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Best 10 Educational Tablets For Kids (Minis, Class Pads for Learning) 2024

Best 10 Educational Tablets For Kids (Minis, Class Pads for Learning) 2024

If you are looking for a great device that is both educational and fun for your child, then consider a tablet. There are a number of educational tablets for kids out there that have been specifically designed for young children. These include all kinds of special features, parental controls, and fun learning activities.

These awesome tablets for kids will bring many benefits to your child, as well as give them a great toy to play with. Whether you’re teaching your kids to tell the time, or encouraging them to get creative, there’s a tablet that will assist.

Here is a buying guide and review of the top product picks for the best educational tablets for kids.


TLDR: The overall best choice would have to go to the Arknikko SophPad X11. It is everything a parent could want in a tablet for their child which is why it is the best educational tablet for kids.

Overall Best Educational Learning Tablet

While there are many great children’s learning tablets out there, the overall best choice has to be the Arknikko SophPad X11. It is packed full of features and has a powerful enough RAM with Android 10 OS behind it. It has dual-cameras and comes with a kid-proof case.

Some other incredible contenders for the best learning tablet for kids includes:

Most Durable Kids Tablet

You certainly want your child’s tablet to be durable, and the top pick in that regard is the Dragon Touch Y88X. Its shockproof design and rugged cover make this stand out amongst the others.

Although, when it comes to the best learning tablet for kids, there are a few others that can handle their fair share as well when it comes to durability:

Best Value Children’s Tablet

The kid’s best buy in terms of value has got to go to the Boxiki Fun Phone Tablet. This tablet offers great value for all of the fun educational games and apps that come with it.

Other notable tablets include:

The Best Educational Learning Tablets Compared

For a quick look at the best kids tablets, here is a comparison of the tablets reviewed. Read on for a more in-depth review of each of the products to gain a better understanding of each one.

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10 Best Educational Tablets For Kids Reviewed

With so many different products on the market, deciding which tablet is best for your little one can be difficult. Here are 10 of the best educational kids tablets available right now.

Arknikko SophPad X11 Kids Tablet Review 

  • Pre-installed KIDOZ App child safely application
  • Android 10
  • Kid-proof case and screen protector included
  • 7” HD display
  • 8 hour battery life

The Arknikko SophPad X11 is a kids learning tablet but is also a fully functioning Android tablet. It is equipped with Android 10, a much safer and faster OS with better access to all of Google’s services.

To boost its performance, it comes with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Add in the standard 32GB memory that can be expanded to 128GB with a microSD card and you have a solid kids educational tablet.

It comes equipped with a blue-light blocking screen protector to save your child’s eyes and a food-grade silicon cover. It is capable of connecting to the Google Play store and comes pre-installed with the KIDOZ app and a free parental-control mode. This mode allows the parent to set parameters such as screen time and choosing age-appropriate content.

There is also a kids-locked mode that only enables the contents of the KIDOZ app to be accessible. It can however be unlocked with passwords to use the full function like other Android tablets for kids. To help with the viewing angle, there is a 360° ring that is built into the case that allows the user to customize the angle of view to suit. It also makes it really easy to carry.

  • Fully-functioning Android tablet
  • Great online safety features
  • Strong and durable
  • Includes fun and educational games
  • Not the best quality camera
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Dragon Touch Y88X Pro Kids Tablet Review 

  • A simple Android based tablet
  • A 7’’ tablet
  • Pre-installed with KIDOZ app and Disney content
  • Durable: Shockproof design
  • 16GB storage

The Dragon Touch Y88X is another one of the tablets with parental controls that are available. This particular one comes pre-installed with 18 E-books and 6 audio books from Disney and the KIDOZ app to unlock even more apps. This is one of the best kids tablets for children aged 2-10.

The 7” HD screen is optimized to be better for your little one’s eyes with automatic brightness adjustment for a more comfortable experience. There is also a built-in stand to stop your kids straining their eyes by watching at an awkward angle. The parents can even limit the amount of screen time that their children have through the parental controls.

Being an Android device, this child tablet has access to the Google Play Store as well as support for Netflix and the Disney+ app. The 16GB memory is also expandable to 128GB with the use of a microUSB for even more content for your children to go through.

Overall, this tablet is built to last with its shockproof design, meaning you can leave your child alone with the tablet and not need to worry about scratches and damage.

  • Excellent Android-based technology
  • A more advanced kids tablet
  • Features great educational games and apps
  • Impressive specs for a children’s tablet
  • Great parental controls
  • Expensive
  • Google Play needs to be installed
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Contixo V8-2 Kids Tablet Review 

  • Bilingual functionality
  • Includes multiple learning modes
  • Durable
  • 10-Hour battery life

When it comes to kids educational tablets, the Contixo V8-2 is a simple yet effective learning tablet. This gadget features an Android 8.1 GO operating system with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM.  It also allows a 2.4GHz wi-fi connection with Bluetooth. The large battery ensures a 10-hour usage time to keep your kids entertained.

