Artist Interview: Ian Vicknair

Once again our Pixelsmith Studios team was lucky enough to sit down and chat with an incredible creative with a wealth of experience to share.

We interviewed Ian Vicknair, a Digital Matte Painter who really has a world of experience to share when it comes to growing as an artist. He even works as a Matte Paint academy mentor.

In the Youtube video, we reference this episode quite a bit, from Digital Artcast’s Playlist, Thinking Out Loud with Ian Vicknair:

During the interview, Ian shares his views on what it means to him, to be better at what you do, what will help you as an artist and what you need to take into account when trying to get into the industry – all skills that live outside the realm of sitting in front of your pc and just making art the whole time. To check out his work, head to his website.

Watch the video and let us know what your take-away is from this interview! For more interviews with amazing artists, head over to our blog.

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