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Wild West Fonts: 8 Best Cowboy & Country Western Typefaces

Wild West Fonts: 8 Best Cowboy & Country Western Typefaces

The Wild West may have been tamed in the 1920s, after which typographic styles began to follow the influence of more delicate Art Nouveau fonts. However, the gun-slinging, mug-busting legacy of the cowboys, rogue outlaws and sharp-shooting sheriffs still blazes on in modern popular culture.

Vintage, old-school, retro or whatever term you prefer, there’s no denying that pre-modern fonts can breathe character into your creative project. Choosing an ornate country font for an antique effect can market a product or brand to be in line with classic values from what some may consider a simpler time.

Alternatively, more popular Western fonts (such as those seen in Dramatic and Spaghetti-Westerns) offer a bold, colourful and immediately recognizable pop to any poster or logo.

These also invite a sense of intergenerational childhood nostalgia which invites your audience to emotionally connect with your message. Here’s a handful of the best Cowboy Fonts for any application.

Neon sign of a rodeo cowboy on a rearing horse

Top Classic Old West Font

Un’chained invites viewers back to the quintessential themes of the Wild West with warm tones, bold colours and gritty textures. This classic and instantly recognizable typeface is inspired by the iconic Spaghetti Western films. These have solidified the Wild West’s place in popular culture for years to come.

Top Saloon Font

The Wild West was all about being tough, being bold and shooting first. What more could you want from a font that calls all the cowboys to your watering hole? Coddiwomple is a hardy, no-nonsense typeface with hand-drawn characters.

Top Cowboy Font

Named after one of the most widely known Cowboy figures in the Wild West, Buffalo Bill is a revival of a typeface used in published works of the late 1800s. True to the period, this font is more ornate than what we usually see in the modern era, great for larger visual projects.

Top 7 Western Fonts Reviewed

Cowboy riding a bucking bronco

There’s just something about the survivalism, recklessness and lawlessness that continues to tickle our inner spirit of adventure. Perhaps this is why 100 years later, people still love the Wild West and all it represents.

Looking for a different kind of tough-guy font? Try your hand at some military fonts.


Un'chained Spaghetti Western Font

  • Spaghetti-Western font
  • $
  • All caps letters that come with 7 typeface styles for the main font, with 4 support styles

Inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s famous films, such as Django Unchained and other Spaghetti-Western films.

This playful and colourful font is a moody and mysterious Western style that is visually familiar to all generations.

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2.   Coddiwomple Old Western

Coddiwomple Western Font

  • Decorative Western font
  • $
  • Available with all caps and small caps for lowercase letters, including numbers, punctuation and two different styles.

Meaning, “to travel with purpose to an undetermined destinationthis typeface is perfect for a poster inviting people to mosey on over to a local bar, community event, or local BBQ. And it comes with the option to add a distressed old-timey effect to your work.

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3.   Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill Cowboy Font

  • Decorative Western font
  • $$$
  • Includes upper and lowercase characters, as well as accented characters from Western, Eastern and Central European languages.

Put forward as one of the most legendary cowboys of the Wild West, Buffalo Bill brought the tales of the frontier to millions through novels and plays. This decorative font is ideal for historical and eye-catching poster design.


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4.   Western Grit

Western Grit Country Font

  • Hand drawn decorative Western typeface
  • $
  • Basic characters including numbers, letters, symbols and punctuation, as well as characters from Western and Central Europe

As its name suggests, Western Grit embodies the rough and tough aesthetic of the Old West’s character. While incorporating modern elements of graphic design to smooth out those rough edges.

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5.   Lawless

Lawless 1800s Font

  • Decorative wood type Western font
  • $
  • Available in 4 different Western styles which you can mix and match to curate a custom effect.

Lawless font was hand-drawn with a pencil to replicate early American wood type of the 19th Century. Described as bold and brash, it’s specifically detailed to make your products, posters or other projects look like antiques of a bygone age.

It also comes with upper and lowercase options, as well as characters from Eastern, Central and Western Europe and with numbers, symbols and punctuation.

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6.   Calvous

Calvous Old West Font

  • Slab-Serif Typeface
  • $$
  • Offering four different styles of font, 17 hand-drawn illustrations and six logo templates

Graphic design meets classic Western visuals in this slab serif typeface that’s perfect for someone looking for a more modern visual impression of the Wild West theme.

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7.   Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon Wild West Font

  • Slab-serif typeface
  • $
  • Available in all caps, and with punctuation better suited for a poster design.

Stylized to imitate the character of the letterpress typefaces used in the 1800s, this handcrafted cowboy font brings Western history and character to your work that’s as bold as the characters of the Wild West.

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8.   White Vinegar

White Vinegar Saloon Font

  • Old wood type, Western font
  • Distressed uppercase glyphs, cleaner lowercase glyphs
  • $

White Vinegar is an old fashioned, no-nonsense wood-sign styled font in greyscale that offers a simple yet characterful Western effect to any creative project looking for a simple pop of grit.

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So Why Choose Western?

Western Desert Plains at Sunrise

Fonts of the Wild West offer a striking visual experience for your audience and can create a strong impression of the characteristics associated with this chapter in history.

The influence and character of the Wild West are timeless. Themes and motifs from this period in history have been shared by generations in films, books and childhood games. These fonts are fun, visually bold and emotionally reminiscent of a bygone time so different from our world today.

Whether you’re looking for striking visuals or nostalgic 19th-Century Western flair, there is a font to bring out anyone’s inner cowboy.



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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC’s started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.