The 7” HD screen is touch sensitive and the entire tablet weighs less than one pound. There is support for 189 languages, including Spanish. It comes pre-loaded with educational apps and learning games with access to Google services such as the Play store also included. This is a kids educational tablet through-and-through.

To help learn more, there is 16GB of on-board memory with storage being expandable to 128GB with a microSD. The parental controls have a “kid’s place” feature where parents can set and customize profiles for their kids’ accounts, pick content for them and set learning goals. The case itself is environmentally-friendly and will protect the tablet from bumps and small drops.

There is also a three-layer screen protector to keep the screen scratch-free. The best part though is that this learning tablet for kids is backed by a one year manufacturer defect warranty.

  • Lightweight for your child
  • Includes a wide range of educational games
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple language options
  • Android 8.1 is slower when compared to other OS in other learning tablet for kids
  • 2MP camera is not the best quality
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LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate  Review

  • Features a 7’’ shatter-safe screen
  • Includes $110 worth of installed content
  • Kid-friendly web browser
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Durable with a built-in bumper

If you are looking for kid-proof tablets, then this product by LeapFrog is a brilliant choice. The device may seem fairly simple, but it packs all kinds of quality features and specs that help to make it one of the best learning tablets for toddlers and children. It is not just one of the best tablets in general but is among the best Leapfrog tablets for kids.

The first thing to note about this tablet is its durability. It features a built-in bumper, a 7’’ shatter-safe screen, and a strong body. This is great for any active or busy child. This tablet is best suited for children aged 3 – 9 years old.

The tablet comes with loads of pre-installed content that is both fun and educational for your child. Beyond this, the tablet also comes with a very child-friendly web browser that is completely safe for internet use. The browser can only access pre-selected websites that are all approved by learning experts.

You can still access plenty of other videos, games, eBooks, and other apps that are sold separately. This is a great tablet to help your child learn, and they will still have loads of fun doing it!

  • Really durable
  • Includes some quality pre-installed content
  • Includes a child-friendly web browser
  • Uses exclusive Just-For-Me learning technology
  • Limited storage
  • Limited battery life
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Boxiki Kids  Fun Phone Tablet Review

  • Includes 6 unique toddler education functions
  • Loaded with specialized toddler learning games
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for ages 18 months and up

This toddler tablet by Boxiki Kids is a simple device that can offer a great deal of fun learning to your child. While this tablet may not be as advanced technologically, it features many great games and activities that will keep your little one happily entertained.

This kid’s pad comes equipped with some excellent toddler learning games. These are all specially designed to help teach critical thinking skills, such as letters, numbers, spelling, and a “Where Is?” quiz.

In terms of educational benefits, this tablet does well. Your toddler will certainly have fun using it, with hours of entertainment available. However, the only downside would be the lack of advanced technology. This is more of a toy that functions like a tablet, than an advanced tablet.

The Boxiki Kids Learning Pad is still a fantastic choice for your eager child. It is certainly fun, educational, and good value for money. This device is better suited for younger toddlers.

  • Includes hours of educational games
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for travel
  • Looks just like a kids iPad
  • Not particularly technologically advanced
  • Does not use a rechargeable battery
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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet  Review

  • Includes Smart Stages technology
  • Includes three different levels of play
  • A wide variety of songs and games
  • Made with lasting quality materials

This tablet by Fisher-Price is certainly one of the best kid’s tablet options for younger toddlers and babies. This device is really simple to use and is a perfect choice for your kid’s first tablet. As this tablet toy is designed for younger children, it does not feature any advanced or difficult technology.

This is just a basic well-designed touchscreen tablet that is loaded with a variety of educational games. One of the great things about this product is its Smart Stages technology feature. This allows the learning stages to change as your baby grows and develops – keeping your tablet relevant for several months.

The tablet includes three different stages – each one offering unique songs, games, phrases, and sounds. The tablet is also conveniently sized for little fingers and is strong enough to take a few drops and bumps.

If you are looking for a fun and simple learning tablet for babies and young toddlers, then this product by Fisher-Price is a great option.

  • Made with lasting quality
  • Uses different stages of learning and development
  • Loaded with plenty of fun and educational games
  • Good value
  • Not very advanced
  • More of a toy that feels like a tablet
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Pritom P7 Kids Tablet Review 

  • Android 9 Pie tablet
  • 7’’ HD display
  • Pre-installed kids mode with parental control
  • Includes a kid-proof case

The Pritom P7 educational tablet for kids is an Android 9 Pie tablet that is powered by 1GB of RAM and a 32GB ROM with expandable memory up to 128GB with a microSA card. This allows for even more appropriate cartoons, educational games, and eBooks. With six hours of battery life, this should keep your child learning and playing for those long drives or flights.

There are age filters built into the contents with parents being able to add content to their child’s profiles. The apps and games are designed to hone their reading, music, creative arts, and math skills. This tablet for child education is Google certified so you can also download from the Google Play Store.

