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15 Best Procreate Paper Texture Brushes, Sets, & Overlays

15 Best Procreate Paper Texture Brushes, Sets, & Overlays

Digital artists know all about the fun and versatility of using Procreate. But despite this, sometimes you want to give your artwork that realistic paper texture that only physical art can achieve. Don’t worry — there are a few ways to accomplish this on your iPad.

You could learn how to make Procreate brushes of your own, but that can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why it’s a much better idea to download already existing Procreate textures and brushes.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best paper textures for procreate, including brushes, sets, and stamps. These phenomenal brushes are packed full of detail and will give your drawings extra character and a realistic feel.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best Procreate paper texture brushes and a few additional tips and tricks.

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Best Watercolor Paper Texture for Procreate

If you’re looking to recreate some watercolor-style drawings on your iPad, you’ll need a good base to start with. The Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture pack includes five different canvas overlays to apply to your work, giving it a more realistic feel.

Pair that with our favorite Procreate watercolor brushes, and you’ll be ready to create your masterpiece.

A watercolor illustration done in Procreate

Best All-Rounded Paper Texture for Procreate

The All The Paper Procreate Brush Set is the peak of versatility. If there’s one pack we’d recommend that has pretty much any paper texture you could want, it’s this one.

There are 87 brushes and textures to choose from that suit any art style. The set has everything, including watercolor, craft, folded, and crumbled paper textures. Plus, each brush has a light and dark mode and can be adjusted with blend modes and colors to fit your style.

15 Best Procreate Paper Texture Brushes, Sets, and Overlays

We’ve created a list of the top 15 paper texture brushes you can use, whether you’re new to the digital art scene or a seasoned professional. These sets contain brushes and overlays for your canvas, perfect for creating that on-paper vibe for your drawings.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Paper Textures for Procreate

Paper textures for procreate

  • Number of items: 4
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 4 paper texture overlays

This Paper Textures for Procreate set has four different textured overlays, each creating a unique look for any artwork. Each overlay in the set will be downloaded as a PNG image that you can import into your Procreate workspace and work on.

The overlays add that extra bit of realism to your drawings, and for the affordable price, you can’t go wrong. Remember, to get the optimal result and look for your artwork, it’s important to adjust the overlay layer blend mode to “multiply,” but more on how to do that later.

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Torn and ripped paper texture pack

  • Number of items: 61
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 30 ripped black paper pieces, 21 ripped paper mockups, 10 torn paper mockups

As an artist, it’s always great to come across new and exciting elements and techniques to incorporate into your art — that’s what this pack offers. The TORN&RIPPED PAPER TEXTURE PACK includes 61 PSD file mockups that are compatible with Procreate.

You can choose from various size-adjustable shapes that resemble ripped black paper pieces with white edges. Plus, there are entire pages with shapes ripped out of them. These mockups are super detailed, realistic, and versatile, so you can create fantastic and edgy artwork.

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Torn Paper Shapes Procreate Brushes

Torn paper shapes procreate brushes

  • Number of items: 81
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 2 watercolor texture brushes, 7 paper texture brushes, 8 pattern brushes, 64 torn stamp brushes

This next one is a doozy. The Torn Paper Shapes Procreate Brushes are designed with many kinds of media in mind, from personal artwork to sales graphics and planners. There are 81 items in the set, including watercolor and paper textures, patterns, and torn paper stamps.

Each brush shape has a procreate file that includes a base layer and a mask layer (more on how to use layer masks here), so you can play around and layer different elements. Plus, each shape comes in a solid and textured version.

As a bonus, the creator included a step-by-step PDF guide to show you how to use the set, with an example artwork included.

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Ancient Diary Torn Paper Texture

Ancient diary torn paper texture set

  • Number of items: 105
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 11 texture backgrounds, 33 paper textures, 41 torn paper shapes, 18 watercolor shapes, 2 handwritten fonts

Explore your creativity further with this 105-piece set, including paper textures, backgrounds, shapes, and two stunning handwritten fonts. The Ancient Diary Torn Paper Texture set is perfect for creating adorable digital scrapbooks, cards, or invitations.

This set has everything from cardboard to crumbled paper pieced with the appearance of burned edges. These elements are all very versatile and allow you to mix and match to create all sorts of paper collages and designs.

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Paper Texture Procreate Brush Bundle

Paper texture procreate brush bundle

  • Number of items: 60
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 12 watercolor paper, 8 craft paper, 8 smooth paper, 4 canvas paper, 8 recycled paper brushes; 4 other texture brushes; 10 fibers and flecks shapes; 6 color palettes

The Paper Texture Procreate Brush Bundle is another excellent addition to your brush collection. The creator did a fantastic job, including various textures, from watercolor to kraft paper and painting canvas. They even included a brush to create flecks across your design.

