13 Best Procreate Tattoo Brushes: Brush Sets for Tattoo Artists

13 Best Procreate Tattoo Brushes: Brush Sets for Tattoo Artists

iPad users have the unique benefit of super-easy design with the help of the Procreate app. Now, more and more tattoo artists are ditching pen and paper and using this digital tool to create outstanding designs in half the time. With Procreate tattoo brushes and the app’s other nifty features, you can spend less time on mock-ups, save money on materials, and have more happy clients.

With every new update and the growing Procreate community, more incredible brushes are introduced every day. While creating your own brush can take a lot of time and technological skill, the Procreate community has an array of fantastic tattoo Procreate brushes made by fellow artists that are definitely worth checking out. 

Buying tattoo brush sets for Procreate from other creators has a few benefits. These brushes and Procreate tattoo stamps are usually created by members with years of experience in the tattoo industry and lots of experience working with programs like Procreate and Photoshop. Plus, buying brushes helps to support small artists and encourage the growth of the community.

Once you’ve got the hang of how to use Procreate, it’s time to find the perfect brushes to match your unique style. Let’s jump into the best Procreate tattoo brushes!

What is Procreate?

Procreate is all about making drawing and designing easy and accessible. The app for iPads was originally created with illustrators and graphic designers in mind but has since found its way into the hands of all kinds of artistic professionals. 

For tattoo artists, it’ll turn your iPad into a convenient and limitless design application that allows for detailed customization and easy editing. Procreate is the perfect app for any artist who’s tired of starting from scratch every time a client asks for a “minor change.” 

Procreate is available for purchase on the app store.

Are Procreate Brushes for Tattoo Artists?

Yes! Procreate is suitable for everyone, from amateur digital artists to seasoned professionals. While the app on its own might be limiting to tattoo artists, brushes created by community members make it easy to incorporate line styles, textures, and shading into your designs, which you can’t always achieve on pen and paper.

Plus, as an artist, you know that the cost of materials like paper and pens quickly adds up and can become a big expense when running a business. Procreate only costs $9.99 (USD)  once-off, and you can buy brushes as you need and keep them forever.

What Else Do You Need to Use Procreate?

Designers and artists will only need two things to use the Procreate app. You will need a compatible iPad, preferably models from the 12th generation and up, and you will need a 1st or 2nd-generation Apple Pencil.

Using an Apple Pencil allows for more intuitive creation as the device responds to angles and pressure. It also makes it very easy to create detailed work and tattoos with lettering. 

Unfortunately, Procreate is not yet supported by Android devices. But we’re keeping our eyes peeled for that in the future.

Can You Customize Procreate Brushes?

Absolutely! One of the best features that Procreate offers is the option to customize your brushes. All you have to do is go to “Brush Settings”, find the brush you want, and duplicate it, this is just so you’ll have both the standard and the adjusted brushes in your toolkit.

Once you’ve got a duplicate, simply select it to open up Brush Studio. Here, you’ll find many customizable settings for each brush, such as spacing, jitter, tapering, and more. You can simply use the sliders to adjust each aspect and add your own flair to any Procreate brush.

Where to Find Free Tattoo Brushes for Procreate?

Procreate comes with one brush suitable for use in tattoo designs, the Procreate Ink Tattoo Brush. But, as a professional, you’ll need a few more to really do the job. Free Procreate tattoo brushes are fairly easy to find online. But for professional use and anyone who prefers superior quality, buying brushes from the Creative Market is always the best way to go.

However, Creative Market offers weekly free goods, and if you keep an eye out, you might be able to get free Procreate brushes that are great quality for professionals.

Best Standard Procreate Brush for Tattoo Artists

The Procreate app comes with many brushes that are useful in every artistic industry. When it comes to the most useful Procreate tattoo brush, our all-time favorite is the Studio Pen, found in the Inking tab.

Best Procreate Tattoo Stamps Set

Right now, flower tattoos are all the craze. That’s why our top pick for the best Procreate Tattoo Stamps set is Procreate Birth Flowers Tattoo by DiBrush Studio. Download this pack to take the hassle out of designing flower tattoos and save yourself some time.

Best Procreate Tattoo Brush Set

In our opinion, the best tattoo brush set for Procreate should be one that is useful to all artists, regardless of their individual style. That’s why we love the Traditional Tattoo Brushes Vol.3 by Born to Love.

This brush set offers a great variety and excellent value for money.

Top 13 Tattoo Procreate Brushes

We’ve created a list of the best and most versatile brushes, sets, and stamps for artists looking to up their game. Save time and materials when designing tattoos, and use these tattoo brushes to streamline your process. 

