Top Five Logos Ever Created

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 A good logo is one that is graphic, but not overly complex. A logo is judged on its creativity and how effective it is in conveying a message. For a logo to be effective, it must be simple in form and communicate a message that is appropriate to the brand it is associated with. The best logos are those that are unique and can be easily recognised.

While it is not essential to have a logo for your company, there is no denying that a logo makes it easier for consumers to recognise your brand. Branding agencies can help you develop an effective and unique logo for your company. Therefore, it would be wise to consult a branding agency, such as Starmen, which is located in Los Angeles, as they can assist you in creating graphical logos that you can utilise in marketing your company. So, without further ado, here are the top five logos of all time.


One of the most memorable logos ever created. The McDonalds logo is simple and timeless, that is what makes it such a recognisable logo.


The Coca-Cola logo has barely changed for over a century. It is a classic example of a timeless logo that is globally recognised by consumers.


Amazon has a simple, but effective logo design that effectively sums up the company’s credentials. The arrow extending from the   A to the Z displays the comprehensive nature of the company. Overall, this is an excellent example of a logo that effectively  communicates an intended message.

Mozilla Firefox

This is a logo that is appropriate to the brand. The logo portrays the open source nature of the web browser. The vivid colours and simple design make this a memorable logo that hasn’t changed much for nearly a decade.


Who could forget the memorable swish logo associated with Nike? It is one of the simplest logos ever created and has become an internationally recognised symbol for Nike. This is a great example of how simplicity can go a long way in creating an effective logo.

To create a memorable and appropriate logo, the design and message it portrays must be carefully thought out. Remember – A logo earns its memorability over time, so it is important to create a logo that is simple in design and can be easily recognised by consumers. When designing a logo it is advisable to expose yourself to as many ideas as possible. It is often helpful to contact a branding agency, such as Starmen, as it allows you to brainstorm your ideas with an expert in graphic design so that you can develop the best possible logo for your brand.


Community Author:

Top Five Logos Ever Created by Zuhair Siddiqui. Zuhair is a tech enthusiast, and he’s currently writing for StarmenUSA, the best creative agency in Los Angeles.


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