Draw it on a Box Guy – Amazing work from Mysterious Illustrator

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You’ve probably seen a few of his images on the net and to us he’s only known as “The Gabroll guy on imgur” or the “Draw it on a Box Guy”. We thought we’d have a look at this “Draw ____ on the box” viral art sensation populating the social platforms! The mysterious stranger (if someone knows him please let us know) works as a t-shirt designer at “Goodie Two Sleeves” and also draws  other epicly amazing things like the random requests he receives from people.


We’ve shared a few of our favorites below and even belower-er (Yeah, shiny new word!) we shared his imgur link as well as the shop he works for.

Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_1 Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_2  Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_4 Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_5 Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_6

Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_Beaver Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_-Geisha_Dinosaur Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_-_Drunk_Trex Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_-_The_Averagers Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator-Giraffe_Gnome Draw_it_on_a_Box_Guy_-_Amazing_work_from_Mysterious_Illustrator_-_Myth_Busted

Sharing is Caring:

Imgur – The Gabroll guy on imgur

The Shirt Shop – Goodie Two Sleeves


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