8 Best 3D Pens for Kids 2022| Doodlers and Accessories Review


If your child is artistic and loves creating, as well as being a technology whizz, you can be sure that one of these 3D pens for kids is on their wishlist. These little devices have become quite popular among adults and kids alike.

Many 3D pens are a great family tool, allowing parents and kids to come together in a fun and creative way. However, some pens are not at all suitable for kids. 3D pens heat plastic to work, and anything dealing with heat and melted plastic can become a hazard for very young children.

Thankfully, there are many brands of 3D pens that have been designed with kids in mind and have built-in safety features to keep your mind at ease as your little ones enjoy creating their designs. Find some of the best kids 3D pens in this guide below. You can also add even more to unlocking your kids’ learning potential early on with an educational tablet for kids.


TLDR: The best 3D pen for kids has to be the MYNT3D Junior2 Pen. It is safe for young children to use with no risk of burns and runs on batteries that can be recharged.

Best 3D Printing Pen for Your Child

There were a few contenders for this category but the overall winner is the MYNT3D Junior2 3D pen. It is a simple design that poses no danger to your child, from its non-toxic filament to its no hot parts design to reduce the risk of harm. The other pens that came close to winning are:

Top-Rated 3D Kid Pen

There are a few 3D pens out there that are just on another level when it comes to their performance. The MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen is the top-rated 3D pen. Although being the top-rated pen does come with a high price tag. There are a few other pens that are on a similar level but more pocket-friendly. These include:

Best 3D Drawing Pens Comparison Table

For those who want a quick overview of some kids 3D pens, here is a quick comparison table for you to choose from. Read on further for a more detailed review of each of the different childrens pens.

Child holding a 3D creation

3D Pens for Kids Reviews

Now, for a more in-depth review to find the best kids 3D pen for your child to get creative with. Here are a few of the different options that are available.

3Doodler Start+ Essentials 3D set Review 

  • Affordable price
  • Full kit that includes everything you need
  • No hot parts
  • Wireless
  • Only compatible with 3Doodler Start filament
  • Third-Party filament options are limited as the pen would need 3mm filament which is expensive
  • Wireless Pen
  • 5mm Filament
  • Includes stencils and Doodlepad
  • 30-Minutes to charge

Your child will be able to bring their ideas to life with this 3Doodler Pen Start+. This is a tactile tech that will nurture a kids creative imagination. This particular pen is one of the top 3D pens for kids aged 6+. It’s designed to have no hot parts, not even the nozzle gets hot which means no burns.

The plastic itself can also be touched with no burn risks with only the safest 3Doodler Start filaments being used. This new edition of the pen also features refined extrusion gears that make for a smoother 3D drawing experience. It is also wireless and just needs 30-minutes to charge before you can doodle your designs and ideas anywhere.

The primary focus is on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education to combine art with technology in a fun way to make comprehension of important STEM subjects easier. The best part about this pen is that the filament is warm when extruded but is safe to touch. You can even shape the filament with your hands to get that perfect look.

The downside of using this pen is that it is only compatible with their own Start plastic filaments which are 2.5mm in diameter. Most Third-Party filaments only come in 3mm and 1.75mm sizes. The 3mm Third-Party filament can be used but, although they will make the creations more sturdy, it will use more filament quicker and refills of 3mm are expensive.

This pen does come in a kit that comes with 72 filament strand refills, 10 activities to get your child familiar with how to use the pen, and a Doodlepad to create anything on.

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MYNT3D Junior2 3D Pen for Kids  Review

  • Low-temperature nozzle that won’t burn
  • Sealed nozzle design to stop clogging
  • 75mm Filament
  • Battery powered
  • Charges with Micro USB with no AC adapter included.
  • Wireless pen
  • 75mm Filament
  • Includes three rolls of MYNT3D PCL filament
  • Not compatible with ABS or PLA filament

The MYNT3T Junior2 3D pen is a child-safe and low-temperature 3D printer pen for kids. It has been specifically designed with kids in mind with an ergonomic design that is easy to grasp. It also has a low-temperature nozzle that won’t cause any burns. It has a nozzle design that is featured on the more advanced models that are updated to stop clogging.

This is battery powered, similar to other 3D children pens but this is also rechargeable with an included Micro USB. Although the AC adapter to attach the cable to and charge the pen is not included which is a pitfall of this pen. But, there are upsides to this stunning pen. The use of 1.75mm filament means that there are a lot of options for using Third-Party filament colors.

Another bonus of this pen is that it is simple to use and because it uses a roll of filament instead of sticks of filament, you can create with almost no interruptions. When it comes to a 3D pen price, this is a good value-for-money buy since 1.75mm filament is also relatively inexpensive and widely available.

