Using Pixel Art In Gaming – Dungeon Village

I’ve somehow dropped on Dungeon Village in the Google play store when I was looking for a fun sim type game. I installed it and ever since I’ve been hooked on their well thought out and fun games (yes games are meant to be fun). Kairosoft has currently released a range of titles for the android platform and they’re using pixel art for their game design. I’ve always loved pixel art and that’s why we decided to feature Kairosoft and their fun and visually appealing style.

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village - Android

The game i’m talking about is called Dungeon Village. This is a town management game and you’re basically running your own town to attract adventurers to fight monsters and earn money. With the money they’ve earned from defeating monsters they can buy weapons, accessories, armor and training for themselves so that they can do harder quests and defeat difficult monsters. With the money you earn from the sales you can improve the town, buy items and more.

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village - Town

The reason why I’m specifically focusing on this game is because of the great pixel art as well as the fun game play (yeah I know this isn’t a gaming blog per se, but its the nerd in me that’s wants to talk about the gaming!). I’ve taken the liberty of collecting some images on the web for this game so that you can use it for referencing for your own pixel art, or if you just want to have a look at the kind of pixel art gaming companies use to create gripping android games..

Dungeon Village – Pixel Art

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village - fighting

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village 2

Other Kairosoft Pixel Animated Games

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Pocket Stables Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Grand Prix Story Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Game Dev story

Mega Mall Story - Using Pixel Art In Gaming


If you want to have a look at more of Kairosoft’s products, please click here

Follow them on twitter here: Kairosoft Twitter


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