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Our client is looking to have a basic game developed. Currently, they have a small budget and a limited timeframe, please keep this in mind when submitting your quote. Please quote in terms of cost and time. We understand that due to the limited information a fully accurate figure cannot be supplied, we are more than happy with an initial ballpark figure. Full Brief available online here

Below is a sample from the brief (Not full brief):

To whom it may concern:
Our client is looking to develop a basic game that can be activated in real-time without the need for plug-ins, downloads etc. The game must appear on their website and scores etc. must be shareable on social media (in the form of a url, for example). 

The client: 
Our client works in agriculture. 

Game references: 
Something like Pac-man i.e. very basic and easy. 

*As always we do not ask for commission and work on an honor system. If you have been approved for this position and feel you would like to pay a form of honor/referral commission (and can afford it) we would be grateful. 

To apply for this job email your details to