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8 Best Popular Fonts for Designers 2021 (Trending | Beautiful)

With the complex, world-altering changes that have occurred in 2020, designers (and many others) are craving simpler and calmer times. This is coming through in their choice of typography. In 2021, designers will be moving towards uncomplicated styles with neutral color palettes, a less-is-more approach, and minimalistic fonts.

Unlike Art Deco fonts that embody an era, the popular fonts of 2021 have a modern and timeless appeal. Bold colors and in-your-face fonts won’t work going forward. Subtlety is king.

That said, Pixelsmith has created this list of the 8 best popular fonts for designers in 2021. These fonts reflect calmness and positivity in a chaotic world.

Most Popular Font

Hello Paris is a variable paired duo that offers modern elegance with seven font styles. Loved for its versatility, designers can use this font for branding, invitations, and logos.

Overall Best Font

The best typeface goes to Signature Collection. Fashionable yet “super-chilled”, this font speaks to the current generation, especially with its sexy extras.

Most Used Font

Fiona is a trusted font for many forward-thinking designers. This minimalist lettering style serves as the poster child for 2021’s simplistic typography. 

Top Trending Font

If you’re looking for a trending font, Modena is riding a wave of popularity thanks to its high-fashion reputation. Designers love its upmarket style and attractive font pairing.

8 Best Popular Fonts Reviewed

Below you’ll find 8 of the best modern typefaces. Contemporary, non-fussy, and on-trend, these fonts will give any design project a polished and modern edge. Let’s take a look at the most popular fonts for creatives in 2021.

Hello Paris

  • Modern serif
  • $$$
  • Variable paired duo

Hello Paris exudes modern elegance with its simple, whimsical style. The typeface has a classic, French appearance and can be added to most branding and logos.

In answer to the question of what is the most attractive font, Hello Paris is a leading contender, especially for materials that need a personal touch, such as wedding invitations.

Hello Paris offers seven font files and five weights. With its many ligatures, alternates and its variable nature, you’ll achieve some truly beautiful font combinations.

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Signature Collection Script Font

  • Handwritten script
  • $$$
  • Bonus watercolor overlays

Signature Collection is a fashionable yet laidback typeface. Possibly one of the coolest fonts out there, the typeface was designed to look super similar to a natural hand drawn cursive font.

Business cards and personal signatures would benefit from the use of Signature Collection. It also comes with over 100 ligatures and a full set of lowercase alternates.

And of course, there are those sexy extras. 30 Subtle watercolor overlays for you to add some drama to your designs.

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  • Minimalist sans-serif
  • $
  • Multilingual support

Gorgeously simple, Fiona is a sans-serif typeface that never disappoints. Fiona’s high-contrast, clean lines with alternating thick and thin strokes stand out without overpowering. This makes it a wonderful font to capture attention without drawing the reader’s eye away from what is being said.

Not as wild as other typography styles, like outdoor fonts, Fiona practises restraint and has a timid personality and price tag.

Fiona originates from classic letterforms for publishing and display graphics. Magazine layouts, invitations, and digital images that require a sleek look can benefit from this popular typeface.

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  • High fashion
  • $$
  • 6 Free logos

Modena is a high fashion font duo characterised by thick, bold lettering and slender cursive styles. The synergy between these two weights and styles creates a vogue impression. High end with a touch of exclusivity.

A famous font with many faces, Modena looks beautiful on posters, logos, blog posts, website copy, and social media content.

This top font features over 50 ligatures, giving it a hand-done style, and alternates for all the letters. You’ll be overjoyed to receive the 6 free logo templates too, as these will help make your design process a breeze.

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  • Bold sans serif
  • $$
  • 3 Font files

Some fonts can be too simple. Tokyo steps up from plain lines by adding outlined font files, emphasising type in a funky, but unobtrusive way. Just like Tokyo city’s epic skyscrapers, this type stands out from other common fonts.

Ideal for wedding material, pop-culture branding, displays, and headers, this is a great playful font to include in your typography toolkit.

The outline typeface is simple to layer with the regular font. But, there are extra merged font files for those who don’t want to create the outline effect themselves.

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  • Hand Lettered serif
  • $$
  • 3 Font files

Walker takes minimalism and space to the next level with its wide distancing between the individual letters. Where some serif fonts can be stiff, this typeface has a softer, feminine edge. This is perfect for designers who need a serif font, but without the formality.

Walker’s hand-drawn touches and natural appearance make it a popular rustic font. It’s a great fit for your next country-style logo or motivational social media quote. The best part is it includes bold, thin, and regular variations, so you can experiment to see what complements your design the most.

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Joules et Jacques Font Duo

  • Handwritten script
  • $$
  • 5 Textured backgrounds

Joules et Jacques has a sense of Jekyll and Hyde about it. This popular font duo combines a refined and elegant sans serif type with a more natural, flamboyant script. This gives it a dramatic poise; a gorgeous contradiction with a split personality of the wild and controlled.

This script is great for making bold, stylish statements. It includes several ligatures, giving it a similar appearance to calligraphy fonts. It also has two weights, regular and bold as well as OpenType kerning features for the pros.

You also receive a set of moody textured backgrounds to add some extra jazz to your designs.

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  • Minimalist
  • $
  • 1 Font file

Connect may be the best font ever for innovative, minimalistic logo design. It’s simple, edgy, with a disconnected look that speaks to the postmodern world. Because it’s futuristic, it makes for a brilliant font for technology-themed design collateral.

Connect is suitable for creating taglines, titles, and wordmarks. This font comes with:

  1. Punctuation
  2. 3 Options of Latin letters
  3. 3 Options of numbers
  4. 3 Types of basic multilingual letters
  5. Extra characters

All of this is conveniently included in one affordable font file.

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Final Words on Best Popular Fonts

Brash, bold, and colorful fonts are fading away. The upcoming popular fonts stay true to minimalism, neutral tones, and subtlety.

Selecting any one of these best popular fonts will ensure you don’t make a faux pas in your designs. 2021 is all about less is more, so beware the loud and overstated.

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