20 Best Procreate Brushes: Ultimate Guide for Artists & Designers

Nothing beats gliding a fine liner across a piece of paper, but Apple and Procreate have created the next best thing. Drawing apps are a convenient way to express your creativity, create impressive artworks, and even make money.

Every big update, Procreate gets more incredible brushes. But there are still major gaps. Luckily, there are ways to fill them. The app is limitless, but none of the built-in brushes can mimic the effect of glitter. And there isn’t a great selection of brushes that can mimic the effects of watercolor pencils or Copic markers.

While Procreate has a fantastic selection of built-in brushes on the drawing app, they can’t do everything just yet. Creating your own brush and adjusting the Procreate brush settings takes a lot of skill and time, believe us, we’ve tried it. It’s definitely worth buying them from fellow artists. Not only do you save time and gain awesome brushes to use, but you can also support other designers around the world.

Once you’ve found yourself the best iPad for Procreate, it’s time to start finding the perfect brushes. So let’s dive into our top 20 list and you can select your favorites.

What is Procreate?

procreate ipad

For those of you who don’t know, Procreate is an IOS-specific drawing app that has revolutionized digital drawing. It turns your iPad into one of the most competitive drawing tools available for graphic designers and artists. While no app will ever replace paper, this one comes pretty close.

Is Procreate a Free Drawing App?

Procreate isn’t a free app. It will cost you USD $9.99 (cheaper than two Copic markers!). But once you’ve bought the app, you’ll never have to pay again – no need to purchase replacements or refills.

While there are plenty of free drawing apps available, none of them can do what Procreate can. Trust us. Once you start using the Procreate app, you’ll never want to use anything else.

You can buy Procreate on the app store.

Can I Use My Tablet for Drawing?

Amongst the most popular drawing apps, Procreate has taken the digital drawing world by storm. It turns your iPad into a versatile canvas.

You can switch from watercolor to charcoal pens within seconds. And it doesn’t require much preparation or clean up. Just make sure your device is charged, and the app is installed. You won’t even have to get out of bed to create your next masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for Android devices just yet.

Do I Need To Buy Procreate iPad Drawing Brushes?

The app comes with an incredible selection of built-in brushes. But depending on what you’re going to use the app for, you might want to invest in some high-quality brushes. They aren’t a necessity, but any good artist knows how valuable the right tool can be.

Alternatively, instead of buying individual brushes, you could sign up for an Envato elements subscription and get access to the best Procreate brushes they have to offer.

Where to Find Procreate Brushes For Free?

Free Procreate brushes can be found online. But for professional artists and those who prefer quality, buying brushes is the best way forward.

But if you keep an eye out on Creative Market’s weekly free goods, you may be able to snag some free Procreate brushes that will perform perfectly.

Best Procreate Brush Similar to Watercolor Pencils

Our top pick for the best Procreate brush kit is the Amazing Watercolor Painting kit for Procreate. Procreate has so much to offer, but it lacks really great brushes for watercolor. Sure there are some water brushes on the app, but none of them can do what these brushes can. This set will take this drawing app to the next level.

Best Copic Marker Procreate Brush

Let’s face it, Copic Markers are fabulous, but they cost a fortune. You’re never going to have all the colors you want. And even if you manage this incredible feat, they run out eventually (and refills aren’t cheap either).

Luckily for you, there’s an Alcohol Market Procreate brush set for that.

Best Procreate Brush Pack

Stock up on Procreate brush essentials with the Procreate Pencil Case brush set. It includes 34 different brushes. You’ll be able to choose from sketchy, inky, grainy, and stippling options. You’ll be able to do so much with this versatile brush pack.

Top 20 Brushes for Procreate Drawing

For more diverse options, check out the list below. We’ve included the top brush set for all different types of projects. You’ll find a variety of mediums included, ranging from watercolor pencils to oil paint and even charcoal.

Amazing Watercolor Painting Kit for Procreate

watercolor brushes

  • Type: Watercolor
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 12 watercolor brushes and a realistic water blending brush

Prepare to be blown away by this incredible watercolor painting brush kit. It works similarly to real watercolor and produces impressive effects.

The set even comes with instructional videos so you can learn exactly how to use the brushes to their full potential. The videos get updated all the time, so you’ll be able to keep learning. Additionally, the kit also comes with a cold press watercolor paper texture.

