The rise of Procreate

If you’ve ever done any form of digital painting in the last year or two, you’ll have noticed two big trends.

  • Adobe Photoshop lost its throne as the number 1 app for digital painting, or at least, will lose it very soon if it hasn’t already.
  • Procreate is the current, go-to recommendation, next to Clip Studio Paint.

The reasoning for this is rather logical, more than anything else once you start diving into the details and the details are fairly boldly written on just about any wall, Facebook feed, Twitter thread and Reddit thread.

There is a wide range of portable setups that can travel with you when you’re talking graphics tablets, but the iPad Pro has a familiarity aspect to it and comes from a well-established brand, known for quite a few pieces of tech that we use every day, like the iPhone, the Macbook and so on.

Combine a well-known brand and a creative app that enables an artist to create their art anywhere and you have a winner recipe that’s sure to set you up for the long run because we can all see very clearly and assume very safely, that the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate combination of tools for artists, is here to stay.

Procreate rose in popularity, due to being portable and that was what gave it a distinct edge over Photoshop, but also hardware-wise, the iPad Pro has an advantage over graphics tablets in that sense, as it is, portable.

When we look at data from the last 5 years, the interest in Procreate really started to spike around December 2019 and just increased from there to higher search volumes.

Nowadays, when you’re looking for anything online around Procreate, you will find a plethora of tutorials on Youtube, paid courses on Skillshare, Udemy and more.

Procreate has its own community space and marketplace along with a following that’s creating new resources on a daily basis for the app.

Overall, if you’re looking for a portable, digital art solution, you can’t go wrong with the combo of the Apple Pencil, iPad Pro and Procreate. You’ll thank yourself for it when you’re sitting in the woods and enjoying a cup of coffee while drawing the calm nature around you.


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