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Horror blockchain game developer

Fear NFTs are seeking a passionate freelance digital illustrator to join our team on upcoming games (link opens in new tab) Whack Your Undead Neighbour and Whack the Demon.

The desired candidate will have a big interest in the horror genre, both movies and games while also having a portfolio of designing monsters, demons, and ghosts within the field.

A strong portfolio showing off your talent of character turnaround designs and past experience of high-quality projects you have worked on is a must.

Full Job Criteria

  • Flexible and motivated individual who can meet deadlines mutually agreed.
  • The candidate has the experience to quote accurately on each piece of work as pay will be fixed and per asset rather than per hour. A full list of prices will need to be quoted for upfront.
  • Character design and background/landscapes/objects must all be created in Adobe Illustrator
  • A sketch process is needed to begin showing a range of mock-ups for each piece of work
  • Game illustration experience where you have designed characters and objects for modern games
  • Character design experience for skeleton animation rigging
  • Full turnaround character design experience
  • Has an eye for detail
  • Can produce creatives such as the screenshot above
  • You will need to adhere to the current styles of our games. Please take a look and ensure you are comfortable with following the current styles. This will include matching the level of detail and shading with characters, objects and backgrounds:
    • For Whack the Demon you can take a look at some of our current wok here:
    • For Whack Your Undead Neighbour (and various old school style games of ours that follow the same format) you can take a look at some of our current work here:
  • Have access to zoom and attend meetings whenever required
    50% will be paid up front and 50% on delivery.
    In the application form please feel free to mention or share your full HD portfolio link with us via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Full List of Work Available for the Right Candidates

  • Up to 50 unique characters to design with both 45 degree facing, back facing and possible front facing views
  • Various landscapes to create
  • A large variety of weapons and objects to create
  • Various 2D blood effects
  • Possibility of performance related pay for the right candidate who can prove their worth to the company.

If you are ready to apply please fill in the application here.

To apply for this job please visit