You can watch the videos on how to use these watercolor brushes here: 

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Alcohol Ink Procreate Brushes Bundle

  • Type: Inking
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 46 Dynamic Alcohol Ink Brushes, 14 custom blender brushes, and 11 color-changing brushes controlled by the tilt of your pen

Alcohol ink is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful art mediums to experiment with, but with this Alcohol Ink set, you’ll be able to experiment with it directly on your iPad. It is completely customizable and allows for the perfect flow when creating drawings.

The set also comes with a metallic color palette to help you create perfect glitter and foil, as well as eight additional color palettes based on top-selling alcohol inks.

The creator has also included a cheat sheet for how to use the brushes, as well as a YouTube tutorial.

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Galaxy Brush Kit for Procreate

  • Type: Galaxy
  • Price: $
  • Includes 34 brushes, as well as an eraser brush and smudge brush

Add a mystical effect to any artwork with this Galaxy Brush Kit. It makes drawing stars, nebulas, and outer space scenes so much easier. Procreate does have some awesome built-in brushes that can create some awe-inspiring effects that look similar to a Galaxy. But this kit hits the nail on the head.

And if you can’t get enough of these Galaxy brushes, you could also try the second volume in this series, Galaxy Brushes for Procreate Vol. 2.  

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Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime Pens

  • Type: Inking
  • Price: $
  • Includes eight manga brushes, four half-tone, and four G-pen brushes, as well as four anime color palettes

If you want to try your hand at some manga drawing, this Anime and Manga brush kit is perfect. It also works well for comic drawing, anime, graphic novels, and other Japanese-style animations and illustrations.

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Procreate Blending Brushes

procreate smudge tool

  • Type: Blending
  • Price: $
  • Includes four blending brushes which are made up of two blenders and two water brushes

Blending is a substantial part of any Procreate digital artwork. While the smudge tool in Procreate is incredible, there is room for improvement. This is why we recommend getting your hands on some blending brushes.

This set contains all you need to seamlessly blend your art and create an impact that you couldn’t on paper.

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Texturizer Pro – Procreate Texture Brushes

  • Type: Textures
  • Price: $
  • Includes 52 different texture brushes

Any masterpiece includes texture, but unfortunately, the built-in brushes on the Procreate iPad app aren’t quite up to scratch on that front. However, with this affordable brush pack, you can add grain, rust, halftones, smoke, and more to your artwork.

The wide range of real-life textures included in this pack will add a whole new dimension to your illustrations.

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Procreate Comic Brushes – Vintage Inking Kit

comic brushes

  • Type: Inking
  • Price: $
  • Includes 12 comic brushes

This vintage inking set will elevate your drawings to a whole new level. Comic books fans will adore the various brushes and all that you can do with them. Besides the brushes, this pack also includes four vintage paper textures, a masking palette, and a paper texture tutorial guide.

The set includes the following brushes for you to experiment with:

  • 6B Pencil
  • Vintage Inker
  • Modern Inker
  • Modern Inker Fat (For filling large areas)
  • Janson Inker (Inspired by Klaus Janson)
  • CrowQuill Pen
  • Ashley Dry Brush
  • Vintage Tech Pen
  • Vintage Tech Pen Smooth (Ideal for lettering and line work)
  • Paper Grain Inker (This one will satisfy all your bleed needs)
  • 45 Halftone Line and Average Halftone Dot (To add some finishing touches)
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Procreate Glitter Brushes

  • Type: Glitter
  • Price: $
  • Includes 20 custom Procreate brushes

Glitter is beautiful, but it makes one hell of a mess. Even after you’ve cleaned up after a good sprinkle session, you still manage to find little specks of glitter lingering around.

With these Glitter Brushes for Procreate, you don’t have to worry about the mess. Plus, you can add glitter in whatever color your heart desires. All you need are the RGB or CMYK codes.

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Lights Procreate Brushes iPad

  • Type: Lights
  • Price: $
  • Includes 27 Lights Procreate brushes

Achieving the effect of neon lights on paper isn’t easy. But with the Lights brush pack, you’ll only need to select the right brush to create an eye-catching neon sign or glowing lettering. Keep in mind, these brushes work best on a dark background.

This brush set can also be used to add special effects to your illustrations, such as flames or bloom. And the best part, the light effect is built-in, meaning all you need to do is select a bright color and draw!

