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15 Best Procreate Manga Brushes: Guide For Manga Artists & Illustrators

15 Best Procreate Manga Brushes: Guide For Manga Artists & Illustrators

Manga is an enticing graphic novel style that has unsurprisingly taken millions across the world by storm. Originating in Japan, this style is typically done with physical mediums like pens dipped in black ink, technical drawing pens, or even Copic markers in recent years. But iPad users can rejoice – Procreate manga brushes can help you create superb quality manga on your device.

It’s no secret that Procreate has grown exponentially since its creation, revolutionizing digital art and taking our illustrations to the next level. Some of the best Procreate brushes are readily available for manga artists, some free and some not.

That said, it’s time to dive into the best manga brushes for Procreate.

Best Procreate Comic Brushes

Manga and comic book artists all know the struggle and tedious nature of having to draw the layouts (or panels) for every single page — It’s a time-consuming process. Luckily for you, we’ve found some that solve this problem.

The Manga Storyboard Layout Brushset is perfect for comic book and manga creation, with over 320 layout brushes. These Manga Procreate brushes come in all different shapes, sizes, and formats, so you’re almost guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Manga Stamp Set for Procreate

If you had a list of some of the most challenging things to draw, “eyes” would likely top the list. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of Procreate stamps to take care of that for you?

Well, the Manga Eye Stamp Cartoon Anime collection is what you need. The set is a manga artist’s dream, containing 100 eye stamps of various sizes, perspectives, and expressions. You could use them as is or as a guideline for practicing and sharpening your skills.

Image of eye stamps for manga procreate

Best Manga Pens for Procreate

In its earlier years, manga comics were created using traditional mediums like watercolor or markers, but most notably, ink pens. However, you don’t need physical paper or pens to create some incredible manga of your own.

Using a Procreate vintage ink comic brush allows you to create artwork that looks authentic and detailed, just like you’d see in a physical drawing. If you want to take it up another notch, we’d also recommend trying out some Procreate paper texture brushes for that realistic pen-to-paper look.

15 Best Procreate Manga Brushes

We’ve rounded up the 15 best Procreate manga brushes out there, ranging from stamps to pens to more technical layouts. These brushes are perfect for novice artists dipping their toes into Procreate and digital art veterans alike.

What are we waiting for? Let’s take a look.

100+ Manga Brushes for Procreate

Image from 100 manga brushes for procreate

  • Number of Items: 108
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 108 various brushes, including line, pen, brush, texture, action lines, cloud brush, and other stamps.

Starting strong, we’ve chosen the 100+ Manga Brushes for Procreate set, featuring 108 brushes that cover all the bases. The set includes a massive variety for an affordable price, with pen brushes, water, wall textures, emotional text frames, action lines, and much more.

The set was thoughtfully designed, and you can tell since it has any element a manga artist could possibly need. We also appreciated the video that the creator included, giving a quick view of how each brush performs.

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Procreate Manga Screentone Brushes

Image from procreate manga screentone brushes

  • Number of Items: 90+
  • Price: $
  • Includes: Screentone, halftone, and dotting brushes.

Screentones and halftones are unique texturing techniques that allow the artist to shade a drawing, as opposed to other methods, like cross-hatching. For traditional, printed manga, this was used to save ink, but it’s a worthwhile drawing style to recreate in Procreate.

These Procreate Manga Screentone Brushes are perfect for recreating that authentic manga style, providing more than 90 variations of screentone, halftone, and dotting bruises. We found that these do a superb job of re-creating that signature manga shading technique resulting in amazing depth to your artwork.

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MANGA SCREENTONE Halftones Brushes

Image from manga screentone halftones brushes

  • Number of Items: 56
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 56 Comic dot paper halftone brushes of various densities.

Dot brushes are like screentone brushes in their purpose of shading and adding dimension to manga drawings. The MANGA SCREENTONE Halftones Brushes kit gives you 56 different dotting brushes to choose from to achieve the level of shading you want for your work.

But these aren’t your average dotting brushes. There are six different dot densities (from 14.5L to 85L), each with lighter and darker tones (between 10% and 90% opacity). This is amazing for getting the optimum dimension and depth in your manga. We also loved the fact that each brush is easy to customize in the brush studio.

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Mangaka Procreate Illustration Kit

Image from mangaka procreate illustration kit

  • Number of Items: 66
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 23 inking brushes, 18 halftones, 14 patterns, 6 textures, 2 swatch libraries/color palettes, 2 procreate templates, 1 user guide.

For a real all-rounded experience, you can’t go wrong with the Mangaka Procreate Illustration Kit. This set has 66 elements for your manga (anything you could ever need, really). The inking brushes are great for sketching and outlining your characters, halftones for shading, plus some patterns and textures to add some dimension.

