1970s Fonts: Top 8 Movie Poster, Gothic & Retro Styles

If you’re looking to create some groovy 70s typography, this ultimate guide will help you find the best fonts for your designs. With these typefaces at your disposal, creating posters, apparel, and other materials will be easy.

But finding the right font for your work is tough. There are so many typefaces available online and searching through them all can be time-consuming. Luckily, this guide will show the very best 70s fonts and where to get them.

Tip: If you’re looking for free 1970s fonts, it’s worth looking at Creative Market’s weekly complimentary typefaces. If you’re lucky, a 70s font might be there. But, if your design needs are more pressing, check out some favorites below.

And, if you’re eager to check out other fonts, like sports or military styles, take a look at our Fonts Reviews.

Best 1970s Font

The best 1970s font is Saturday Night Font Family. Groovy, retro, and far-out are just a few words to describe this font. It’s bold, authentic and will look great on a variety of collateral. Plus, you’ll love playing with all the variants offered by this family.

70s Fonts Compared

Best 8 1970s Fonts Reviewed

Script fonts, serif fonts, and sans serif fonts can all have a 70s look and feel. Below you’ll find the best and most beautiful typefaces for your groovy creations.

Saturday Night Font Family

saturday night 70s font

  • Retro
  • $$
  • Seven styles

This disco-inspired 1970s font family offers so much for a reasonable price. It comes with different styles that combine perfectly to create an impactful design.

It’s not the best font family for long paragraphs, but it looks incredible as a heading, on posters, or in flyers. It comes with seven different styles as well as stylistic alternates, swash, ligatures, and interlocks to help you create 3D elements. This font is an essential addition to any designer’s 70s toolkit.

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Popstone – Groovy Variable Font

popstone font

  • Script font
  • $
  • 10 weights and two alternatives

If you need an adaptable font that ignites nostalgia, Popstone is the one. It contains ten weights, ranging from thin to thick black. This font has a bunch of variants as well as alternatives and ligatures for you to play around with.

This funky 1970s font family will allow you to create incredible vintage posters, logos, and so much more. Plus, you’ll also get an icon font filled with 70s inspired elements, such as flowers and stars.

Even though this bubbly sans serif font is great, it might not work for long paragraphs and body copy. But if you need a striking headline font, this is a great choice.

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Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font

  • Retro font
  • $$$
  • 12 different styles

This two-faced bold serif font offers incredible versatility. It not only comes with a retro aesthetic, but it also has a modern version. The vintage retro typeface is a stunning 70s serif font that’s complete with OpenType features. Here you’ll be able to use a variety of alternate letters, with choices of light and heavy letters.

And, with Modern Chic, you’ll be able to create classy designs that’ll work for a variety of media. Glamour Absolute is easy to use, feature-rich, and creates an impressive and unique look.

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Lovadelic + Extras

lovadelic font

  • Script font
  • $$
  • Five different styles

If you’re looking to capture the 70s vibe, this font will do the trick. This font family is easy to use and features five different styles. Lovadelic comes with a regular, expanded, slanted, and an extras font filled with plenty of 70s elements.

The font comes with OpenType features like stylistic alternatives and sets, contextual alternates and ligatures. It combines script lettering from psychedelic balloon and 1970s typography, allowing you to create the perfect retro look.

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Groovy – Retro Font

groovy font

  • Script font
  • $$
  • Two different styles

The name says it all with this font – it captures the decade perfectly and is full of 1970s charm. The font comes with both a regular script and an extruded version, allowing you to make eye-popping designs without any hassle.

Inspired by the famous retro typography designs of the 70s, this 593-glyph font comes with plenty of features. Not only does it have OpenType features, but it also includes stylistic alternates, swashes, and ligatures as well as a contextual and stylistic set.

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Tangerine – Retro Font

tangerine font

  • Retro font
  • $
  • One style

Give your design the retro look and feel from the 70s with Tangerine. This font offers the good vibes of the 70s with a variety of unique letters. Its bold curves are a tribute to the big hair and bell-bottoms of the era, making it perfect for vintage logos.

It only comes in one style, but it offers a range of distinctive lower and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters. It’s easy to use, a great price, and looks striking on a variety of collateral.

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Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

summer of 76 70s font

  • Retro multi-line font
  • $
  • One style

This retro multi-line font captures the vibe of the 70s aesthetic in a quirky way. While not the most versatile font, it does offer a unique and striking look. Summer of 76 works well for headers, text blocks, and editorial work.

With this affordable font, you can add an effortlessly retro look to your designs. Creating a sense of nostalgia is as easy as the press of a key with this 70s typeface.

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Far Out! – A Groovy Typeface

far out 70s typeface

  • Multi-line font
  • $
  • One style

Looking for a 70s typeface that’s out of this world? This groovy font is the one for you. Far Out! is a sans serif font complete with hip ligatures and stylish graphics. It’s inspired by flower power and the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s.

It comes with 22 high-quality extras with transparent backgrounds to help take your designs to the next level. While this 70s style font only has one form, it comes with an affordable price tag and a stunning look that’s perfect for posters, apparel, headlines, and more.

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Final Thoughts on Best 70s Fonts

Whether you’re designing on a desktop, tablet, or laptop for graphic design, the right font can make the process a whole lot smoother. There are a large variety of different font styles available and hopefully, this list contains the one that’s perfect for your project.

Groovy designs and hip headlines will be fun to create using any of these far-out fonts. Just choose your favorite and get started.

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