Best Android Tablet For Drawing | 11 Best Digital Drawing Tablets

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You can’t go wrong when using an Android tablet for drawing. Android can satisfy both beginner and professional design needs with a variety of excellent tablets.

Exciting developments in Android tablets paired with top quality stylus’s (this is the drawing pen for the newbies here) results in powerful devices for drawing.

There are two different types of tablets for drawing, pen tablets and pen display tablets, which can easily be confused.

Pen tablets are simpler drawing pads that need to be connected to a PC or good quality monitor to display your work. While pen display tablets display your drawings directly on the tablet screen with the ability to make use of other tablet features.

Both are versatile and easy to use. And preference is determined by your specific needs. Whether you are a graphic artist, illustrator or beginner these top-quality devices will help you immerse yourself in your creative side.

Let your stylus easily glide over the tablet screen to create exquisite, lifelike, and precise drawings.

With a variety of options, picking the best tablet for your needs can be daunting. Below are reviews of our top picks to make things easier for you.



The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+is Pixelsmith’s top pick for a premium Android drawing tablet. Get lost in creativity whilst producing the most precise and lifelike drawings with this digital drawing device.

The S Pen ensures smooth, accurate lines and drawings. Paired with the super AMOLED display it gives life to intricate detail through magnificent color accuracy and clarity.

The long-lasting battery life will ensure you are immersed in the excellent functionality and display of this tablet for hours with no disruptions.

Best Drawing Tablet with Screen – Pen Display Tablet

You can’t go wrong with a drawing tablet with a screen to display your spectacular work. Here are the best sleek, top of the range tablets. Get lost in the stunning display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ while creating super smooth animations.

Other top-quality pen display tablets for drawing:

Simbans PicassoTab

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Best Drawing Tablet – Pen Tablet

If you are looking for a pressure-sensitive pad that will sync the work from the pen to your display monitor then the 2020 Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet.

If pen tablets suit your needs here are other great options:

XP-PEN G640S Android Drawing Tablet

Graphics Tablet M708 UGEE

Best Samsung Tablet for Drawing

Samsung is well known for its quality products and with good reason. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is undeniably one of the best Samsung Androids for drawing after the premium Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. Its fast mobile processor makes working on this tablet seamless.

Other top-quality Samsung tablets for drawing:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Best Budget Drawing Tablet for Beginners

If you are new at this, don’t worry. These tablets will make you feel like a pro without breaking the bank. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Tablet is an affordable, easy-to-use tablet for all beginners.

Another great drawing tablet for beginners:

ASUS ZenPad 10

Best Android Tablet for Drawing Comparison Table

Below is a quick round-up of Androids best drawing tablets for quick comparisons. But be sure to check out the in-depth reviews of all products further down to ensure you pick the best tablet suited to your needs.

ProductBest ForImageBattery LifeRatingPrice
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Artists Up to 14 hours 9.5 Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Artists Up to 13 hours 9.5 Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 Artists Up to 13 hours 8.5 Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Beginners Up to 13 hours 8.5 Check Price
Simbans PicassoTab Artists Up to 6 hours 8.5 Check Price
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Artists Up to 9 hours 8.5 Check Price
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Beginners Up to 12 hours 8 Check Price
ASUS ZenPad 10 Beginners Up to 13 hours 8 Check Price
2020 Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet Budget Doesn't need to be charged 9 Check Price
XP-PEN G640S Android Drawing Tablet Budget Doesn't need to be charged 8.5 Check Price
Graphics Tablet M708 UGEE Budget Doesn't need to be charged 8 Check Price

Best Android Tablet for Drawing Reviews

Now, let’s dive into the reviews of Android’s best tablets for drawing to ensure you purchase the perfect tablet to meet all your drawing needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review


● Stylus included
● Great battery life
● Portability
● 120hz response rate
● Price
● No headphone jack

If you are an artist and looking for a top of the range tablet for drawing then look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. This device was released in September 2020 and is ranked the best Galaxy tablet. Its new release is reflected in its modern design and world-class functionality and display.

The S Pen that comes with the device is a precisely accurate and responsive stylus. This and the super AMOLED display give you spectacular color accuracy allowing for an immersive and smooth drawing experience.

● AMOLED Display
● S Pen (stylus) included
● Responsive
● Premium design


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab Review



● 15 hour battery life and quick charging
● S Pen with exceptional response time included
● Lightweight and compact
● AMOLED display
● No headphone jack
● Keyboard accessory to be purchased separately

You will fall in love with the aesthetics of this streamlined metallic tablet. And you will soon find out that its features match its top-notch design.