The set also includes two color palettes and two templates. What we enjoyed most about this set was the user guide, which the creator included to show how to use each element, making it perfect for beginners.

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Procreate Vintage Ink Comic Brush

Image from procreate vintage ink procreate brush set

  • Number of Items: 57
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: Vintage liner, sketch brushes, 10 vintage ink, 4 inking paint, 5 grain, 3 cross-hatching brushes, 3 multiline, 3 ink dot, 2 ink drop, ink blooming brush, 6 patterns, 15 adjustable patterns, 2 paper textures, 1 ink surface overlay, 1 vintage color palette.

This manga brush set is definitely something special to add to your collection, sporting a vintage vibe and containing around 57 different brushes to pick and choose from. Brushes range from vintage liners and cross-hatching brushes to ink dots and blooming brushes (also great for blending, by the way).

The creator of the Procreate Vintage Ink Comic Brush set also included patterns, paper textures, and a stunning vintage color palette. Combine these with the brushes to create the perfect manga or anime. What’s not to love?

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Procreate Manga Cross Hatching

Image from procreate manga cross hatching set

  • Number of Items: 34
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 34 cross-hatching brushes.

Sometimes, all a manga artist needs to create impressive work is some shading. Well, we’ve found this nifty set that includes 34 cross-hatching brushes that meet all of our (and yours) shading needs.

The creator of these Procreate Manga Cross-Hatching brushes designed each one specifically for the art of manga, which will add that beautiful depth and realism to your work. The brushes are easy to use and versatile, working for any manga creation, so adding them to your brush library is an absolute must.

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Manga Storyboard Layout Brushset

Image of manga storyboard layout brush set

  • Number of Items: 323
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 9 golden ratio templates, 110 A4 layouts, 204 storyboards

Everybody knows that manga and comic books share one key feature: the comic panel — those little boxes and frames where you draw your characters and create your stories. Now, it can get incredibly tedious to draw these boxes over and over again, but that’s where a comic panel brush for Procreate comes in.

The Manga Storyboard Layout Brushset has 323 comic panel variations that you can mix and match in your stories. But what really stood out to us was the addition of 9 golden ratio templates, which are perfect for creating organic and aesthetic characters in your manga.

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30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes

Image from 30 manga ink and paint brushes set

  • Number of Items: 30+
  • Price: $
  • Includes: Pens, liners, pencils, multiliners, 6 screentone brushes, 21 screentone textures, 2 color palettes.

The 30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes set offers both affordability and versatility, with over 30 brushes, including screentones, liners, pencils, and textures. Each brush was explicitly crafted with manga and anime artists in mind and made to replicate the look of manga and Asian paint styles.

The set also includes two unique color palettes with matching highlight and shadow shades for each tone. We liked the fact that the set gets updated frequently, so any new brushes added in the future will be free.

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Procreate Manga Essentials Pack 2

Image from procreate manga essentials pack 2

  • Number of Items: 103
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 12 essential manga brushes, 22 action line stamps, 26 patterns, 43 strip stamps.

Need brushes that focus more on creating textured and exciting backgrounds for your manga? Well, the Procreate Manga Essentials Pack 2 is right up your alley. It includes comic panel stamps, fun textures and patterns, and regular ink brushes.

The creator also includes a helpful video that showcases how they use the set so you have an idea of things to draw in Procreate with these manga brushes.

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Manga Eye Stamp Cartoon Anime Kawaii

Image from manga eye stamp cartoon anime set

  • Number of Items: 100
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 100 hand-drawn manga eye stamps.

One of the defining characteristics of manga is the use of oversized eyes that are meant to portray emotions easily, but it can be challenging to get it right. These are some of the best Procreate brushes for anime and manga artists who can’t quite get their eyes right.

The Manga Eye Stamp Cartoon set includes 100 different eye variations, with all sorts of expressions and sizes that you can add to your characters. However, these can also be used as guidelines and adjusted however you like.

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Copic Inspired Marker Brush Set

Image from copic inspired marker brush set

  • Number of Items: 47
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 27 markers, 3 blending brushes, 10 paper textures, 6 multiliners.

Copic markers have become very popular in recent years within the manga scene. This brush set allows you to recreate the look of Copic markers with a great selection of marker brushes and nice extras.

The Copic Inspired Marker Brush Set has markers, blending brushes, and multiliners, all included. As a bonus, the creator included paper textures as well, so it can look as though your work was done on actual paper. It’s all about the realism with this one.

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128 Awesome Manga Procreate Brushes

Image from 128 awesome manga procreate brushes

  • Number of Items: 128
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 39 sketch and liner brushes, 5 hair brushes, 40 shaders, 27 halftones, 13 background stamps, 8 paper brushes.

