kit for your iPad. With this collection of 11 brushes, you can create striking and realistic watercolor artworks.

Crafted with attention to detail, you can enjoy a realistic watercolor experience. The ready-made magic canvases aid in making the drawing even more real.

Explore the range of brushes, including a water wash, air, line, and dry brush. Create incredible canvases using the background brush and bring your artwork to life with the help of the edge brush. Do even more with the salt, dry stamp, sponge, and cloud brushes.

The kit also has a PDF guide, 27 color palettes, and seven sketches to get you started.

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Procreate Brushes Watercolor Pencil 

shelley procreate brushes watercolor pencil

  • Number of Brushes: 23
  • Price: $
  • Includes brushes like granulated watercolor, dry marker, conté, and pretty water

Volume 2 of the Shelley Brush Kit is dedicated to watercolor art. The creator designed this kit as a perfect resource for children’s book illustrators. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for all other watercolor artists.

It includes over 20 handmade brushes designed specifically to emulate your favorite medium.

You can truly let your imagination run wild with this collection. Brushes include granulated watercolor, wet streaky, sponge painter, river water, pretty water, and more.

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AquaReal Procreate Watercolor Set 

aqua real watercolour brush

  • Number of Brushes: 38
  • Price: $
  • Includes 29 Stamps that include natural pigment blooms, splotches, sprays, and three watercolor paper canvases

Easily create stunning, authentic digital watercolor paintings in Procreate with the help of the AquaReal Procreate Watercolor Set. These brushes are easy-to-use and are designed to make the painting process simple.

This set includes eight painting and blending brushes and an extensive collection of unique stamps. These authentic stamps allow you to create precise and deliberate effects that help you mimic watercolor. With the help of blending brushes, you can successfully imitate the unpredictability of actual watercolor painting.

You can increase the authenticity of your creations with watercolor paper canvases. Combined with the pigment blooms, splotches, and sprays, your digital paintings will be indistinguishable from traditional art on paper.

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Realistic Watercolor Lettering 

realistic watercolor lettering

  • Number of Brushes: 18
  • Price: $
  • Includes 6 Texture Brushes, Watercolor Paper Canvas, Watercolor Paper Brush, and Water Blender Brush

Regarding painting in Procreate, this Realistic Watercolor Lettering is ideal for calligraphy and lettering. With this pack at hand, you can create incredible typography. You won’t need to worry about clipping masks, recoloring, and blending modes with this collection.

Each brush has built-in dark edges, a beautiful watercolor texture, and a pressure-sensitive gradient effect. Additionally, you’ll be able to add unique and realistic watercolor effects with the splatter brush.

Every lettering brush has a gradient version to allow for greater variety. These gradient brushes have built-in pressure sensitivity, allowing the strokes’ color to change with the amount of pressure used. You can choose multiple colors from the color palette to create easy gradients.

In addition, the watercolor paper texture (and paper texture brush) allow you to achieve a realistic watercolor effect.

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Expressive Watercolor For Procreate 

expressive watercolor for procreate

  • Number of Brushes: 50
  • Price: $
  • Includes various unique texture brushes

Produce masterpieces and express your creativity with this Expressive Watercolor For Procreate brush pack. It includes various effect brushes that allow you to create unique textures and backgrounds.

This collection was specifically created for making watercolor backgrounds. It was inspired by water bleeds, watercolor splatters, and salty textures. You won’t be able to resist playing around with all the stunning options. For example, the plastic wrap brush offers something magical. Plus, the inverted brushes allow you to recreate the unpredictable nature of watercolor painting.

Each unique brush in this pack has its own special effect. You can also layer your watercolor brushes for a striking, interesting look. Combining two colors also produces an interesting, almost ethereal result (think galaxy art!).

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Procreate – Living Watercolor Brush Studio 

procreate watercolor brush studio

  • Number of Brushes: 40
  • Price: $
  • Includes various brush stamps, 12 color palettes, six drawing guides, and four canvases.

Living Watercolor is a complete watercolor studio that’s perfect for beginners and professionals. With 40 watercolor brushes and loads more extras, this kit has everything you need.

The Procreate painting brushes are designed to mimic real media to look and feel like actual paint. This set’s canvases are paper-like, offering a watercolor effect to make your artwork look even more authentic.

This pack also comes with a step-by-step demonstration, color palettes, and drawing guides to help you along. Choose between blenders, paint splatters, bloom brushes, paint blobs, stamps, and more to create a masterpiece.

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Loose Watercolor – Procreate Brushes 

loose watercolor procreate brushes

  • Number of Brushes: 80
  • Price: $
  • Includes watercolor brushes, watercolor stamp brushes (stains, splashes, and splatters), seven postage stamp brushes, ten vintage handwriting stamp brushes, one textured paper, and three paper brushes

Explore some of the best procreate brushes for watercolor artists with this Loose Watercolour Procreate Brush kit.

This pack is ideal for artists experimenting with advanced loose watercolor painting in Procreate.

With this kit, you’ll also get access to vintage handwriting and postage stamp brushes to add something different to your artwork. There are 80 high-quality brushes in this collection, a textured paper canvas to work with, and three paper brushes for you to try.

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Free Watercolor Brushes Procreate

There’s no shortage of free Procreate brushes online. But buying brushes is your best bet if you’re looking for top-quality equipment.

But if you keep an eye out on Creative Market’s weekly free design assets, you may be able to snag some free watercolor Procreate brushes.

What is Procreate?

Procreate is one of the best digital drawing apps available. It’s made a massive impact on digital art and provides an experience that’s almost like paper. It turns the iPad into one of the best drawing tablets out there! There’s a good reason so many artists are turning to Procreate as their go-to digital drawing device.

How to Download Brushes on Procreate

Usually, when you download brushes from sites like Creative Market, you’ll get them as a ZIP file.

Once you’ve downloaded your brushes, unzip the file on your computer (or you can use an app). From there, you can use a cloud service to transfer the brushes to your iPad, use Airdrop, or even email the brushes to yourself.

Then in the Procreate Brush Menu, you can click the ‘+’ sign. From there, click ‘import’ and navigate to your files.

For a more detailed guide, check out our post on How to Add Brushes to Procreate.

realisitc watercolor procreate brushes

Final Thoughts on Procreate Brush Sets

Depending on what you need, different brush sets will appeal to you. If you’re a beginner, a smaller brush pack with a tutorial will be less overwhelming and easier to master. It’s also wise to look for a guide or video tutorials from the creators.

Whereas if you’re a professional watercolor artist, you’ll want something realistic to help you correctly translate your skill onto your iPad. It’s also worth figuring out if you wish to explore brushes, splatters, drops, and more with your art, as only some packs include those.

No matter your level of experience, brush packs are a great way to extend the capabilities of Procreate and your iPad, allowing you to create pure magic.

So grab your iPad and your Apple Pencil, open your app, and start creating your watercolor masterpieces.

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