The bundle also includes six color palettes that work best with each individual texture, but you can also customize the textures with your own colors. You’ll also find a handy PDF guide on how to use each element.

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Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture

Preview of watercolor paper textures

  • Number of items: 5
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 5 textured canvases

Watercolor paintings are unique and elegant, and why wouldn’t you want to recreate that in Procreate? The Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture set contains five different textures explicitly designed to emulate that watercolor paper feel.

The textures come in the form of premade canvases that are great for high-quality, detailed drawings. You can add these to your workspace and start using them right away. We appreciated how the creator pre-named each layer, which made it easy to know which one to work on.

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Fine Art Paper Procreate Brush Set

Fine art paper procreate brush set

  • Number of items: 32
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 32 paper texture brushes

For affordability and a good selection of different paper textures, the Fine Art Paper Procreate Brush Set was right up our alley, so we’ve got a feeling it will be up yours as well. It includes 32 textured brushes, including recycled paper, pressed flower patterns, grid-lined paper, cardboard, and more.

With all these options, you’ll want ideas on what to use the brushes for. Luckily, the set includes a helpful demo video that teaches you how to create the realistic artwork you want.

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Background Paper Texture Brushes

Preview of texture paper background brushes

  • Number of items: 23
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 14 paper texture brushes, 7 color brushes, 2 torn hole stamps

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best thing for an artist. That’s why we’d recommend the Background Paper Texture Brushes. It includes a well-rounded group of paper textures, color brushes, and stamps. It’s got anything from oil pastel and grain paper to crumbled and rustic varieties.

The brush set is easy to install and includes a video to see how each brush works before you take the plunge and purchase the set. Yet, as one of the most affordable options on the list, you’ll get good value for money.

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Paper Texture Procreate Brushes

Paper texture procreate brushes preview

  • Number of items: 50
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 20 paper texture brushes, 30 paper color swatches

The Paper Texture Procreate Brushes set includes a selection of 20 different paper texture brushes that are quirky and unique (and some classic). It has dotted paper, retro-style paper, and much more. What made this set stand out was that each brush can be used with one of the 30 color swatches designed to resemble paper.

There is an instructional video included, but what we found extra useful is that the creator offers some free support and personal customization to adjust the brushes to your liking.

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Procreate Paper Textures Brushes

Procreate paper textures brushes

  • Number of items: 176
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 176 paper texture brushes

This next set is a little more pricey, but for the sheer amount of options you get, it’s worth it. Procreate Paper Texture Brushes come in 176 varieties, so you’ll find something for any look you’re going for. Besides the plenty of paper options, you also get some added fabric textures.

We loved that this set was designed with any artist in mind, from novice to pro, and works for all sorts of projects, like digital collages, scrapbooks, paintings — you name it. 

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Paper Block Procreate Brush Pack

Paperblock procreate brush pack

  • Number of items: 15
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 15 paper texture brushes

This Paper Block Procreate Brush Pack is another excellent choice if you’re looking for simplicity and versatility. There are only 15 paper texture brushes in the pack, but what impressed us is that each one can be adjusted and combined to create phenomenal, textural masterpieces.

The paper varieties provide a good selection of different styles, like fine grain, sketch paper, and acrylic canvas, allowing you to replicate sketches or paintings to your heart’s content. These brushes are very user-friendly, so you can adjust the size and color to whatever you want.

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Phantom Paper for Procreate

Preview of phantom paper for procreate brushes

  • Number of items: 21
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: 21 paper texture overlays

Want to add that old-school, retro vibe to your drawings on Procreate? Well, then, the Phantom paper for Procreate set is for you. There are 21 paper textures to choose from, each amazing for any artwork, giving them that authentic paper look.

Each textured overlay is high-resolution and easy to adjust using Procreate’s settings. We’d suggest tinkering with some blending modes and different colors — that way, you can experiment and find new, exciting styles.

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All The Paper Procreate Brush Set

All the paper procreate brush set

  • Number of items: 87
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 87 paper texture brushes, both light and dark versions

As we’ve mentioned before, the All The Paper Procreate Brush Set is one of the best all-rounded sets we could find. It includes 87 textured brushes in light and dark varieties to fit any background color.

Want a more classic natural paper or watercolor paper texture? You’ve got it. Perhaps you’d like to venture out into detailed drawings that need the look of crumbled or folded paper. This set has it all.

