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Sculpting Timelapse of Brute by Marco Hakenjos
Animation & VFX

Sculpting Timelapse of “Brute”

This interesting speed time lapse comes from Marco Hakenjos (Modeling & Texturing artist) which shows how he modeled an old knight character with Zbrush, pretty amazing final result!

CGI VFX Fluids Showreel by RealtimeUK
Animation & VFX

CGI VFX Fluids Showreel by RealtimeUK

Just wanted to share this amazing showreel by Realtime UK, a CG Creative Studio, which showcases their mastery with different forms of fluids and how they’ve incorporated it in different large scale projects (Nike, Warburtons, Aston Martin, LG, Sony,Fiat and more).

Ruru the Fox - Friedl Jooste
Animation & VFX

Ruru the Fox by Friedl Jooste – Pixelsmithstudios

Ruru fox was an experiment to see if I could create an appealing look in Maya that eliminates the weeks of prep before I can animate. I want to create lots of content for my channel. If people are going to subscribe I want to make it worth their while and create funny and entertaining shorts and try my best to keep it high quality.

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