Creating a digital light drawing has never been easier. The pack includes three categories:

  • Light pens (for lettering or painting)
  • Flames
  • Effects

This set also includes four color palettes, Neon Colors, Cool & Warm Whites, Retrowave, and Fire.

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Pencil Pack – Procreate Brushes

  • Type: Pencil
  • Price: $
  • Includes 21 custom brushes

Procreate comes with plenty of built-in pencils, but we haven’t found one quite to our liking just yet. If you love pencil drawing, we recommend adding this Pencil Pack to your Procreate toolbox.

What makes this pack unique is that the brushes were first created on real pencil and paper. This means they are about the closest you’ll get to being able to create pencil drawings on your iPad. Most of the brushes make use of the Apple Pencil’s tilt function to give the effect of realistic side shading. And the best part, you won’t smudge the page with your hand.

The pack also includes eight color palettes inspired by real colored pencil sets. There are also two textures included in the collection.

If you like the realistic feel of these brushes, the creator also has plenty more artistic Procreate brush packs to choose from.

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Tree Stamp Brushes for Procreate

  • Type: Stamp
  • Price: $
  • Includes ten different winter tree stamps

Procreate stamps can save you plenty of time when working on the app. All you need to do is tap the screen with your Apple Pencil. And with this tree stamp brush, when you draw, an entire tree will appear for you to work with.

After purchasing this set, you can create stunning winter scenes, entire forests and whip up minimalistic drawings in minutes. Then you can add all the different intricate details and colors you want.

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Procreate Shape Brushes – Human Skull Brush Stamp Set

  • Type: Stamp
  • Price: $
  • Includes 18 Procreate stamp brushes

If you’re looking for a quick way to add human skulls to your work, this is the stamp set for you. It includes various human skull illustrations that will look incredible in both print and web design projects.

The skull stamps are at various angles, allowing you to really customize your illustrations. Once you’ve added your skull, you can customize it to your liking.

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Procreate Pencil Case

  • Type: Various
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 34 different brushes

If you’re a Procreate novice or looking for an extensive range of brushes to play around with, this Pencil Case set is the best option.

The brushes are divided into four categories:

  • Sketchy
  • Inky
  • Grainy
  • Stipply

As the name suggests, you’ll be able to find a brush that matches almost every tool in your pencil case. This convenient pack doesn’t offer the wow factor of glitter brushes or light brushes, but it will satisfy the needs of most Procreate painters.

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Stipple Studio for Procreate

  • Type: Stipple
  • Price: $
  • Includes 69 high-quality stipple brushes

If you’ve ever tried to stipple shade a paper drawing, you’ll know why we adore this stipple brush pack. No more endless dotting or tap-tapping of the pen on paper. With this brush pack, you’ll save time and create an incredible final result.

You can choose whether to add multiple dots at once or do things the old-fashioned way, manually adding each dot.

It’s easy to use, fast and precise.  But one of the best features is that each dot is unique rather than cloned. This really gives it the authentic feel of doing it the manual way. The kit also comes with matching liner pens to ensure your stipple and line work are cohesive.

This set comes in four different tips:

  • Round tip
  • Rough tip
  • Bleedy tip (our personal favorite)
  • Blotty tip
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Procreate Inking Brushes – Fineliner Ink Set

procreate inking brushes

  • Type: Inking
  • Price: $
  • Includes 11 Procreate brushes

An essential addition to any artist’s toolkit is a fineliner (or ten). If you draw as much as we do, you’ll know that these allow for incredible art but, unfortunately, run out quickly. This Procreate fineliner pack will save you tons of money in that department since these brushes never run out.

Whether you’re looking to create monoline illustrations, detailed work, or illustrated shading, this is the brush kit for you.

It comes with seven liner style brushes in various popular sizes like 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 1. But there are also two flexible tip brushes and two stipple brushes.

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Oils Brush Pack for Procreate

  • Type: Oils
  • Price: $
  • Includes over 40 Procreate brushes

Create paintings like a master with this Procreate Oil brush pack. It contains plenty of brushes as well as seven textured papers. What you can do with this set is truly unique.

Check out the video below to see the brushes in action.


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Awesome Alcohol Markers – Procreate Copic Marker Set

  • Type: Copic
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 29 brushes

Having a complete collection of Copic Markers is every artist’s dream, but there’s a reason it’s a dream. While these markers are incredible, they also can break the bank, especially with the number of colors a beautiful illustration needs.