This small kit comes with a few starter stencils as well to get the creative juices (and plastic) flowing. It also comes with a one-year warranty that protects against any defects. As with all of these types of pens, slow and steady wins the race so making slow movements while creating is critical to a consistent flow of filament.

All things considered, this is the best 3D printing pen for kids if you are starting them out or looking for a beginner pen for them to play around with. Make sure to grab some extra filament as well as it can go pretty fast.

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MYNT3D Super 3D Pen Review

  • Variable feed speed
  • Temperature control
  • ABS and PLA filament compatible
  • Needs to be plugged in to work
  • Wired connection
  • 75mm Filament
  • Includes three rolls of ABS plastic filament
  • Compatible with ABS and PLA plastic filament

The MYNT3D Super 3D pen is a pretty versatile pen that allows for more control over your creative 3D drawing. This particular pen has a variable feed speed controller that will allow you to regulate the flow of the filament for precise control over your drawing. There is even a temperature adjustment control that allows for the changes needed for the different temperature needs of the ABS and PLA filament.

An ultrasonic nozzle is part of the design that is almost clog-proof and is pretty durable. It is protected from defects for a one-year period. Unfortunately, there is no OLED display and the temperature adjustment needs to be done with a screw under a cover. A stepless speed slider is what you use to regulate the flow of filament.

Even though this is one of the top 3D pens, this is a more complicated and precise 3D pen which would suit children who are 13 and older. The use of 1.75mm filament opens up options for using Third-Party filament providers who offer a wide range of colors to really get creative with. A top tip is to put a small fan close to your design to ensure that it dries quickly and you can build up on your creation.

This little kit comes with a pen and some ABS plastic filament to get you started and familiar with using a 3D pen. Practice makes perfect so stock up on a few extra rolls of filament as well.

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SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen Review

  • Great price
  • Ready-to-use kit
  • Beginner friendly
  • Tip is metal and can burn
  • Can get clogged with filament if left in too long
  • Wired Connection
  • 75mm Filament
  • Includes three rolls of PLA filament
  • Compatible with PLA and ABS filament

The SCRIB3D P1 is a 3D pen with a display for added control. This is an affordable 3D pen that will enable you control over both the temperature and speed that the filament is fed. The best part of all of this is that this pen has a digital display that will indicate the current temperature for precise changes.

The buttons are large and chunky that allows for comfortable and easy adjustments when working on your creations. The nozzle is removable for easy maintenance but the tip is made of metal and does get very hot and can burn. Although it is rated for ages 9+ this should be a 3D pen for a 10 year old because of the risk of burns.

It uses 1.75mm PLA filament but is compatible with ABS plastic filament as well. Ensure that the correct temperature setting is being used for each filament though as they both have different melting points. There is no internal battery unfortunately so it does need to be plugged in to be used with the included power adapter.

This is an easy pen for beginners to use but will take practice to get the technique right. It is surprisingly light, even for a 3D pen, and is very friendly on the pockets as well. This is probably the most budget-friendly pen that is packed full of features for hours of exploring creative freedom.

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MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen Review

  • OLED display
  • Temperature control with 1 degree increments
  • ABS and PLA compatible
  • Modular nozzle design means you can replace damaged tips
  • More for teenagers than kids
  • Tip can get warm/hot
  • Wired Connection
  • 75mm Filament
  • Includes three rolls of ABS filament
  • ABS and PLA compatible with capabilities to work with special filaments

If you have slightly older kids that want to take their 3D pen creations to the next level, then the MYNT3D Professional Printing pen is the pen to have. This stylus comes with an OLED display for precise readouts and control over temperature. The temperature is adjustable in one-degree increments for the maximum fine-tuning ability to get the perfect consistency of filament.

This control is important as different temperatures give a variety of effects of the filament. There is also an adjustable feed button that will let you regulate the speed and flow of the plastic filament while you are creating.

The real surprise and benefit of using this pen is that it works with almost any filament on the market, as long as it is 1.75mm in diameter. If you want to get a little crazy and play around with some wood or bronze-infused filaments, they can be used. As long as it is within the required diameter and melts between 284-446 degrees Fahrenheit (140-230 degrees Celsius), it will work in this pen.

This is a slim design that needs to be connected to a power source for it to function. The design does also include a modular nozzle that means a replaceable hot end in case of any damage. This little kit does come with three colors of ABS plastic filament but this is also one of the more costly 3D pens on this list.

