Genetika: Gene Book 1 – Darion D’Anjou’s Kickstarter project

So we tend to browse around on Kickstarter to see where we can help and we found an interesting project called Genetika: Gene. “Genetika: Gene, book i” is the debut graphic novel from the mind of Atlanta, Georgia USA based writer-creator Darion D’Anjou. As an artist, Darion writes highly visually and exclusively in the science fiction genre. He is committed to building an independently published, creator-owned brand around the Genetika series.

Genetika Gene Book 1 - Darion D’Anjou's Kickstarter project



Would you risk your life to live forever?


Graphic novel “Genetika: Gene, book i” addresses this high concept question in the context of a fast-paced, thought-provoking science fiction thriller.

Dr. Eugene Poulos is a young genetics whiz on the biotechnology corporate fast track. When Gene uncovers a secret group with the key to the fountain of youth among other highly advanced technologies, Gene quickly finds himself alienated from family and friends, on the run from the police, wanted by the FBI, and worst of all hunted by a group of people who see and hear farther, think and move faster, never sleep, live forever, and who will stop at nothing to maintain the privileged secrecy of their existence.

“Genetika: Gene, book i” is the first in a coming series of graphic novels which deal with cloning, immortality, and the ongoing struggle for power and technology.


How can you help?

Reserve your exclusive copy of the debut graphic novel “Genetika: Gene, book i” now, and be a part of launching this hip science fiction thriller series:

Back the GENETIKA Kickstarter Campaign, Ending Soon!


Contact the artists,Darion D’Anjou:

Email: dariondanjou(at)

Give him a call: 404 803 8247

Facebook: Genetika Comic Facebook

Twitter: Genetika Comic Twitter

Website: Genetikacomic Homepage 

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