Best 4k Monitor for Business, Gaming & Everything In Between

Gone are the days of clunky devices, aching necks, and strained eyes. The digital transformation has seen major improvements in user experience and comfort. PC screens have reaped the benefits of this with the latest 4k displays blazing the trail.

The latest 4k screens offer high-quality resolution, sharp detail, and effortless multitasking. These cutting-edge screens can be set on mounts or placed flat on your desk against your office wall. This makes hunching over your keyboard and squinting at your computer a thing of the past.

And that’s not all. As well as being adjustable in placement, these savvy displays are also multipurpose. There’s a display for everyone – whether its business, gaming or everything in between. Stick around to discover the best 4k monitor for you.


TLDR: The Philips 328E1CA 32″ Curved Monitor is Pixelsmith’s first choice. The beautiful curved design offers an immersive experience with sharp 4K image quality. It’s the perfect choice for casual gaming, business, or everyday use.

Lose yourself while scrolling your social media and feeds, or enjoy effortless multitasking. Plus, you’ll get the added benefits of built-in speakers and peace of mind from its four-year warranty. It’s affordable and a brilliant addition to any home and work environment.

Best Budget 4k Monitor

The ViewSonic VX2776-4K-MHD 27″ is the most affordable display in the 4K range. This model’s almost-frameless design and clear IPS panel offer an enjoyable viewing experience. Its size means that it can fit on your work desk or at home without taking up too much space. 

Best 32-Inch 4k Monitor

As well as being the top model, the Philips 328E1CA 32″ Curved Monitor also takes the title as the best 32” screen. It achieves this through its flawless curved design.

With hardly any bezels to speak of and a sharp 4K Ultra HD image, this display draws you inside the virtual world. 

Best 4k HDR Monitor 

The BenQ PD2700U 27″ is the top display in the HDR category. It brings you 27” of image brilliant and wide-angle viewing. An added plus is that the HDR10 support enables you to preview your video in HDR during the editing process. 

Best 4k IPS Monitor

In the category of best IPS panel display, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ 27″ reigns supreme. The Quantum Dot IPS results in amazing color reproduction. And, the local dimming zones, mean that you’ll enjoy richer dark scenes thanks to the high contrast.

4k Monitor Comparison Table

This table gives a quick overview of the displays we’ve listed in this buying guide. Scroll down to read the in-depth reviews later in this post for more detail.

Best 4k Computer Monitor Reviews

With so many screens and so many R2D2-like names on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Pixelsmith narrows it down for you with this list of the best 4k displays.

Philips 328E1CA 32” Review


  • Super thin bezels
  • Excellent image quality
  • Solid and attractive stand
  • Speakers don’t offer best sound
  • Set up can get a bit technical. Refer to a guide.

The Philips 328E1CA 32” is Pixelsmith’s best 4K monitor. Its beautiful curved design and sharp 4K Ultra HD image quality offers a real immersive experience. The design is minimalist yet modern with super slim bezels and a stylish square stand.

This model utilizes high-performance VA panel technology and adaptive-sync technology. This gives you smooth refresh rates and rapid response times.

This makes this option a great choice if you want it for gaming, business, or everyday use. You’ll get lost browsing Youtube and enjoy seamless multitasking if you’re using it as a second screen. But, if you’re a competitive esports player, you may want to look for a display with more gaming-oriented specs.

Features include built-in speakers, a VESA mount, and even peace of mind in the form of a 4-year warranty. Considering what you receive with the monitor, it’s well priced and a great asset for your everyday life.

  • 32” Curved Display
  • VA Panel with Ultra-Wide Color Technology
  • VESA mount and audio-out with built-in speakers
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology
  • Smooth gaming and sharp visual detail
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ViewSonic VX2776-4K-MHD 27” Review


  • Speakers
  • Many Inputs
  • Affordable
  • Poor Backlight Bleed
  • Limited Height Adjustment
  • Screen can be reflective in too much light

This model’s sleek, almost-frameless design and clear IPS panel create a great viewing experience. This makes the 27” Viewsonic VX2776 ideal for use at work and for watching entertainment at home.