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MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen Review

  • Good price
  • User-friendly
  • Very basic design
  • No LCD display screen
  • Requires a USB AC adapter
  • Wired Connection
  • 75mm Filament
  • Includes three rolls of ABS filament
  • ABS and PLA compatible

If you are after a super basic pen for your kids to make some 3D art with, the MYNT3D Basic 3D pen is a solid option. This is a no-frills pen that may not have a ton of advanced features but it has what is needed for some amazing creations. There is an adjustable feed speed from slow, medium to fast to help create intricate designs or fill up space.

You can use ABS and PLA filaments with this pen, as long as they are 1.75mm in diameter, the most common filament type. The nozzle is sealed and features an overbuilt gearbox to ensure that it almost never gets clogged and prevents you from creating. The downside of this pen though is that it does not come with an AC Adapter that is needed for the USB cable to power it.

This is a pen that will keep your child entertained for hours, as long as you have enough filament, and see what they end up with. For any beginners, this is the best 3D kids pen to start doodling with. Because this is a more basic design, patience is needed to let the filament dry a little before starting to build up.

Remember that this is not a rechargeable pen and so you will need to keep it plugged in. Also, try not to lose the cable as it is hard to find a replacement cable like this surprisingly. This small kit does come with three rolls of ABS plastic filament to get you started and fine-tune your technique but grabbing some extra filament will be a good idea.

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3Doodler 3D Pen  Review

  • Ergonomically shaped – making for easy handling while creating
  • Filament retraction feature
  • Uses 3mm filaments instead of the usual 1.75mm
  • Prone to Clogging
  • Wired connection
  • 3mm Filament
  • Includes three packs of 15 different color filaments
  • PLA, ABs and Flexy filament compatible

From the creators of the first 3D printer, comes a 3D doodle pen designed to be enjoyed by all levels of experience in creating. This pen features dual-drive technology that improves the power and durability of the stylus. This adds up to an amazing doodling experience.

This 3Doodler Create 3D pen box set comes with 50 plastic strands in a selection of multiple colors and materials, a power adapter, a quick start guide for beginners, as well as three other tools to use in your creative sessions. There is also the 3Doodler app that is full of ideas and stencils that take you step-by-step through the creation process.

While some pens require you to draw on a flat surface and then connect your pieces together to create a 3D design; 3Doodler lets you draw ‘in the air’, creating stunning 3D models easily. This stylus needs to be plugged in to be used and is only compatible with 2Doodler’s own 3mm PLA, ABS, and Flexy plastic filament. However, this filament is non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for children.

This kit comes with everything that you need to get started and the technology to keep you going for years to come. This is the first and only pen that allows you to truly draw in 3D with almost instant-drying filament you can literally draw up into the air and make shapes.

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SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing pen With Display Review 

  • Suitable for multiple filament types
  • Safe for children to use
  • Expensive
  • For more experienced 3D pen users
  • Wired connection
  • 3mm Filament
  • Comes with three rolls of filament
  • PLA, ABS and Flexy filament compatible

This is one of the more expensive pens but the SCRIB3D Advanced 3D pen is one of the best stylus pens available. The soft-touch surface makes it comfy to use and has a somewhat curved design to fit snugly in your hand, ensuring hours of comfortable doodling. This pen is designed to make accurate 3D models and structures.

It has an LCD display that helps to monitor the heat of the filament and adjust if needed for optimal performance and textures. There are a host of built-in safety features as well that help to provide a seamless experience. There is even a one-year guarantee on the pen to give you some extra confidence.

This kit comes with three rolls of PLA filament in three different colors, the power adapter, and a free stencil guide to get you going. The stylus itself has adjustable temperature and filament feed speeds to get the maximum out of your designs. The nozzle is ceramic and is designed to be removable with anti-clogging features to keep you doodling non-stop.

Although this is one of the more high-end 3D pens, it still comes in at a reasonable price, especially considering that it is in a kit. The fact that it needs to be plugged in to work does limit your movement and workspace needs, if there is no plug nearby then you might be in trouble. But, this is still a quality pen that will give slightly older kids hours of focused entertainment.

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3D Pen Ink / Filament Accessories

The ink used in 3D pens is called a filament. As mentioned above, you get many different types of filament. The most common being ABS and PLA.

ABS is a more toxic filament and has fumes that are not good for young kids or people with breathing problems. PLA is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly filament with no toxic fumes or harsh odors.

The other filament used often is PCL. This filament is for low-temperature pens, it does not need an extremely hot temperature to melt. Below you’ll find some of the best options when looking to buy refills of filament for your 3D pen.

3D Pen/3D Printer PLA Filament

This pack consists of 24 colored filaments, each 3 meters long. There are 15 unique, bright colors and 6 transparent colors. These filaments are the usual 1.75mm and so will work in most 3D pens.