This tablet has a fast processor, with multiple core processors of 2.8GHz, 2.4GHz and 1.7GHz, improving multitasking and making it a pleasure to use. The S Pen is responsive and creates beautiful and vivid lines. The great battery life on this tablet will mean that remote working is not interrupted.

● Fast processor
● Streamline metallic design
● Portable and lightweight
● Great battery life

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review



● Compact
● Great affordable alternative to top of the range
● Great battery life
● S Pen included
● S Pen only comes with one nib
● Not as powerful other devices

This is a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 if you are looking for something more affordable. This tablet is easy to carry around, has a great battery life lasting about 13 hours, and is great for anyone buying a first-time tablet for drawing.

The S Pen that is included is of great quality and makes your drawing experience seamless and smooth. It also has the latest version of Android so you’ll be up-to-date with the latest software.

● Slim metal design
● Fast processor
● Responsive S Pen included
● Budget-friendly

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Review



● Budget-friendly
● Top of the range S Pen included
● Excellent screen resolution
● Great value for money
● Small speaker means not great sound
● LCD display instead of AMOLED

This is the most affordable of the Samsung tablets and is a great entry-level option for drawing beginners.

This is half the price of the Samsung Tab S6 but still has all the features you need for drawing. It even includes the same responsive S Pen included in the top of the range Samsung devices. You will also enjoy bright and vibrant colors with the HD LCD (liquid clear display).

● Long-lasting battery life
● Quick charging battery

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The Simbans Picasso Tab Drawing Tablet Review


● Stylus included
● Great value for money
● Great connectivity options
● HD display
● Stylus needs to be charged
● Not pressure sensitive
This tablet is loved by many as an excellent option that does not break the bank. The HD display is not as high as the top of the range tablets but is perfect for a beginner or amateur artist.
If you are on a tight budget but still want to create digital art you without a doubt cannot go wrong with this choice.
● Stylus included
● Pre-Installed Autodesk Sketchbook
● 10 inch IPS display

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Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Review



● Premium quality metallic body
● HD screen
● Great value for money
● Stylus to be purchased separately
● Low internal memory

This is a great option for someone looking for a mid-range tablet from a well-known brand. The processor is perfect for day-to-day tasks.

This tablet is better suited to an amateur drawer. It holds all the necessary features for drawing but was not designed specifically for this function.

● 10’3 inch HD screen
● Long-lasting battery
● Good speakers
● SD Card slot

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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Tablet Review



● Great value for money
● Great battery life
● Stylus is only included in some countries
● Stylus needs to be charged

If you are looking for a quality alternative to the hefty price tag that comes with Samsung, then this Huawei tablet is for you.

Huawei is known for its innovation in matching premium devices at a much cheaper price. This tablet will ensure a great drawing experience as pen tracking is fast and accurate and is one of the best cheap drawing tablets.

● 10.1 inch HD screen
● Quick charge
● Pen has tilt support

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Asus ZenPad 10


● Cheap drawing tablet
● Stylus included
● Great for everyday tasks
● Runs on older version of Android
● Poor screen resolution

This is an entry-level tablet and one of the cheapest Android tablets on the market. If this is what you are looking for, then the Asus ZenPad 10 is for you.

Often a cheaper price tag comes with a few glitches. However, this tablet is perfectly reliable for amateur artists. If you are a more advanced illustrator or graphic designer then it’s recommended to look at a higher-end tablet designed more specifically for drawing.

● 10.1 inch IPS Display
● Dual camera

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Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet Review



● Tilt Function Battery Free Stylus included
● Innovative multimedia keys
● Portable
● Requires support device to display work (monitor/ laptop)
● Does not have variety of features of a display screen tablet

If you are looking for a light and portable tablet that easily connects to your device then you can’t go wrong with the Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet.

You may already have a monitor and don’t want to fork out a hefty sum on a display screen tablet for drawing then this is a great alternative. Efficiently connect to your Android device and enjoy creating your lifelike drawings.

● Type C port connection
● Affordable
● Multimedia buttons enhancing productivity

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XP-PEN G640S Android Drawing Tablet Review


● Stylus included
● Great for left and right-hand users
● Very responsive
● Requires support device to display work (monitor/ laptop)
● Work surface can scratch easily

This tablet is great for graphic designers. It can support a variety of the best Android drawing apps and software including Photoshop. This allows for more advanced and professional drawings.

