Are Gaming Chairs Worth it? – Benefits of a Gaming Chair

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the line between work and play is becoming increasingly blurred with people gaming and working from home. Spending hours at your desk can wreak havoc on your body, especially your back and shoulders. With gaming gaining more of a foothold in mainstream culture, the appeal of swapping your standard office chair for something a little different is very strong.

But, are gaming chairs worth it? That is what you are here to find out, so read on for a look into the benefits of a gaming chair. We’ve even looked at a few gaming chair brands to give you an idea of what to purchase.

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TLDR:The Noblechairs Epic gaming chair is the best gaming chair. With its premium material and ergonomic construction, the optional real leather material makes it a real winner.

Best Budget Gaming Chair

The best budget gaming chair is the Respawn 110 racing chair, with its stylish design and features that rival some of the more expensive gaming chairs.

Best Gaming Recliner

The Arozzi Verona V2 is the best gaming recliner, thanks to its ability to recline back to 165 degrees. This means you can rest those eyes for a quick nap at the simple pull of a lever.

Another great reclining gaming chair is the Vertagear P6000.

Best Gaming Chair

The Noblechairs Epic gaming chair is the overall best gaming chair with its premium construction and extremely comfortable design. The ability to choose a real leather material instead of the standard faux leather adds to the longevity option for this noble chair. A close second would be the DXRacer gaming chair

Man in a gaming chair playing on his PC

What is a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is a style of seat that has been specifically designed for you to sit in for extended periods of time. They have an ergonomic design to keep you in relative comfort throughout your session with 3 distinct types: rocker, floor, and racer. The racer type is the most popular and commonplace amongst gamers. Open any Twitch stream and there’s a good chance they will be in a racer-type chair.

These seats typically resemble racing car seats with a tall back that is padded for extra comfort. A strong and sturdy design is also common to ensure longevity and a quality product. Gaming chairs also tend to come with varying levels of customizability to suit the user with adjustable armrests, reclining, lumbar support, and seat height.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Whether you’re wanting to add some style to your streamer setup, make your friends jealous or get a comfy chair to sit in, everyone has a reason for wanting one of these. But, there are certain things that you will need to consider when looking for a gaming chair.

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to gaming chairs, but a few core factors need to be taken into account before choosing your chair. Knowing your measurements and weight are important as your body type will help you select the most comfortable chair.

Your environment will also dictate the style of gaming chair you get, a bright RGB chair would be amazing in your gaming room, but not appropriate in a law firm.

Ultimately, it is also your personal preferences and the amount of customizability built into the chair that you should look at. You can always tailor the chair to your body with adjustable armrests, height, and recline, but the fundamental design should be as close a fit as possible.

For example, with the racer design, chairs come in different cushion widths, with the seat back wing spaces being different as well. This means that people with broad shoulders should pay particular attention to the wing width to ensure they are not squished.

Desk with gaming chair and three screens

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Gaming chairs are designed and built to be sat in for hours, so yes they are comfortable but to an extent. Gaming chairs do sacrifice some comfort for style points fundamentally, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t comfortable at all. The manufacturers are fully aware of the fact that gamers have almost no time limits if they are in an intense battle.

Gaming chairs are not limited to gamers though, any creative or professional who spends a significant amount of time in their chair would find value in one of these chairs. The lumbar support that gaming chairs provide with the added cushions are amazing.

You also can’t forget the little head pillow that comes with most chairs and how you can take a break and recline back in some chairs up to 180 degrees.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Nearly every component on a chair is adjustable with the added lumbar cushion to help. Any chair that is sat in for extended periods of time will put pressure on your lower and upper back. Where gaming chairs can help with your back is their ability to alter the recline angle and provide a more tailored support system.

They are ergonomically designed to help be more comfortable and not cause pain after extended hours of use. Even so, make sure to get up and walk around every hour for a little. Or even try a 5-minute yoga session.

A full gaming setup with a gaming chair

Do Gaming Chairs Help?

If you are hoping that a good gaming chair will somehow transform you into a pro-level gamer, then no they won’t help. But they will ensure you are comfortable while logging the hours to do so. They are a comfortable accessory that has now also become a fashion statement of sorts with all the different colors available.

They will give you the support that you need to make sure you don’t ache after hours of work or gaming. With that being said, there are a few chairs below for you to have a look at and see what you can get for the same price, or less than a high-end office chair.

Gaming Chair Comparison Table

For those who just want a quick look and not to read the full reviews, this table will be a great help but read further for the more detailed information.

Product Name Product Image Price Recline Angle Buy Now
Vertagear P-Line 6000 $$$ 140 Degrees Click to Buy
DXRacer OH Racing Series  $$ 135 Degrees Click to Buy
Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair $$ 135 Degrees Click to Buy
Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair $$ 165 Degrees Click to Buy
Respwan 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair $ 155 Degrees Click to Buy

The Best Gaming Chairs That are Worth it Reviewed

Now, onto the more detailed reviews of some of the gaming chairs on the market that are worth investing in.

