Infographic: How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?

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So you want to join the hero of Gotham and fight supervillians in your own city/town? There’s nothing to it, all you need is a few toys totalling a few million or billion dollars and you’re set [ Unfortunately Alfred’s are a one time edition 🙁  ]. As all of oyu might know, Batman is one of the superhero characters who hasnt been endowed with supernatural powers, what he does have is wealth and a great intelligence (plus fancy gizmos and gadgets) to defeat his enemies.


We hope you enjoy the infographic which the designers from Moneymarket created, we can’t even imagine where they obtained Bruce’s contact details to ask him all these questions but we’re sure they are pretty accurate. Enjoy the Infographic: “How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?!”

Infographic- How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman

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