This set of 128 Awesome Manga Procreate Brushes is your one-stop shop for everything and anything you need to create some spectacular manga. And when we say it has everything, we mean exactly that.

The set has everything you could want, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional. It includes sketch and liner brushes for detail, hair texture brushes for your characters, shaders and halftones for depth and dimension, and even paper and background textures.

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Procreate Eyes Stamp Brushes. Manga

Image from procreate eye stamp brushes for manga set

  • Number of Items: 15
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 15 eye stamp brushes.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple, and these Procreate Eyes Stamp Brushes are just that. There are only 15 different stamp options, but even then, the variation is excellent, especially for beginners just learning how to draw eyes for their manga or anime characters.

There are happy, angry, surprised, flirty, and even confused eye expressions included, so they’re quite versatile. Of course, the affordable price is a plus.

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Hair Styles Stamp Portrait Chibi Art

Image from hair styles stamp portrait chibi art set

    • Number of Items: 45
    • Price: $
  • Includes: 45 hand-drawn hairstyle stamps.

What’s one of the most challenging things to draw, apart from eyes? Many artists might argue that hairstyles are right up there, so what better addition to your brush collection than hair stamps? The Hair Styles Stamp Portrait Chibi Art set provides 45 hairstyles.

We truly loved the versatility and variety this set offers. The hairstyles are in the classic chibi style that is popular amongst manga artists and ranges from short bobs to mid-length and long hair. It also includes ponytails, buns, and a mixture of straight and curly hair.

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80+ INK, PEN & SKETCH Brushes Bundle

Image from ink pen and sketch brushes bundle

    • Number of Items: 80+
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 2 ink brush sets, dirty dozen set, manga and anime set, pencils, and sketch set.

Have you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far? Well, we might have saved the best for last. The 80+ INK, PEN & SKETCH Brushes bundle was designed by a professional comic artist and character designer, and it shows.

It includes five different sets, including a variety of inking, liners, pencils, smudge, splatter, screentone, and paint brushes, all versatile and customizable for whatever you need. What we loved the most, though, is that future updates are free, and new brushes will be added to the set at no additional cost.

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What is Procreate?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Procreate is an affordable IOS-based app launched in 2011 and has since grown to new heights in the digital art space. The drawing app already contains plenty of brushes and stamps that manga artists can make use of, but it makes it easy to add even more.

It was initially designed with iPad users in mind, but the sister app, Procreate Pocket, was released in 2014 for iPhones. You can download the Procreate app on your iPad’s app store for $9.99 (USD) and Procreate Pocket on your iPhone for $5.99 (USD).

Procreate is unfortunately not available on Android devices.

Woman working in procreate in her drawings library

How to Customize Manga Brushes on Procreate

Brush customization is one of the great features that Procreate has to offer, and the app makes it incredibly easy to do. While learning how to make Procreate brushes is the best way to get exactly what you need, it’s a timesaver to use pre-existing ones and customize from there.

To customize a brush in Procreate, start by going to your brush library and selecting the brush you wish to adjust. We’d suggest duplicating it, just in case, so you have the original version on hand.

Once you’ve selected the brush and opened the settings, you’ll be taken to the “Brush Studio,” where you can change how the brush behaves. Things like the size, taper, scatter, jitter effects, and rendering settings are all adjustable.

Don’t worry — if it ever seems too confusing, Procreate has plenty of YouTube videos (like this one on color dynamics) explaining the purpose and how to adjust each aspect of your brush.

Procreate brush studio in the brush shape settings tab

Where to Find Manga Procreate Brushes for Free?

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Luckily, when it comes to Procreate manga brushes, free downloads are readily available online and easy to find. At the end of the day, we would recommend spending a little extra money on premium options for superior quality, but that doesn’t mean free brushes won’t work.

For starters, you should check your Procreate library. The app already has plenty of free tools and brushes that are diverse enough to give you a good scope for your manga and other artwork.

That said, premium brushes are more likely to cater to your needs. So, here’s the good news — Creative Market has a weekly rotation of free assets you can check out. It’s a great way to get some high-quality Procreate manga brushes for free.

Read More: Here’s a helpful guide on how to add brushes to Procreate.

Final Thoughts on Procreate Manga Brushes

When it comes to recreating authentic-looking manga and replicating traditional techniques, Procreate will be your best friend, and so will these brushes. From storyboard layouts and emotion bubbles to ink brushes and Copic markers, these Procreate brushes for manga are all you could ever need.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that iPad and get drawing!

If you liked these brushes, take a look at some of the best Procreate inking brushes to bring your manga to the next level.

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