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Outdoor Fonts | 9 Top Retro & Vintage Typefaces

Throughout history, typography has stood the test of time, and still today, it remains timeless. Sans – serifs rounded edges are favored in most classic, vintage-retro inspired designs dating back centuries.

Outdoor typography can evoke emotions and create images of being in peaceful nature.

Take a look at these awesome outdoor fonts to spice up your projects, elicit your viewer’s attention, and whisk your audiences away on a beautiful journey.

Note: If you’re keen to mix up your font styles, like military styles or 1970s style fonts, take a look at our other Font Reviews.

Overall Best Outdoor Font

The top Outdoor font – as the name suggests – is the Great Outdoors. The lovely retro script font provides a classic style with a modern twist. The typeface mimics handwritten lettering creating a beautiful cursive, smooth-edged design.

Best Vintage Fonts

What is a good vintage font? One that will give you a timeless feel. Outpost No.5 provides an array of stunning, authentically western typeface styles. These are inspired by the golden era of western films and the earthy aesthetics in nature. It’s the perfect example of where vintage typography meets contemporary.

Best Retro Fonts

The retro-inspired Junior Ranger font presents a fun and quirky feel from pieces back in the 50s and 60s, and just before the 1970s fonts. Motivated by Smokey Bear, the letters are bold, thick, and flaunt plenty of personality and style.

9 Best Outdoor Fonts Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered the top handpicked retro-vintage fonts, let’s take a look at the best outdoor fonts available to spruce up your next project. 

1.   Great Outdoors Inks Typeface

  • Outdoors inks typeface
  • 4 Font styles
  • $$

Outdoors Inks is a beautiful script font inspired by four vintage lettering styles. The typeface boasts smooth edges, resembling authentic handwriting, to simulate an ink pen and retro printing.

The distinct fonts are Clean, Rough, Wild Regular, and Wild Medium. It’s the perfect addition to every designer’s toolkit. Ideal for branding materials, such as t-shirt, logos, nature photography, and quotes.

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2. Pine Forest

  • 2 Font styles
  • Handcrafted outdoor typeface
  • $

DikasStudio provides a stunning handcrafted outdoor typeface, Pine Forest. Inspired by outdoor activity, you’ll see a dazzling display of sans-serif typeface in the designs.

The package contains two styles, namely, Rough and Press, as well as some catchwords and extra vectors. Perfect for adding to your toolkit for typography design, branding, logos, invitations, quotes, etc.

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3. Adventure Font & Camping Pack

  • Adventure Font & Camping Pack
  • All-caps design
  • $

If you’re in search of adventure, take a look at this adventure font and camping pack.

This adorable all-caps font also includes lettering icons, seamless patterns, and other delightful icons to decorate your camping gear. The lettering is smooth, and slightly rounded to give you that light, peaceful feel, like in nature.

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4. Modern Outdoor

  • 1 Large typeface
  • Uppercase characters
  • $$

Modern Outdoor by Evening Office provides an impactful display of fonts. These all-caps display designs are ideal for making a lasting impression with readers.

You’ll find OTF characters, uppercase A-Z, numbers, and punctuation marks. It’s perfect to use with any project that requires a large typeface to command your audience’s attention.

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5. The Wild Things

  • Handcrafted font duo
  • Sans & Serif font
  • $

The Wild Things is a handcrafted font duo by Victor Barac. It comes with a beautiful rounded sans-serif font, in regular and italic, as well as the cursive script.

Providing plenty of alternates and OpenType features, it’s perfect for outdoor themes and adventures.

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6. Outpost No.5

  • Practical design vintage font
  • 1 Western typeface
  • $

Outpost No. 5 is an authentically western typeface, inspired by earthy aesthetics and old western films. This practical font looks superb on hand-painted prints and signs.

The design maintains integrity to the old fashioned font environment and is the perfect example of using vintage-inspired pieces in a modern setting.

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7. Go Explore

  • Old pines typeface
  • 4 Sans-serif font styles
  • $

Old Pines Typeface is a sans-serif font, providing a vintage look with a twist of contemporary. The font replicates the smooth edges of retro printing, giving you that handmade look.

Enjoy four font styles, namely, Old Pines Regular, Old Pines Aged, Old Pines Press, and Old Pines Swash. The set is ideal for any graphic designer looking to add to their toolkit, especially for photography and outdoor themes.

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8. Outdoor Code

  • Sans-serif style font
  • Vintage style typography
  • 1 Fully developed font & Vector package
  • $

Outdoor Code boasts a simple, sans-serif style font that’s inspired by a vintage design. The font was designed to carry a classic style to add to any design project easily. It’s ideally used for logos, packaging, and minimalistic layouts, etc.

The package includes a fully developed font, with symbols, and a Vector package with lettering, including, point form. The font contains standard kerning, rendering different results.

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9. Junior Ranger

  • 1 Uppercase, retro font typeface
  • Sans-serif font
  • $

The Junior Ranger font is motivated by retro pieces from the 50s & 60s, an awesome postcard font, inspired by Smokey Bear; the vintage uppercase letters are fun and quirky.

The font evokes a sense of a retro standard and boasts fun character and charm in each letter with its classic typefaces. Perfect for ads, mailers, posters, pins, and other campaigns.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Outdoors Fonts

Outdoorsy fonts provide a sense of calmness, evoke feelings of adventure, and inspire images of being in tranquil nature.

These marvelous digital fonts, for instance, are just a handful of the best Outdoor fonts available—ideal for anyone looking to achieve that outside, vintage style. So pick your best font and whisk your audience away on a spectacular outdoor journey on your next project.


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