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Boolab – Inspirational company, Inspirational Work!

Boolab – Inspirational company, Inspirational Work!

As always we enjoy surfing the web and discovering unique talent and inspiration wherever we can. Our new find was a small video skit named Pilot: ‘Evolution’. It had a few thousand likes and we thought “meh” why not watch it.

So what happens in this skit is tha…no no wait, we dont want to give it away! Just watch it. It has humor, dinosaurs, monkeys and moving pictures!


Epipheo: A Future With Superhumans – Inspirational Video

Epipheo: A Future With Superhumans – Inspirational Video

Epipheo sits down again with best selling author Daniel H. Wilson (Uber Robotics Nerd/Geek/Master) and create a fantastic view on how the world will be with super humans in them (potential cat juggling!Amazing!) and the possibility of neural implants to improve our daily lives. Daniel H. Wilson also explores the posibility of a world with superhumans and how they fit in to the world in his new sci-fi novel, AMPED.

We hope you enjoy the witty humor, whimsical narrating and amazing but simplistic design of their video “A Future With Superhumans”. If your into Sci-fi we totally recommend this!

We did an Honorable Mention for Epipheo for June, so if you would like to know more about them then read our interview with Epipheo!

Growing Up – Inspirational Video

Growing up, and all the responsibilities that go with it, is an experience that many of us don’t wholeheartedly welcome at first. We tend to focus on the negative instead of the sublime possibilities that may lie ahead. Remember, everybody goes through life with doubt – you’re not alone. Instead of shying away, take that doubt and conquer it or at least learn to squash it to make things easier to bare. That way, you can start to experience life to the max and embrace all the endless potential this world has to offer.

Have a look at our third installment of Inspirational videos


Be Remarkable – Inspirational video

Our drive,passion and inspiration determines how creative we are. Sometimes times get tough and we tend to lose focus or we just feel that what we’re working on just wont inspire others. That’s why we love people who inspire each other and create videos likes these which picks you up, dusts you off and fills you with an energy and determination you needed to pull through. Enjoy this inspirational video and always try to inspire one another, you never know if the project you’re working on could be revolutionary!