This Procreate Copic Marker set is an affordable alternative that will blow you away. The care the creator has put into this pack is incredible, making it as realistic as it could possibly be. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them bleeding through the paper.

From the way they blend, how they build up in opacity, to their bold intensity and texture, these brushes are even better than the real thing. In this set, you’ll get a variety of popular market nibs, textures, and additional useful tools. And for those of you who like to read instruction manuals, there’s an in-depth user guide.

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Pencil & Charcoal Procreate Brushes

  • Type: Pencil and Charcoal
  • Price: $
  • Includes 14 pencil-and-charcoal-inspired Procreate brushes

Charcoal is an incredible medium to experiment with, but it’s messy. If you don’t leave your drawing session covered in charcoal, does it even count? In the case of this pencil and charcoal brush set, it most certainly does.

Now you can draw, blend, shade, and create magnificent black and grey drawings with the look and feel of charcoal, without the mess. Plus, you won’t be limited by the color of your charcoal stick. You can change the brush to draw in any color you could think of!

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Crayon – Procreate Brush Pack

  • Type: Crayon
  • Price: $
  • Includes 15 crayon brushes for Procreate

Experience the joys of crayon drawing again with this Crayon brush set for Procreate. These bright, textured brushes will tap into your creativity and leave you with incredible results.

You can experiment with all fifteen brushes until you find the perfect fit. And you can play around with the 29 different color swatches. This brush kit is absolutely perfect for children’s book illustrations, personal projects, concept art, and vintage drawings.

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Procreate Calligraphy Brushes

  • Type: Calligraphy
  • Price: $
  • Includes 28 premium brushes for Procreate

If you do a lot of hand lettering or calligraphy, this modern lettering pack is for you. It also comes with bonus textures consisting of 36 watercolor, chalkboard, paper, and gold glam textures to bring your art to life.

You won’t have to worry about keeping a steady hand or obtaining exceptional lettering skills with this handy kit. It comes with a user guide to show you exactly how to add the brushes and use them to their full potential.

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Procreate Brush Set

  • Type: Various
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes

If you’re anything like us and all these brushes look tempting, it might be a smarter move to buy a bulk set of Procreate brushes. This way, you can experiment to your heart’s desire!

If you purchase this pack, you’ll also save 50%!

This brush set includes ten different brush packs, including:

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How to Download Procreate Brushes and Use Them

Okay, so you’ve bought one of these incredible brushes, now you need to be able to use them. Downloading them is simple, just follow these instructions.

How to Add Procreate Brushes

Before you start creating your Procreate artwork, you’ll need to add your brushes. Most brush packs come with instructions, but if they don’t, you can always read this article on how to download Procreate brushes.

How to Delete Procreate Brushes

Adding brushes is one thing, but what happens if you don’t want them anymore? Or, in a rush to start using your brushes, you accidentally added your brush once, twice, or maybe even four times.

Procreate already has an overwhelming amount of built-in brushes, and you probably won’t use all of them. Most designers only use one or two brushes for most of their work anyways (Mmm, the technical pen).

You’ll be glad to hear that deleting a Procreate brush isn’t impossible (unless it’s a built-in brush).

To delete a brush all you need to do is:

  • Swipe to the left on the brush thumbnail to reveal the Delete/Share/Duplicate menu.
  • Tap the brush set icon, and a menu will come up where you can rename, delete, share or duplicate a brush.
  • Then remove your brush.

Final Thoughts on Procreate Brush Sets

Purchasing a brush set is a lot easier than figuring out how to make procreate brushes. Plus, you support fellow artists, streamline your work and discover incredible drawing methods that you may not have thought of previously.

Playing with brushes, textures, and stamps is a lot of fun, as is completing your digital illustration on your iPad.

So grab your iPad and your Apple Pencil, open your app and get drawing!

As an Amazon Associate we earn commission from qualifying purchases. This helps us keep our dream alive to be able to write content on subjects we love and create opportunities to connect people through our social media platforms, helping them to network and build professional relationships. Thank you for your support!

Kathryn loves to write, whether it's about fonts, tech products, gaming gear or design assets. She sold her soul to Apple in 2013 and Procreate soon after and has no regrets. Also, she is basically a cat with opposable thumbs.

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