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Hand Drawn Cursive Fonts | 8 Best Handwritten Script Typefaces

Script fonts, aka, cursive fonts, are beautiful typefaces that can add varied aesthetics to your designs. The style can be used to embellish your designs or or mimic formal or ornate handwriting. It’s a stylized font and is paired well with calligraphy fonts.

Cursive is a style of penmanship, where all or some characters are joined together in a flowing manner. Generally, the purpose of script handwriting fonts is to make writing smoother and faster.

Whatever your goals may be, there’s a script font just waiting for you. But, with the amount of cursive handwritten fonts found across the web, it may be tricky to find exactly what you are looking for to match your style. That’s why we’ve done the legwork and found a superb selection of cursive fonts for you to use.

Best Vintage Script Fonts

Smoothy is a 2 font family and will provide you with a beautiful, clean, rustic typeface. It’s a mono weight cursive script with subtle sans-serif edges. And it’s the perfect addition for your hand-lettered projects.

Best Cursive Fonts

Sebastian Bobby is the perfect example of how script fonts provide that genuine handwritten aesthetic. The script is handcrafted using a fountain pen, designed to look as though the text was hand-drawn.

Best Modern Script Fonts

Cream Candy is one of the best script fonts available today. This beautiful typeface provides you with that lovely handwritten script typeface with beginning and ending swashes. You find these aesthetics are perfect for any project.

8 Best Handwritten Fonts Reviewed

This style of typography, cursive, is often divided into looped, italic, or connected styles. Looking to add a signature-style font, or a font to give your design brush-style lettering? Or are you on a mission to grab attention?

Script fonts provide versatility from vintage to modern fonts. So you can find the perfect font for any need.

Let’s take a look at the top handwritten,  elegant, timeless, chic, and formal cursive fonts for your next project.

1.   Audrey

  • Two variations: Regular & oblique
  • Script Font
  • $

Audrey is a beautiful script font with an elegant, yet slightly edgy and fun, typeface. The font is perfect for logos and quotes and makes a classic combination with all caps serif or sans-serif typefaces.

The cursive font comes with a range of ligatures to give you that hand-written feel you’re looking for. The package includes Audrey Regular and Audrey Italic versions, to suit a variety of projects. 

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2.   Moontime

  • Hand lettered script
  • Moontime script OTF/TTF
  • $

If you’re looking for a beautiful calligraphy font, this modern script is perfect. With gentle, round curves and soft romantic lines, this lettering provides an elegant touch to your projects and branding.

Moontime script contains a full set of upper and lower case lettering, and an extensive range of numerals and punctuations (with circuit and multilingual support). It’s the perfect handwritten font for small businesses, wedding letters, magazines, and more.

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3. Sebastian Bobby

  • Authentic handwriting
  • 4 Font styles
  • $$$

Sebastian Bobby is an authentic handwritten font, crafted using a fountain pen. The classy script font has been designed to mimic natural hand-drawn cursive text.

It includes 78 custom ligatures to achieve these beautiful, free-flowing strokes. The package consists of 4 fonts in TTF and OTF formats, namely Sebastian Bobby and Bobby Alt, and Slanted versions. The font is perfect for quotes, logos, stylish branding projects, and more.

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4. Cream Candy

  • Modern script font
  • Beginning & ending swashes
  • $

Another beautiful font, and a favorite amongst Calligraphy users, Cream Candy is a remarkable modern script font that provides opulent cursive with beginning to end swashes.

With 22 ligatures, you’ll find this typeface will give you a natural and modern handwritten font with stunning aesthetics. The modern script provides thick bases with thin outer edges, giving you that charming feel from cursive handwriting. 

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5. The Impressionist

  • Luxe Casual Font
  • Smooth wet ink texture
  • $$

The Impressionist is all about arousing sentiments. The luxe chic font hints at fleeting visions and touching moments. Although some letters may be a little illegible, their shapes provoke emotions and thought.

This stunning font provides a smooth wet ink texture with long strokes and curved edges. The package includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, multilingual symbols, and 134 ligatures – to give you that lovely handwritten feel.

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6. Marshmallow

  • Handwritten font
  • Signature-style script
  • $

Marshmallow was created with a thought of giving a fresh signature style font that’s easily readable. The soft, handwritten font features ligatures, swashes, and substitutes.

This clean handwritten font can be used for various projects, including blog headings, signatures, quotes, branding, etc. It’s a fabulous font to add some stunning finishes to your text.

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7. Smoothy

  • Cursive Script
  • Simple Sans, 2 Font family
  • $

Smoothie provides you with a mono weight cursive typeface and a slightly rounded sans-serif. The two font family offers a handwritten style to give your next project that effortless and stylish hand-lettered look.

The cursive handwritten text comes with gorgeous capital letter finishing, which also works well on their own. It’s the ideal font for applying to prints, quotes, clothing, etc.

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8. The Cursive Script

  • Cursive Script
  • Handmade Brush
  • $$

As the name suggests, Cursive Script provides you with beautiful all-round cursive, with soft strokes and bouncy baselines. Amidst dry brush imperfections, this script can be paired with marker fonts. Which is ideal for any project, from quotes to product packaging, social media and greeting cards, etc.

This elegant and classy typeface features OpenType characteristics and stylistic alternates, multi-language support, numbers, symbols, and more.

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Final Thoughts on Handwritten Script Fonts

Cursive fonts add a perfect touch to any design and give results that mimic formal handwriting styles. These beautiful typefaces are used by many to create a more alluring and natural end-product.

With exaggerated strokes, bouncy baselines, and signature-styles, these cursive fonts add sparkle to any design. What’s your take on script fonts?

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