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Jincom is a fast paced animation studio specializing in Health and Safety campaigns across 3 sectors; Design, Illustration and Animation. While this is a call for 3D animators, please get in-contact if you are a designer or illustrator as well.

Ramping up to December we have a large number of productions looming and for this we are looking for extra hands. Generalists are needed; we do however work in Blender and this can take a bit of getting used to.

Mainly we need Animators, Riggers, Lighting and Compositing artists, for varying length contracts. If you have experience in these areas, please give us a shout.

If you are coming off a job in a month or two, please keep us in mind as we may need more people further down the line as well.

We are also venturing into VR and AR, so if you have any experience in Unity or Python, please also get in-contact.


To apply for this job email your details to