A Day at Retro Epic In The Woods

Last week I went to visit Retro Epic to meet the team and to find out more about what they do. Needless to say, their name describes them already… An Epic team of 12 based right here in the mother city of Cape Town – I also had to take cupcakes along; it must be a thing.

Retro Epic Day In The Woods

I received a warm welcome from Megan the brand manager and the team was very friendly and they were willing to show me what they were working on for their own game – A Day In The Woods. It is a game where you play as Little Red Riding hood and you have to solve puzzles to get to Granny’s house. Be careful though, the big bad wolf is out and about!

Retro Epic Day In the woods Game Design

I thought the woods and Granny’s house looked a bit like World of Warcraft’s models at first, but then I looked closer and saw it looked more like carved sculptures. Now I think it has an art and style of its own and I would love to own an ‘Art Of’ book. The awesome team at Retro Epic must have spent what would feel like forever planning this project and then spent even more time developing it to this point.
I would have asked questions about them, but they were already telling me about themselves and I had read up about them on their website before visiting. So I had no questions to ask that weren’t already answered. It was kind of strange, standing there in their studio and then not having anything to ask.

A Day in The Woods Trailer

They also have other games that you should check out!

We will be adding them to Pixelsmith Studios soon, then you can visit them straight from here!

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