Its size means that it can fit easily on a desk and also makes it a winner for multi-monitor setups. This model is versatile as it supports laptops, PCs, and Macs with both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.

This display makes comfort the priority with flicker-free technology and a Blue Light Filter. These features help reduce eye strain when you’re using the screen for long periods of time.

There is a downside to this model. It is prone to a backlight bleed and the height is not adjustable. But when weighing this up against its affordability, it’s a small price to pay. It’s one of the best cheap 4k monitors on the market

  • 27” Flat Display
  • Premium IPS Panel
  • Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter
  • Great for Office Use or At-Home Entertainment
  • Supports laptops, Macs and PCs with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs
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Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ 27” Review


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Bright screen
  • Excellent gaming
  • There can be a fan whine
  • Price
  • Slight backlight bleed

The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ 27″ is the best 4k monitor for gamers on this list. The Quantum Dot IPS gives you incredible color reproduction. And, the screen also offers local dimming zones. This creates high contrast for more natural-looking and rich dark scenes.

The Nvidia G Sync HDR technology enables smooth and fast-paced gaming. It also minimizes input lag. Add to that the protective features like Eye Care technology and Blue Light Filter, and you’re all set up for a marathon session.

Even the design is ideal for those with a serious love of the game. Ergonomic features, like tilt and swivel, offer you great viewing angles from any position.

In all honesty, the biggest problem with this model is the effect it has on your bank balance. In every other way, this display exceeds expectations.

  • 27” Gaming Monitor
  • Quantum Dot IPS Display
  • Game Grade Ergonomics and Eye Care tech
  • DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 hub connectivity
  • Detailed Ultra HD visuals and Smooth Frame Rates
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ViewSonic XG3220 32” Review


  • Stylish base
  • Bright and sharp screen
  • Priced well
  • Slight backlight bleed
  • Lag with scrolling text
  • Sub-par audio

This monitor has over 8 million pixels and delivers crisp detail for a great user experience. With 32” of beautiful display, it offers a larger picture of the gaming world. You’ll see the entire battlefield in one glance.

TN panel technology and Adaptive-Sync make for brilliant frame rate output. Plus, it gives you a decreased delay between all inputs. This results in real-time-level responses.

The above features definitely place a focus on gaming. This screen can be an overkill for everyday use. But, if you enjoy work and play, then this display is ideal for your needs, without being too pricey.

  • 32” 4K Monitor
  • TN Panel Technology
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • HDR10 Content Support
  • Fast Response Times and Great Refresh Rate
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BenQ PD2700U 27” Review


  • Great build
  • Excellent color
  • Automatic brightness adjustments
  • No DCI-P3 color
  • Only 60Hz refresh
  • No USB Type-C connectivity

Another all-rounder, the BenQ PD2700U HDR monitor provides 27” of image brilliance and wide-angle viewing. Ergonomic and efficient, the display is mountable and switches effortlessly to portrait mode.

The IPS LED screen displays images with vivid detail. Content creators and designers will love it as it gives you access to over a billion colors.

HDR10 support allows you to preview video in HDR while editing. Plus, the DualView custom view allows users to see two modes, like Darkroom and Animation mode, side by side. The BenQ PD2700U display is a savvy tool for the creative professional.

One disadvantage is the 60Hz refresh rate. This low rate along with its lack of adaptive sync means that it doesn’t quite cut it as a gaming option.

  • 27 Inch 4K Monitor
  • IPS LED Display
  • CAD/CAM Darkroom Animation and DualView Custom View Modes
  • Ideal for Video Editing
  • Wide Angle Viewing
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Dell UltraSharp U2718Q 27” Review


  • Factory color calibrated – ideal for photo editing
  • Many connectivity options
  • Adjustable stand
  • Infinity edge – tiny bezels
  • Lack of full DCI-P3 wide color gamut support
  • No Nvidia G-Sync support
  • Not a good match for serious gamers

When it comes to imagery and display, well, it’s in the name. You can expect ultrasharp details and a beautiful picture on this 27” Dell screen. The super-thin bezels add to the crisp display by making it appear endless.

