Honorable Mention October – Nicole de Freitas – Family and Couple photographer

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It’s time for some local flavor in our honorable mention section. Today we interviewed a budding family and couple photographer Nicole De Freitas. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some insightful information in family and couple photography from a self starter who claims passion and hard work trumps learning from books.

Honorable Mention October - Nicole de Freitas - Family and Couple photographer

1. Tell us about yourself and how you started in photography?

From a very young age I always had the camera in my hand, every year for Christmas all I ever wanted was a new camera. Eventually, in my last year of college I was able to afford my very own DSLR camera, and immediately I started doing mini photo shoots with my friend’s children and other young families that I know.

These free shoots enabled me to practice and grow my own style of photography. Eventually, after about two months I had my first paying clients, and the rest is history. I have NEVER studied photography; I taught myself everything I know. I feel that this has let me express myself better and be more creative than photographers that are too worried over lighting, exposure etc.

I rather focus on making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, which in turn helps them to react how they would at home with each other! On my blog you can literally see my progress from my first photo shoot in October 2011 to now.


2. How did you get into children, couple and family photography?

I have always been drawn with this type of photography, it excites me! I am obsessed with capturing a perfect, natural, loving moment that is often lost or seen in a split second.

Honorable Mention October - Nicole de Freitas - Family and Couple photographer 4

3. What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a Nikon D3100 with three different lenses:

  • 18 – 55mm
  • 75 – 300mm
  • 40mm (f2.8)

I also have a fantastic Nikon Flash for evening events, which is the SB – 700.


4. Which lighting do you prefer?

I do not have a studio, therefore all my photo shoots are done outdoors. For couples I prefer after 5pm in summer and families and young children before 10.30am. Overall, I prefer winter photo shoots, the lighting is always perfect, there is not much glare and there are no hard shadows.

Nicole-Couple Photography-Interview

5. How do you decide on your locations for the shoot?

It depends if people are willing to travel, if it is safe for children and how often the site has been used. Couples like to be more creative, so I like to research wine farms and secluded beaches for the perfect spot. Whereas families like to go to a simple park or have it in their home. There are so many parks in Cape Town, you would be surprised at the great locations you can find.


6. Do you have an assistant photographer? (for or against it?)

I do not have an assistant for my personal family, couples and children’s shoots, that is my time to spend with them and get to know them. It becomes my personal take on that particular family. Although, I do have a photographer that will be joining me for weddings. I found that you cannot be two places at once, and weddings you need to be everywhere.

Honorable Mention October - Nicole de Freitas - Family and Couple photographer3

7. How do you get yourself in a creative space before going on shoot?

This is going to sound crazy – but, honestly I dream about a shoot the night before. I plan the shots in my head and imagine the magical moments! Crazy!


8. Your favorite photo?

Wow, this is a hard question! I do not have a favorite photo, but my black and white images are always my favorite  What I tend to do is save the most memorable photo from the photo shoot in black and white.


9. Any tips for starter up photographers?

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not a photographer because you didn’t study it. Never feel intimidated by that or by the amount of photography equipment some photographers have. Just enjoy yourself and your photos will express that.


Thank you for the interview Nicole, we hope your business keeps on growing and that you inspire those around you with your great photography!


If you would like to contact Nicole you can find her on the following:

Email: defreitas.nicole(at)yahoo.com

Twitter: @21nicoledf

Facebook: That Moment Captured

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