Artist Interview with Dewald De La Rey

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We interview the young and upcoming Dewald De La Rey, a local 2D animator with a lot to offer. I met this artist at the recent CTIAF where his work was showcased at the Labia Theatre.  Before we begin this interview, here is a Youtube video made by him:


Please tell us about yourself – who you are and what your skill set is

I’m Dewald and I’m an 18 year old animator/ designer from Southern-Africa. I do a lot of freelance work and in my free time I make a lot of inappropriate cartoons for my YouTube channel. I’m also signed with Channel Frederator (They’ve produced shows like ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ & ‘Adventure Time’) And I’m also sponsored by Huion (A Chinese drawing tablet manufacturer)



Recently, one of your shorts was showcased at the Cape Town International Animation Festival – please tell us about the short. What inspired you to make it?

The music video of mine that was featured, was inspired by Tim Burton, I’m a huge Tim Burton Fan, his art style is just eye candy for me. Also my client for that video, Sounds Like Harmony, is from the alternative scene, thus the style fitted perfectly with his appearance.




Do you have any mentors or animation professionals that you look up to?

Animation Professionals that I look up to (that are not complete assholes) Pendleton Ward must be one of them as well as D0mics & Tim Burton.



What are your tools of the trade?

To animate I use Smith Micro’s Anime Studio Pro X11, for drawing I use a mouse, which surprises a lot of people, but I’m looking at getting myself a Cintiq. For compiling I use a Corel VideoStudio X11.




What is your goal as an animator in 2016?

My goals as an animator in 2016 is to stray from the freelancing scene and do animation full time, I’d also like to hit 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel,



Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In five years I probably see myself in a mirror, Ta-Dam-Tshh. But in all seriousness, I hope to be a fairly successful animator, making a modest living only from making animations.




What is your favourite drink? (We like coffee and craft beer)

My favourite drink is probably anything I don’t have to buy/ make myself (Preferable coffee; Brandy or Tequila)


What do you wish you knew two years ago, that you know now about your craft?

Perfect your craft before you start looking for work/ people to collaborate with. If you have an amazing portfolio, no one can deny your talents.


Do you have any thoughts that you would like to share with up and coming artists?

My advice to any artist or any person in general is to be who you are. PROVE PEOPLE WRONG. Embrace the things that make you unique, no matter what anyone else says. My favorite quote is probably from Kurt Cobain, he said:”They laugh at me cause I’m different, I laugh at them cause they’re all the same!” Fitting in, has never gotten anyone anywhere, stand out, be who you are, be who you want to be.




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