About Pixelsmithstudios


Pixelsmithstudios was established to build and promote the Animation, Illustration and Game development communities in South Africa by building connections,creating a platform for online portfolios, creating job boards, giving free exposure and working with the existing bodies to reach their goals.

We aspire to be a central source of information and resources where like-minded professionals can share, discuss and initiate ideas to achieve common goals.

What Does This Mean For You?

You can use our platform to:

• Network
• Find work
• Hire Talent
• Create an online portfolio
• Collaborate
• Share knowledge
• Discuss ideas and brainstorm concepts

What We Want From You

  • We want you to use our platform – for free.
  • We want your help in building the South African Games, Animation, VFX and Illustration community
  • We want you to grow and level up

At the very core of it’s existence, Pixelsmithstudios is a platform to help artists promote their breathtaking work, studios to showcase their awesome teams and for artists and studios to find each other to create the visual imagery we love that is animation, games, VFX and illustration. We’re mainly focused on South Africans (so that we can contribute to the local industry) but that never stopped us helping people abroad. Get in touch if you need any help or just want to say hi 🙂

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