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Here are some popular questions from our Pixelsmith community and the answers to them. If your question doesn’t appear below, feel free to send us an email or send us a message on Discord.

If you’re struggling to upload your file, simply convert/compress the file to .zip format and try again. To do this on a Mac computer, right-click on the file and select ‘compress file’. On a Windows computer, right-click on the file and select ‘Send to’ and then select ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. A zipped file will appear in the same location.

Our Pixelsmith Studios team has worked hard to make sure there are minimal technical issues with our site. But if you do happen to stumble upon any bugs, please reach out to us either via email or Discord.

Uploading products to your store is simple, just go to your Dashboard and click on the Products tab. Then click the button on the right that says “ Add new product” or use this link. Then just add in all the details, product images and, finally, the digital version of the product for users to download. Make sure you indicate that the product is ‘downloadable’ so you can add the file. 

To get paid, all you need to do is submit a request to withdraw funds. You’ll need to have at least $50 dollars in your account before you can withdraw your money.

Pixelsmith Studios take 10% commission immediately from each sale. You’ll receive the rest of the money when you withdraw your funds.

After the admin approves your withdrawal request, your money should be transferred within 2-4 business days.

There is no limit to how many products you can upload. This means you can upload just one product or as many as a hundred or even a thousand.

To keep our marketplace running smoothly, we can’t allow single file uploads larger than 15MB. If your .zip folder is larger than this, we recommend dividing the contents into multiple folders in order to keep the individual folders below the maximum upload size.

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