Born like an artist – Beautiful Comic strip

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I have goosebumps while I’m writing this, I just read a very inspiring comic/art strip and it really touched me. The perspective of art, how we grow in it and how we limit ourselves and our talent is really perplexing to me.


It makes me really sad when people tear themselves down about how they can’t live up to another artists talent. We should aspire to learn from them but we should never try to be just like them. Rather reach for your own talent and explore your own unique style and make your own history, we have the ability to be great!

It’s a long strip so I couldn’t put it on the homepage,please press the read more button for the full comic.

Thank you Jellyvampire, you really made our day.

 JellyVampire on Deviantart.

If you like her work please give her a message or a comment on her page.

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