This monitor is ideal for business, photo editing and recreational gamers. It is adjustable and can display in landscape, portrait, or even diagonal. Whatever your preferred orientation, reading, typing and viewing are an absolute pleasure.

The device comes with a variety of connection options including:

  • HDMI 2.0
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • DisplayPort
  • 4 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Audio Out

The Dell Ultrasharp screen may be a bit more expensive than the others in the list, but for what it offers, it’s a great deal.

  • 27” Monitor
  • IPS Panel Technology
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and 6 RF device connections
  • Windows 10, 8.1. 7 Operating system supported
  • Seamless multitasking with a multi-monitor setup
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LG 27UD88-W 27” Review


  • Excellent Gaming Performance
  • Sharp Image Detail
  • AMD Freesync Technology
  • Highly Adjustable Stand
  • Some connection and resolution issues with Mac devices
  • Greens are slightly skewed
  • Pricey

The LG 27UD88-W 27” offers 4K IPS that covers over 99% of the sRGB spectrum. What does this mean? It’s the one of the best 4k monitors for graphic designers, photographers, and people looking for sharp color.

On the other hand, the design could have been more imaginative. The stand is quite ordinary and it doesn’t come with built-in speakers. But, it works as a 27” flat display that you can position on your desk or on a wall in your office.

Features like the On-Screen Control and Split Screen 2.0 act as great productivity tools. On-Screen Control means you can easily change your monitor settings via a window on the display screen. The Split Screen function enables efficient multitasking. You can customize your layout and look at several windows at the same time.

Bear in mind it’s a little pricey if you don’t have graphic design or content creation as your profession.

  • 27” IPS LED-Lit Monitor
  • USB Type-C Connection
  • Operating System Windows 8 Compatibility
  • On-Screen Control with Screen Split
  • Ideal for Graphic Designers and Photographers
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HP Z27 27” Review


  • Executive professional design
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Well priced
  • Heavy
  • No Freesync Technology
  • Delayed response time

The HZ27 27” model is attractive. It looks eye-catching as an addition to an executive workspace or home environment. The thin bezels mean you can line it up next to other screens for a sleek-looking multi-monitor layout. Even the back of this screen is appealing – great for open-plan offices.

This display uses an IPS panel with an 8ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. The image quality is sharp, but the slow response and refresh rate mean that this monitor isn’t ideal for gaming.

The color quality is excellent, but, it’s not at an intensive editing level. If you’re not a designer, this won’t be an issue.

The HZ27’s connectivity is remarkable with multiple ports such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB 3.0. But what sets this monitor aside is the two USB-C connectors. These offer 65 Watts of charge for USB-C compatible laptops like the MacBook Pro.

  • 27” Black Build
  • IPS with LED Backlight
  • Affordable 4K Monitor
  • Great connectivity options
  • Excellent Productivity and Multitasking Capabilities
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Samsung U28E590D 28” Review


  • FreeSync support
  • Fast pixel response
  • Excellent performance
  • Poorly positioned VESA mount
  • Thick bezels
  • Lacks USB hub

The Samsung U28E590D is a good 4K monitor with a matte-black body and a metallic T-shaped stand. The 28” TN panel display delivers a world-class viewing experience in beautiful 4K UHD.

Multitasking is a breeze with this stunning screen. Its Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology means that you can work on a document in one window while keeping an eye on your favorite show in another. The PIP keeps the source’s resolution and is adjustable in size and position, according to your needs.

As is the norm with TN panel displays, the viewing angles are problematic. You may notice color shifting from a top angle. This model also doesn’t feature USB 3.0 ports, which is unusual.

Although it might skimp on a few expected features, it still offers a great 4K viewing experience. Plus, you won’t have to break the bank.