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate shading tool, a stippling brush, the best sketching pencil, or brush sets to match your individual style, you’re sure to find something to love here.

Procreate 6B Sketching Pencil

  • Type: Pencil
  • Price: Free with Procreate

Every amazing tattoo starts from a sketch. The Procreate app offers users a range of pencil brushes for sketching, but our favorite is the standard 6B Pencil. This brush by Procreate allows for detailed sketching and responds well to the artist’s pressure and angles. 

A few seasoned tattoo artists may agree that this pencil works best in a shade of dark red during the initial stages of design. This helps the work to pop and brings out the details that are often hidden when using lighter pencils and shades of gray. 

Plus! When you’re ready for the next steps, all you have to do is reduce the opacity of your sketch layer, add another layer on top, and begin outlining. Easy, right?

Learn more about Layer Visibility from Procreate: 


Procreate Studio Pen

  • Type: Pen
  • Price: Free

Procreate’s Studio Pen offers fantastic pressure control and tapering, which is ideal for lining your Procreate tattoo designs. The Studio Pen can also be further customized in order to improve its stability, tapering, response to pressure, and more. 

What’s even better is that it comes standard with Procreate.

Tattoo Needle BrushSet for Procreate

If it’s variety you’re after, this tattoo brush set with over 260 brushes is worth purchasing. The Tattoo Needle BrushSet will come in handy for any type of artist, boasting 59 long, medium, and short whip mags, 9 liner brushes, 24 stipple brushes, and 52 symbol brushes. 

This wide range of brushes in various styles, thicknesses, and textures will undoubtedly make for a useful addition to your Procreate app. These brushes are also further customizable in Brush Studio, offering endless possibilities.

  • Type: Liners, Whip Mags, Stippling and Symbols
  • Price: $15
  • Includes: 9 liners, 59 long whip mags, 59 medium whip mags, 59 short whip mags & 52 symbol brushes
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Procreate Birth Flowers Tattoo

  • Type: Stamps
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 66 flower tattoo stamps for Procreate

Let’s face it, right now, simple and elegant flower tattoos are totally in, especially birth flowers and tiny flower designs. Drawing each flower from scratch when designing a tattoo can be a pain, and often flower designs don’t vary much. Plus, you’ll add more flair when you’re actually tattooing.

Luckily, this app’s community has covered pretty much every need. One of the most relevant tattoo stamp sets is the Procreate Birth Flower Tattoo by DiBrush Studio. This set of flower stamps includes 66 stamps of intricate flower drawings that are perfect for tattoo artists. Plus, each flower tattoo stamp is labeled, so you won’t have to brush up on your botanical knowledge.

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Traditional Tattoo Brushes Vol.3

  • Type: lining, shading & sketching
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 17 tattoo brushes for Procreate

Yes, this pack of Procreate tattoo brushes is a little expensive, but there are many reasons why it’s one of our favorites. Versatility is its best quality. Traditional Tattoos Vol.3 is suitable for any kind of artist using Procreate.

This set comes with 17 brushes for lining, shading, and sketching. Plus, the brushes offer a variety of styles, from wispy watercolor lines to steady ink lines and gentle, chalky shading. This pack is one of 7 brush sets by the creator, which are all available on Creative Market.

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Inktober Procreate Brushes

  • Type: Inking brushes
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 27 inking brushes (inkers, washers & shading brushes)

Keep the spirit of Inktober with you all year round with this unique inking brush set for Procreate. This set, created by a talented community member, is perfect for tattoo artists or anyone who wants to replicate the look and feel of real ink as a medium. 

The Inktober Procreate Brushes pack includes 15 inkers and 12 washes and texturing brushes. Tattoo artists will find the Pen Stippling, Pen Cross Hatching, Smooth Inker, and Grunge Inker particularly useful when creating a Procreate tattoo design.

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Procreate Stipple Shading Studio

  • Type: Stipple Shading
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 37 high-quality stipple shading brushes

While tattoo designs look great with other shading techniques, stippling allows for a more realistic view of how the tattoo will look on the skin. When it comes to tattoo brushes, Procreate fairs better with their standard sketching and lining brushes. Usually, the stippling brushes need a bit of customization to get them right.

Stipple Shading Studio set offers 37 stippling brushes that are perfect for ink work. So, you can save time adjusting brushes and finding the ideal settings and spend more time adding dynamic shading to your designs.

