Danielle Albertyn

Danielle Albertyn and Rial de Wet Artist Interview

Danielle Albertyn and Rial de Wet Artist Interview

Our Pixelsmith Studios gets to do a lot of really cool things. And one of those things is to chat to some crazy talented South African illustrators.

Danielle Albertyn and Rial de Wet are an artist couple that has a lot to give when it comes to sharing their knowledge on illustration and design.

Danielle works as a freelance illustrator, comic book artist, and graphic designer, while Rial works full time in the film industry as an illustrator on various levels, such as storyboarding to name but one.

During Comic-Con 2019, we got some time with these two and they shared a lot. In this video of approximately 10min, they share a wealth of knowledge and wisdom bombs that will only benefit your growth as an artist.

Watch the video and let us know what you think! For more artist interviews and other quality content, head over to our blog.

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