Star Wars Disney Mash Up Illustrations Collection

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Well it was bound to happen. As soon as it was signed on 10:15PM October 30 2012 (for a whopping $4 Billion),  the jokes and mash ups hit the internet. Hopefully Disney has the ability to keep Star Wars on the right track, but don’t be surprised if you see a Darth Duck soon.

We hope you enjoy the Star Wars-Disney Mash-up Illustrations!

Star Wars-Disney Mash-up

Oh and we didn’t know that Disney bought Marvel, we were just as suprised as some of you at the addition of Deadpool and Han Solo…Deadpool would win hands down of course, unless Chewi jumps in.

Which ones were you’re favorite? Any other great Mash Ups out there we don’t know about? Then send them our way!

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