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Classic Paper Procreate Brushes

Classic paper procreate brushes

  • Number of items: 25
  • Price: $$
  • Includes: 25 paper texture brushes

Some drawings don’t need all the fuss and frills of intense textures. Classic Paper Procreate Brushes add a beautiful, subtle touch to your work. With 25 textured brushes available, you can use these for anything from lettering to sketching to realistic-looking paintings.

As you’d expect, you can change the color and size of each brush to fit your needs and personal art style.

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Paper Textures Procreate Brushes

Preview of brushes in paper textures procreate brushes set

  • Number of items: 15
  • Price: $
  • Includes: 15 paper texture brushes

Last but not least, we have these Paper Textures Procreate Brushes. This set includes 15 textures, including paper, plaster, canvas, acrylic, and retro paper varieties. We loved that these brushes allowed us to add an extra dimension to our artwork and drawings.

Some textures will pop better against darker colors, so we’d recommend playing around with different colors in your Procreate backgrounds to see what works best for you. Dark browns, greys, and black work incredibly well to make some of these textures truly shine.

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What is Procreate?

Procreate is one of the best digital drawing, graphic design, and illustration apps you can find. It has a fantastic selection of brushes already loaded on the app when you download it, allowing you to create some incredible art.

The amount of features in the app can seem overwhelming at first, so it’s always best to read up on how to use Procreate to get the most out of it. At the end of the day, it’s an accessible and easy-to-use application that you’ll love.

You can get the Procreate app on the app store on your iPad for a once-off fee of $9.99 (USD). There is also an iPhone version called Procreate Pocket for $5.99 (USD), which has fewer features but still gives you a great digital drawing experience.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available on Android devices.

A drawing being done on procreate pocket on an iPhone

Can You Find Free Paper Textures For Procreate?

Yes! You can find many free Procreate textures, overlays, and canvases online that emulate paper textures. That said, more often than not, it’s best to invest in higher-quality textures — it will be well worth the money spent.

Creative Market has some brushes and free design assets on rotation every week, so definitely keep an eye out or sign up for their newsletter. You might get lucky and score yourself a free paper texture for Procreate.

How to Get Paper Texture in Procreate

Using paper textures in Procreate is the perfect way to take your art to the next level and completely transform it.

Luckily, creating a paperlike canvas texture in Procreate is reasonably straightforward but differs depending on your chosen method. Either way, you start by downloading a paper texture brush, brush set, or an overlay, like the ones mentioned on this list.

When downloading from sites like Creative Market, the brushes will be downloaded as a zip file, which you’ll extract on your computer or through a third-party app on your iPad. If you use your computer, you’ll need to transfer them over to your iPad.

Once those extracted files are on your device, you simply click on the file, choose the “open in” option, and select Procreate. They’ll be imported into your app and will be ready to use.

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How to Use a Brush to Create a Paper Background for Procreate

Using a paper texture brush in Procreate is pretty simple. First, navigate to your imported brushes in your Procreate app and select the brush you want to use.

A blank canvas on procreate

To give your background the look of actual paper using a brush, it’s as easy as coloring the entire canvas on a new layer. Once the layer has been fully covered, you can create a new layer and work beneath the one with the paper texture.

That said, it’s essential to learn how to change the opacity of the layer and use different blend modes (but more on blend modes next).

How to Use a Procreate Texture Overlay

Using an overlay for your canvas is slightly different from using brushes, but it still creates an excellent and realistic effect.

A paper texture overlay often comes downloaded as images or PNG files. To use them, create a new canvas in Procreate and select the “Actions” button (the little wrench tool icon). Then navigate to the “add” panel and select “insert photo” or “insert file,” depending on where you saved the overlay.

When you’ve added your overlay, resize it to fit over the entire canvas. Lastly, navigate to the layers panel, change the blend mode to “multiply,” and adjust the opacity to your liking. When that’s all done, you can get drawing, but remember to keep the overlay as the top layer.

A colorful image and layer adjusting on procreate

Final Thoughts on Procreate Paper Texture Brushes

There you have it — these are the best paper texture sets we’ve found to help you create anything from realistic sketches to watercolor paintings.

This list featured sets, including everything from brushes and stamps to masks and overlays, that will get the ball rolling on your future digital masterpieces. Plus, each of these incredible elements can be used by artists to create incredibly realistic digital artwork, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting.

Now that you’ve got some of these paper textures ready to use, you’re probably wondering what to do with them. Don’t worry; here are some ideas for things to draw on Procreate to get you started.

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