  • 28” LED-Lit Monitor
  • TN Panel
  • AMD FreeSync
  • OS Compatibility with Windows and Mac
  • Affordable with Stunning Picture Quality
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Best Monitor Stand Reviews

We took a look at some of the best 4K computer monitors above. Next up, you can take a look at some versatile and useful display mounts and stands.

North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount

The North Bayou Dual Mount fits most LCD LED displays and can hold up to 14.3lbs per screen. This mount is ideal for creating your multi-monitor setup. It is also lightweight and helps to save space.

The gas spring mechanism allows for easy movement of your screens. As a result, you achieve numerous viewing angles with hardly any effort.

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1home Wood Monitor Stand

This stylish wood stand is ideal for a home office or study. This stand elevates your display to help you adjust your viewing position. This reduces the tension in your body and increases your comfort while working.

This stand is also brilliant as it doubles up as storage space. You can store your laptop accessories and cables in the stand. This ensures that your desk looks organized and neat.

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Single Monitor Mount Stand

This single mount’s design puts ergonomics as its main priority. The single-arm gas spring system raises your display to the optimal height. Consider rounded shoulders and twinging pains to be ancient history.

This stand also frees up space on your desk and offers a full range of motion adjustments for your display. This results in a more spacious, organized workspace as well as increased productivity.

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Monitor Buyers Guide

4k monitor on a work desk

Before you take the leap and buy a monitor, there are a number of factors you should take into consideration. Here are five of them.

Monitor Size and Design

The size and design that you need for your screen will depend on what you want it for and where you intend to put it.

Gamers love a curved screen as it feels more immersive. For day-to-day work, a flat one will do the job. You can also place Flat UHD monitors flush against a wall whereas you can’t with curved displays.

Planning on mounting your display as your eyesight isn’t marvelous? Then, a 34” wide-screen could be the right fit. But, if you want to work from a smallish desk, then a smaller 24” screen would be more ideal.


Wide monitor behind a laptop

Many ultra high definition monitors include speakers, memory card slots, and USB hubs. If you don’t have much desk space to work with, you may want to consider a screen with additional features.

These features may include:

  • Mount Compatibility
  • Built-in Webcams
  • Speakers
  • Dual-Monitor Stands
  • Tilt and Swivel Functionality
  • Height Adjustment


Display with speakers and green screensaver

Your budget will always be a major influence when deciding on the right model for you. Are you looking for a monitor for general reasons, like having an extra tab open for comparisons? Or are you looking for something with all the bells and whistles?

The most advanced models usually come with the most advanced price tag. If you want to empty your wallet, then you can find incredibly large 4k monitors with great speed, responsiveness, and quality.

Panel Technology

There are three major LCD types used in modern screens. These are:

  • Twisted Nematic (TN)
  • Vertical Alignment (VA)
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS)

TN screens are the fastest and most affordable. But, they have poorer image quality when looking at them from the side. These monitors are great for gamers as they have low response times.

Lady in front of two monitors

IPS technology has the best viewing angles and color. But, finding high-speed refresh rates is rare. IPS displays are more suited to professionals.

VA screens offer the best contrast and acceptable color. Yet, it also has the longest response time. This LCD type is great for everyday use.


We’ve mentioned the idea of purpose before. Gamers, creative professionals, and day-to-day users will want different things from their monitors.

Gamers are in need of faster refresh rates and minimal response times. Creative professionals may need more refined color accuracy. Everyday users may not need anything in particular. In that case they may opt for a more general all-rounder.

Last Thoughts on the Top 4k Monitors

Monitor with sharp screensaver and blue light

Adding a display to your work (or play) environment will make a huge difference in your productivity, viewing experience, and even, your body. A second screen will give you an enhanced user experience and improve your comfort level.

There are several different models on the market that cater for a range of requirements. The purpose of your monitor will help you narrow down your search. Whether you want it for immersive gaming, easy multitasking or design, there is one out there for you.

With this guide, you can head out on your buying journey and make the right decision based on your needs. 

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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC's started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.

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