Jeremiah Moralez – Upcoming Jack of All Trades in Arts

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As always we love featuring up and coming artists dedicated to their work. We we’re really impressed with Jeremiah Moralez and his passion for photography,graphic design and illustration.

Jeremiah Moralez

A little bit more about Jeremiah

Jeremiah is from the town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is currently a three year student at New Mexico State University. He’s currently working towards his bachelors in fine arts, focusing in graphic design. His dream is to work in media, No matter what type it is since he has a real passion for media in all it’s formats.

Por387 - Jeremiah Moralez

“If I can work with media, weather it’s photography, graphic design, or any type. I will be happy to work. In my works i love to focus on modeling photography, however I love to design in illustrator, and create.”

Jeremiah Moralez’s Gallery

His weapons of choice

I use a Canon T3I, with an 18-55 MM and a 75-300 MM lenses. I think working with the standard lenses make you work and think harder on how you can make you photography different and unique.

Canon T3I, 18-55 MM and a 75-300 MM lens - Jeremiah Moralez

You can contact him on

Twitter , flickr, or by email at superfamed(at)

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