Vertagear P6000 Gaming Chair Review

  • 4D Armrests
  • UPHR Foam
  • Penta RS1 wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expensive
  • Better suited for taller and broader builds
  • Weight Limit: 400lbs
  • Recline angle: 140 Degrees
  • Material: Faux Leather and PVC
  • Colors: 8
  • For larger builds, this is the perfect chair for you. It is built strong and provides extra space for the hours of use ahead.

A premium gaming chair manufacturer, the Vertagear P6000 is one of the flagship models available from this legendary brand. It is designed for larger individuals with additional width and height, along with a sturdier steel frame. For anyone who needs to spend significant hours of their day at their desk, this is one of the best gaming chairs available. Plus, the multiple color options allow you to match it to your setup.

Its design is equally at home in a gaming setup or in a professional office thanks to its understated yet stylish design.

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DXRacer OH Racing Series Gaming Chair Review

  • Design and style suitable for all environments
  • 3D Armrests
  • Rocking mode
  • 200 lb weight limit
  • Not suitable for people over 6’1”
  • Weight Limit: 200lbs
  • Recline angle: 135 Degrees
  • Material: Elastic leather
  • Colors: 4 colors
  • The most famous of all gaming chairs, this is the chair that everyone knows about. This chair’s design is centered around being as comfortable as possible and lives up to that purpose.

This is the chair that catapulted gaming chairs into the mainstream with every gamer who was on Youtube or Twitch sitting in a DXRacer Racing series seat. This design was built to keep you comfy for hours with its high ergonomic back and carefully molded foam.

Although it has universal use, the weight limit of 200 lbs and only being suitable for people up to 6’1” at most does limit the usability.

So are DXRacers worth it? This is a tried and tested chair though that will last thousands of hours of intense gaming or even just for sitting and doing normal work in.

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Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

  • Contains deform-resistant cold foam
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Solid steel frame
  • 4D Armrests
  • Real leather option is expensive
  • Weight Limit: 265lbs
  • Recline angle: 135 Degrees
  • Material: Faux Leather and real leather option available
  • Colors: 9
  • This is the best gaming chair out there with its premium ergonomic design and the option for real leather.

If you are looking for luxury then the Nobelchairs Epic Gaming Chair is the chair for you. This version comes with a faux leather material but there is also a real leather version available. This is a premium gaming chair that would be stylish anywhere, from your home to your office. Its 4D armrests will help with the perfect fit, along with the two cushions provided.

The caster wheels are designed for both hard and soft floors so no snagging on carpets or sliding on tiles. It really doesn’t get much better than this chair.

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Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair Review

  • Reclines to 165 degrees
  • Designed to support your back and posture
  • Variable density foam throughout for superior comfort
  • Pleather material can make you sweaty in warmer climates
  • One dimension armrests – only move up and down
  • Weight Limit: 231lbs
  • Recline angle: 165 Degrees
  • Material: Pleather
  • Colors: 2 available
  • A gaming chair that screams with its classic Italian style, this is a comfortable chair that has been built to last.

An Italian-designed gaming chair, who would have thought? But the Arozzi Verona V2 is another in the long list of exotic and stylish things to come out of Italy. After a hard session or day of work, why not pull the reclining lever and relax at 165 degrees, maybe even have a nap. This sturdy yet lightweight frame can hold up to 231lbs and has different density foams strategically placed for added comfort.

Unfortunately, the armrests are the letdown and are only adjustable by moving them up or down. This is also quite a compact design so would suit individuals of smaller builds.

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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

  • Comes with a footrest
  • Affordable
  • Contoured support
  • Bonded faux leather construction
  • Armrests move with the chair and cant be adjusted on their own
  • Weight Limit: 275lbs
  • Recline angle: 155 Degrees
  • Material: Bonded faux leather
  • Colors: 1
  • As a premium gaming chair, this is the most budget-friendly on the list and one of the best on the market. The simple contoured design will look great in the office or at home.

The Respawn 110 gaming chair is the entry into the world of premium gaming chairs with a stunning design backed by a limited warranty and year-round support. The shape makes use of contoured foam to provide one of the comfiest fits and even has an extendable footrest for added comfort. Something the other chairs on this list do not have.

If you are looking to get a luxurious looking and feeling chair at a reasonable price, this is the chair for you. It offers levels of comfort, and a few extras, that make it on par with some of the other chairs above.

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Gaming chairs and desktops together

Is a Gaming Chair Worth it For You?

Now that you have all the information, the decision is yours on whether a gaming chair is worth it or not. They are slowly becoming a staple in many professional settings, thanks to their mainstream success and popularity. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if you want to spend money on a boring office chair or get something new.

Choosing a chair is a deeply personal choice and there are reasons why some prefer one chair to another. But the only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself. If you want to know even more then have a look at some of the best reclining gaming chairs for even more options to choose from.

But, for their design purpose and being built to be sat in for hours on end and keep you comfortable, yes, gaming chairs are worth it.

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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC's started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.

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