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SMITE: Behind the Scenes Part 3

Recently we started sharing updates form the awesome team at RealtimeUK and their latest work – SMITE: To Hell & Back, and we would love to show you part 3 of Behind the Scenes (Lighting & Effects)…

Animation & VFX

Let’s have ourselves a festival!

The Cape Town International Animation Festival, previously called Kunjanimation, is happening from the 18th of February until the 21st of February this year.

Sir Barksalot
Animation & VFX

Sir Barksalot – Collaborative Short Film Community Project

My name is FineSpline. Yes my parents named me that from birth… kidding! I’ve been an Animator in the film and game industries the past 11 years, and worked on a handful of notable projects. The most well known is probably Avatar

Smite Behind The Scenes Part 2 Animation - Mock Up
Animation & VFX

SMITE – Behind The Scenes Part 2

The RealSmiteUK team shared with us their second release of their “Behind The Scenes” series of their earlier cinematic release. They chat about different stages of the cinematic, how the sequences were planned, mapping keyframes and how they developed a new facial rig.

Animaiton Career Pro - Chris Fazio Animator
Animation & VFX

Animating Like A Pro… Almost

We recently featured Animation Career Pro on our blog and it was an awesome article to write. We actually enjoyed our interaction with Chris from Animation Career Pro so much, that I was enrolled for the 3D animation course.

SMITE Cinematic -To Hell & Back
Animation & VFX

SMITE Cinematic Trailer – To Hell & Back

With this latest smite cinematic trailer, RealTimeUK have pushed their boundaries to create a cinematic which focuses on character progression and the journey each character goes through which reveals their own unique colorful,fierce or mysterious personalities.

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