Suited perfectly to both right and left-hand drawers it also comes with a non-slip rubber grip stylus pen. Ensuring precision in all your drawings.

● 6 Shortcut keys allowing easy personalization
● Compatible with a range of design software
● Comes with 20 replacement stylus nibs
● Affordable

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Graphics Tablet M708 UGEE Review



● Large active drawing area
● Stylus holder and 8 replacement Nibs
● Innovative tilt control
● Requires support device to display work (monitor/ laptop)
● Software glitches

This tablet is simple and easy to use. The large drawing area as well as the responsive stylus will give you the feeling that you are drawing on paper.

This device is versatile and suitable for both beginners and pros. It is compatible with a large variety of design software meaning you can get creative on the go.

● 8 customizable keys
● Efficient and responsive
● Affordable
● Battery-free stylus

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Best Android Accessory Reviews


Now that you know which Android device you will be buying to suit your drawing needs, you’ll probably want some accessories to go with it.

A keyboard is always a great purchase to make with your tablet. It adds versatility to what you can do with your tablet. And although your main purpose will be drawing there is nothing better than a quick and efficient keyboard to tap away at when working on other things.

A portable charger is an excellent addition to your tablet purchase. Although most Android tablets have a great battery life if you are using it for more intensive tasks on-the-go it’s always a good idea to have a battery back-up.

Below are two keyboards and a portable charger that are recommended to be bought with your Android tablet to round-off the perfect purchase.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard

If you are going with Pixelsmiths top pick, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, then it’s hard not to purchase the keyboard with it.

This keyboard is lightweight and sleek and connects easily to the tablet. It’s made for on-the-go use. You can customize the angle of the screen using the angled hinge on the back of the cover. Adding this to your purchase really is a no-brainer.


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Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard

This is an amazing keyboard that is compatible with any tablet device. Simply connect it to your device using Bluetooth and start typing.

The body of this keyboard is solid and provides a great stand for your device. This allows you to type productivity with very little disturbance.

If you are looking for a versatile keyboard that can be used for more than one device, then this keyboard is just for you.



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RAVPower Portable Charger

The RAVPower Portable charger has been praised for its power. It lasts long and charges devices quickly. With multiple connection points you are able to charge more than one device at the same time.

Not only is it reliable it is also slim and streamlined making it a handy device to carry around. This charger will ensure you can act on any creative impulse wherever you are.



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Best Android Tablet for Drawing Buyers Guide

Not all tablets have the same features and to be able to get creative from anywhere there are a few factors that need to be considered.

Use the guide below to compare different features before buying your Android tablet for drawing.


Display Size

The bigger the screen means more space for seamless drawing and comfortable freehand movement. This also means less frustration of zooming in and out resulting in a hassle-free experience.

The display size can also impact the portability so keep this in mind when deciding on the best size to suit your needs.

Stylus/ Drawing Pen

You get battery-free and rechargeable drawing pens. The best option would be a battery-free pen to reduce the hassle of having to ensure your pen is charged or interrupting a creative session.

You also want consistent, reliable lines and that means you should consider tip thickness, grip, pressure sensitivity, and tilt support. The S-Pen that comes with Samsung devices has great features and is known for its consistent lines.

Stylus Pressure Sensitivity

This is an important factor as it will determine the thickness of the lines drawn depending on the amount of pressure exerted.

Higher pressure styluses are recommended as the higher the pressure the thicker the lines and vice versa. This allows for a wider variety of lines and opacities, adding extra dimensions to your creative work.

Battery Life

The best thing about having a tablet is its portability and the ability to be able to work with it from anywhere. There is nothing more frustrating than a poor battery life interrupting your flow.

If you’ll be on the move while using your tablet, make sure it has a great battery life. This won’t disturb your work and give you a smooth working experience.

Software Compatibility

Often an overlooked aspect, always ensure your device is compatible with your desired drawing apps and software.

Photoshop and InDesign are great drawing software that will take your drawings to the next level.

Best Android Tablets for Drawing Summary

Android has designed some of the best digital art tablets to suit different needs. Whether you are an illustrator, graphic artist, or beginner drawer you won’t battle to find the perfect Android tablet for your needs.

Choose from the best graphic tablets and get lost in a seamless drawing experience with Android. You won’t be disappointed with any of the above purchases.

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