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Dikale 3D Pen/3D Printer PLA Filament 

The Dikale filament is best suited for the MYNT3D range, as well as the SCRIB3D range of 3D Pens. This pack includes 16 colors of 2 meters each. You also get a bonus eBook with stencil designs to help with your 3D pen drawings.

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3D Artist Supply 3D pen ABS Filament Refills

12 different colors of 20ft filament strands, including a bonus glow-in-the-dark filament that the kids will love. This pack is affordable and great for variety when drawing.

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MYNT3D 3D  Pen Mat 

This design pad from MYNT3D has three different drawing surfaces to unleash anything that your imagination can come up with. Its construction allows for millions of possible designs with no odd gaps that could result in overlapping shapes.

The custom material ensures a solid adhesion of the filament while designing and constructing but is also flexible enough to remove any artwork with ease.

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3D Printing Pen Silicone Design Mat

For a surface to get creative on, this silicone mat is just what you need to make sure that your creations won’t stick to the surface you’re working on. It is heat resistant up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit so don’t worry about your higher temperatures melting the mat. There are even two silicone finger covers included to keep your fingers safe from any burns and hot plastic.

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Myuilor PCL 3D Pen Filament Refills

This bundle is a 12-color pack, with bright colors. The 1.75mm PCL filament is suitable for low-temperature 3D pens and can be recycled when you are done with it.

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3D Purple filament

3D Printing Pen Buyer’s Guide

Before investing in a 3D pen, there are some aspects to take into consideration to ensure the pen you are buying will fit your needs and budget. There are many different pens out there, so choosing the right one can be a bit tricky.

How Does a 3D Printing Pen Work?

3D pens allow you to create 3D versions of your designs and artwork. The 3D pen is like a smaller version of a 3D printer. The pens have the ability to bring any design to life, on a smaller scale than a printer.

These pens utilize plastic ‘ink’ filaments. These filaments are fed into the machine, and then a heating element melts them, turning the plastic into liquid, which then allows you to draw and create 3D pieces of art on almost any surface.

The technology of 3D pens is close to the technology used in hot glue guns, with the exception of the material used within the machine.


Control is one of the most important aspects when it comes to using a 3D pen. Control refers to more factors than just how easy the pen is to hold or use. Adjustable speed and flow as well as adjustable temperature regulation gives you added control that can take your art to the next level.


The design and ergonomic feel of the pen are also important. Especially if you are buying one of these for a child, you will need to ensure that it isn’t too big for them to hold and control effectively.

Some of these pens are rechargeable and don’t need to stay plugged in while being used, others are charged via USB or plug point.


There are four different filaments to choose from when it comes to 3D pens. Standard, flexible, composite, and specialty. If you are proficient with a 3D pen already, then you will know which filament to choose. If not, the easiest rule of thumb is that if the filament is easy to replace, it is the easiest to use.

There is also a difference between ABS filament and PLA filament. PLA filament is a favorite for most, especially when being used by kids. The PLA is mostly non-toxic and doesn’t have a strong odor, while the ASB is mostly toxic and the odor can be a bit much for younger users.

Cool ink vs 3D Plastic Pen

There isn’t a huge difference between cool ink and regular 3D pens. Cool ink pens have the advantage of not having any warm or hot parts. This then makes them safer and more suitable for inexperienced 3D pen users, as well as children.

How to use a 3D Pen

The majority of kids’ 3D pens will come with an instruction manual. This is one manual you’ll want to read. Unlike most, it contains valuable and interesting information.

The most important thing to remember is to take care of your pen. When you are finished using it, the filament needs to be cleaned out and the pen should be stored away correctly. Leaving filament in the pen usually leads to broken or damaged pens.

Aside from the care instructions, you’ll find using your 3D pen quite easy. Depending on whether you have a plug-in, USB charging, or battery-operated pen, you will need to make sure it’s plugged in/charged to use it.

Then select your filament and feed it into the pen. Once the filament is fed into the machine, wait for it to warm up and you will be ready to create.

Best 3D Pen for Children Final Thoughts

Your 3D pen can create a wide range of magical items. From simple, small designs to larger, more intricate ones. Some pens will come with stencils, or a book of designs to help on the journey of discovery just what the pen can do for you.

If your pen doesn’t come with any helpful material, you can always search the internet, and you will find ideas aplenty. YouTube, Pinterest, and even the pen supplier’s own website should have more than enough inspiration to put your pen to its full potential. For some more creative outlets, your child can use an Android tablet for drawing as a means of creating virtual art.

If you’re wondering what to do with your child’s 3D pen creations, there are many options. Gifts for teachers and neighbors can easily be made with a 3D pen. Keyrings, dolls furniture, figurines, and even cars. The only limit is your child’s (or your own) skills and imagination.

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