Another thing that we love about this tattoo Procreate brush set is that it offers great quality at a really affordable price.

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10 Ink Fine Liner Brushes Procreate

  • Type: Ink fine liner Procreate brushes
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 10 ink fine liners

This is one of the most useful Procreate tattoo brush sets for artists who do a lot of animated or cartoon-style work. The 10 Ink Fine Liners allow for smooth and intricate drawing that responds well to pressure and the angle of the pencil.

While Procreate does have some impressive liners that come standard with the app, it’s always useful to have a few liners that don’t need much adjustment and were created by fellow app users. 

This liner pack, in particular, is great for detailed line work and offers fantastic tapering.

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Procreate – Tattoo Brushes

  • Type: Shaders, liners, and halftone Procreate brushes
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 13 Procreate shaders, liners, halftone brushes, and more.

If you’re looking for a pack with a little bit of everything at a high quality, this Procreate tattoo brush set will be the perfect addition to your brush collection. All the brushes included are super easy to use, taper beautifully, and offer a variety of textures. 

Created by a tattoo artist who is also an experienced Procreate user, these brushes were all made authentically with the purpose of creating a smooth and realistic experience. Although it’s a little more pricey than other options, this brush set is perfect for artists who want one go-to set.

To see brushes by Born to Love in action, check out their Tiktok: 


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PROCREATE – Flower Tattoo Stamps

  • Type: Stamps
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 35 traditional linework flower stamps for Procreate

If you’re tired of designing linework flower tattoos from scratch, these traditionally styled tattoo Procreate stamps are exactly what you need. This set offers a variety of flowers that are commonly requested by clients. And, of course, it’s easy to customize your design by layering Flower Tattoo Stamps and your own sketchwork, so you don’t have to sacrifice any individuality. 

This pack is affordably priced and works best when paired with a shading brush set to add depth and character to the 2D designs.

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Halftone Brushes for Procreate

  • Type: Halftone brushes
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 77 halftone brushes.

While this pack is more expensive than other Procreate brush sets, it does offer fantastic quality, a variety of brushes, free upgrades, and tutorial videos. It’s another one of those all-rounder sets, which we love, and it’s useful in pretty much all art styles and industries. 

Tattoo artists will especially love the liner brushes and pressure shaders with realistic textures and fantastic app compatibility. In this Halftone Brush pack, you can also choose from a wide tonal range and enjoy the set’s seamless overlapping feature.

See True Grit Texture Supply demonstrate their brushes on Tiktok: 


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Lithotone Brushes for Procreate

  • Type: Pattern Brushes
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 60 distressed pattern brushes for Procreate

So you’ve created your design, and now it’s time to shade. Having a set of Lithotone Procreate pattern brushes will drastically reduce the time that it takes to get things wrapped up, and this pack is a great option. While it is on the more expensive side of Procreate brush packs, it certainly has a lot to offer. 

In this Procreate brush set, you’ll get 60 pressure-sensitive brushes with patterns you’ll definitely need every day. We especially love the Brush Grid, Noise, and Pointillism Light brushes from this set.

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Procreate Blackwork Brush Bundle

  • Type: Blackwork tattoo brushes
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 100 blackwork tattoo brushes for Procreate

Blackwork tattoos require a combination of clean and rough lines, dynamic shading, and a mixture of textures. Finding brushes to create the perfect tattoo can be tricky, but we love this set of Procreate tattoo brushes because it offers a variety of really well-designed tools at an affordable price. 

This set is specially crafted by experienced tattoo artists with a knack for blackwork. So, you’ll find that the Blackwork Procreate brushes work intuitively and have a realistic effect.

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Buy & Sell Procreate Brushes on Pixelsmith Marketplace

Good news! If you’re in the market for new brushes or have a few creations of your own you’d like to sell, you can do it all on the Pixelsmith Marketplace. The Pixelsmith Studios community has a lot to offer. 

Why go elsewhere when you can buy illustrations, brushes, fonts, and more, right here?

Final Thoughts on Procreate Brushes Tattoo Artists Will Love

If you’re a tattoo artist using Procreate, you probably won’t have much time to tinker with brush settings in the app’s Brush Studio. So, getting a couple of community-created Procreate tattoo brushes, brush sets, or stamps is a great idea to streamline your design process.

These sets and brushes are fantastic for lining, shading, stippling, texturing, and more. They’re also created by real tattoo artists and Procreate masters. Plus, buying anything from the Creative Market helps to support and grow the Procreate community.

If you enjoyed this post, read 21 Best Procreate Brushes next or take a look at the Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes.

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