South African Illustrators You Need to Know About in 2023

Over the span of our many adventures online and IRL, we’ve come across a myriad of artists, animators, illustrators, and VFX artists who’ve excelled in their field.

In this article, we feature some of the illustrators who we feel are at the top of their game, and we may even be inclined to mention that we know a few of them in real life too.

We may or may not have met all of them in person at one stage or another, some have definitely been interviewed and featured on our blog page.

These South African illustrators are ones who inspire us and we often look at their work in awe and wonder, while asking ourselves, “What brushes did they use?”

SA Illustrators to Keep Your Eye On

Now for the fun part, read on to discover some talented South African creatives.

Ben Geldenhuys

ben geldenhys art

Image taken from Behance

Ben Geldenhuys works with his wife, Danelle, on the comic Cottonstar, while working a full-time day job in illustration.

Danelle Malan

danelle malan art

Image taken from Behance

Danelle is well known for her watercolor paintings and pet portraits and we do agree, she does an amazing job at creating the likeness of furkids.

Andrew Cramer

Image taken from Behance

Andrew Cramer is a multi-talented creative from Cape Town.

He is a long time comic book colourist who has worked on several local and international comic titles and has self-published comics of his own including Week Daze and The Lil’ Five.

Currently, he works for Premium DNA doing control art for action figure designs on their Madballs, Barnyard Commandos and Battletoads toylines.

Margaux Cornelissen


Margaux is a South African born illustrator who works as a freelancer in the creative industry. She drives her inspiration from animals and if you see her animal illustrations you’ll see why. They are absolutely mind blowing, but don’t just take our word for it, head over to her Facebook page and have a look.

And she’s not just an illustrator, she also does logo designs, 3D content creation and animation productions.

Jarred Cramer

Jarred is one story we couldn’t pass up, he did a lot of his work, over shifts while working a factory job, and has made a break into his field of passion not that long ago, doing illustration full-time. We were super stoked when we heard he made his break and felt he needed to be on this list for his endurance and for persevering.

To find out more about Jarred, head over to our artist feature.

Christi Du Toit

Spellcaster Mushroom

Based in Cape Town, Chrisi is definitely making his mark on the illustration world. He currently works as a freelance creative who specializes in graphic design and custom illustrations.

And Neal was lucky enough to have an interview with him.

Remi Abrahams

remiabrahams bloodbishop

Image taken from Instagram

Remi is just amazing, always willing to teach a thing or two, share a bit of knowledge, and always takes care in his work as well as encouraging artists around him to do better.

Our very own Neal takes some of his inspiration from Remi and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Lynton Levengood

Image taken from

Lynton might have been a little bit quiet in the last few days as IRL, but his work still stands tall, especially since his Marvel hero dragons, was featured on Stan Lee’s blog!

Luke Molver

Image taken from

Luke is a Comic Book Artist and Graphic Designer with a horror series published, of which the first two volumes are available to purchase and it is a killer of a read.

For even more information about Luke Molver, check out the interview we did with him.

Kyle Herring

Kyle Herring art

Image taken from Twitter

Kyle is a fantasy illustrator who built himself up doing fantasy art for games and tabletop games and now recently, made a mark with the game, Dragonvault

He’s always up for a chat to talk about all things art and games when he has a chance to take a breather from his screens and enjoy IRL events.

Find out more about Kyle in an interview he did with Neal.

Raymond Minnaar


Image taken from artstation

Raymond Minnaar is a specialist in fantasy and horror illustration, with the capabilities of bringing our greatest fantasies and darkest nightmares to life on canvas.

Discover even more about Raymond in this Pixelsmith Studios interview.

Danielle Albertyn

Danielle Albertyn

Image taken from Behance

Danielle is a comic book artist and graphic designer, who loves cats and all things metal and alternative, while keeping at her goals. At the time of writing, she’s working full-time as a freelancer.

To hear some wisdom from Danielle, check out our artist interview with her and Rial De Wet.

Rial De Wet

Image taken from Instagram

Rial is an illustrator in the film industry and we met him at a few conventions, leaving him off this list would be a real disaster as he is always keen to chat and share a bit of his wisdom with us.

Jason Masters


Image taken from Twitter

Jason is a comic book artist who did work on Batman and is always willing to have a chat and a laugh. Although we haven’t seen much of his work online, we have certainly enjoyed his company and his banter at conventions, Neal even did an art trade with Jason and is now the proud owner of a Jason Masters print – depicting The Punisher.

Mel Dixon

Mel Dixon founded Inksmd in 2008. She graduated from The Animation School and specializes in illustrations, 3D animations, logos and custom artworks.

Sean Izaakse

Image taken from DeviantArt

Sean is an amazing comic book illustrator working on Marvel titles. He’s always seen at conventions having a chat, a laugh, and always willing to listen for a few minutes before being sucked back into his work, this dude is seriously crazy-good.

Gat Melvyn

Image from Instagram

Gat is a comic book colorist we featured a while back, but his work just keeps showing up on our feeds and he is always showcasing some amazing colorist work.

Christopher Junior Masuabi

Image from Artstation

Christopher is an illustrator from Kimberley, Northern Cape and when you see his work, you’ll understand why he made this list. His pieces are just {chef’s kiss}

Shameema Dharsey

Aquaman art

Image from Instagram

Shameema is also known as a cat lady. She loves animals, she’s a bubbly character herself and we always love having a conversation with her.

Ryan Otto

Image taken from Instagram

Ryan, or Rhino as we know him from Discord, has a unique style, and he is always learning and sharing his growth on our Discord server, while he runs his own server, themed around Dungeons and Dragons.

Do You Know Any More Incredible South African Illustrators?

artist drawing

We love promoting local artists, discovering new work, and conducting interviews with South African talent. Leave a comment or send us an email featuring other amazing illustrators and maybe we’ll add them to our list.

And if you’re looking to get your hands on some amazing illustrations, head over to our store page.

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Kathryn loves to write, whether it's about fonts, tech products, gaming gear or design assets. She sold her soul to Apple in 2013 and Procreate soon after and has no regrets. Also, she is basically a cat with opposable thumbs.

Kathryn Donoghue

Kathryn loves to write, whether it's about fonts, tech products, gaming gear or design assets. She sold her soul to Apple in 2013 and Procreate soon after and has no regrets. Also, she is basically a cat with opposable thumbs.

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