What Makes A Design Good? – Podcast Episode 01 with Gavin Knox.

good design vs bad
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Even with the right tools, sometimes designs just don’t work. You can invest in the best graphic design monitor or even a top-quality graphic design mouse, and still end up with a design that doesn’t do what it needs to.

In this Podcast episode, we interview Gavin Knox, from Karbon Media. During the episode, we discuss the difference between a good design and a bad design.

Gavin shares his thoughts on running with creativity and aligning the creative with the business goals, emphasizing that sometimes, when design is intentionally bad, it is still a good design.

He further dives into the mindset that you need to look into when starting a creative endeavour of your own, and shares his experiences of how he learnt what he knows, but also shares some of his hard learnt lessons.

Watch the podcast interview and let us know what you think. For more artists interviews, head over to our blog.

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