The included case is made of food-grade silicone which is also impact-resistant. This is to ensure durability and that if your child decides to try snack on the cover, it won’t harm them. The cover also has a built-in stand and can take a few bumps and drops to protect it from a child’s rough behavior.

  • Easy to use
  • Well protected and durable
  • An excellent HD screen
  • Comes with great parental controls
  • Battery life could be better
  • Can be quite slow
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LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet  Review

  • Includes 20 app icons
  • A responsive touch screen tablet
  • Has some fun role-play features
  • Includes a wide range of educational apps and games

My First Learning Tablet by LeapFrog is exactly what the name suggests – an introduction to technology through a fun and educational device. This simple tablet is easy to use and is best suited to babies and younger toddlers.

The tablet comes loaded with 20 different apps. You navigate between the apps on a touchscreen, with a single home button placed on the tablet just like the real thing. This is the perfect first-time device for young kids!

The games on the tablet are all fun and educational. They cover a range of topics and skills to learn from and can be set to three different learning and music modes. Your little one will have a great time flicking between the smart pretend apps which will keep them entertained for hours.

This tablet also features some really fun role-play functions for your toddler. They can chat on the pretend phone, take pretend pictures, and listen to a variety of songs like you would on an adult’s tablet.

This is a fun and simple device that is well suited to young developing children. The strength of this product is also particularly good, as it is designed to withstand some rough activity.

  • Uses exciting interactive lights
  • Three different modes with plenty of pretend apps
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Durable
  • Not technologically advanced
  • Only suitable for babies and toddlers
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Boxiki Kids Learning Pad Review

  • Loaded with hours worth of interactive games
  • Plenty of educational features
  • Auto shut-off battery saver
  • 100% BPA free, phthalate-free and asthma friendly

Your kids will never be happier to learn and practice educational games than with the Boxiki Kids Learning Pad. When looking at tablets for toddlers, Boxiki Kids is definitely a go-to name. This product shows us why.

While the tablet is of a very simple design, it still does everything you would need it to do. This is basically an iPad for kids, as it looks and feels like the real thing, but is rather made to suit a toddler.

The tablet has a wide range of pre-installed educational games and activities. 6 unique toddler education functions are included in this device to provide you with a wider range of learning possibilities. These games are also really fun for your child – allowing them to enjoy learning!

The tablet is easy to use, durable with its protective covering, and perfectly suited for travel. This is a fun and very kid-friendly device.

  • A really easy to use device
  • Loaded with plenty of fun games
  • Plenty of educational content
  • Safe and child-friendly
  • Doesn’t use a rechargeable battery
  • The tablet is quite small
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Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Edition Tablet  Review

  • A full-featured tablet
  • Easy to use parental controls
  • 8” HD display
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Includes 2 year warranty

This Fire HD 8 Pro Edition tablet for kids is an excellent all-round choice, with plenty of user possibilities. This product is really just a slightly smaller, more durable, simplified, and child-friendly version of an adult tablet. It has everything one would need to keep a school-aged kid happy.

This full-featured tablet is equipped with a 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor. It comes with an impressive 32GB internal storage, 2GB RAM, an HD 8” touchscreen, and a whole lot more. This is certainly the best kids tablet in terms of specs and advanced qualities.

The device also comes loaded with a one year free subscription to Amazon Kids+. This allows your child to access over 20000 popular apps, games, books, videos, and load more educational and child-friendly content.

The tablet is also durable enough for any child to safely use. It comes equipped with a tough protective case and a well-protected screen. There are also some advanced parental controls, allowing you to choose exactly what your child can and can’t access on this device.

This is a fantastic product that will remain suitable for your child over the years. It is a simple tablet that is easy to use, while still keeping some great technological specs.

  • Comes with some great apps and games
  • Durable
  • Advanced technological specs
  • Great parental controls
  • Excellent battery life and storage space
  • A more expensive tablet
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Best Tablet For Kids Buying Guide

Choosing the right kids education tablet can seem difficult. There are all kinds of different products out there, each one being suitable for different situations and children’s ages. Let’s take a look at some important things to consider before choosing the best educational learning tablet for your kid.

How Advanced is the Technology

Children’s tablets come in all kinds of forms. Some are child-friendly versions of regular tablets, while others are more like simple educational toys that are in the shape and form of a tablet. Depending on your child’s age, and what kind of use you want to get from the tablet, this will determine which model to get.

If you are looking to get a tablet for your baby or early toddler, then consider a simple children’s tablet with a set amount of educational games and pretend apps on it. These are very simple to use – perfect for your child’s first tablet.

However, if you plan on using the tablet more like a regular one, then consider a more advanced option. There are kiddies educational tablets out there with HD touch screens, wifi connectivity, internet browsing, app stores, and more. These are great for older children, and they are suitable for longer-term use as they will remain relevant for several months.

Parental Controls

If your tablet has internet browsing and app downloading capabilities, you will want to have parental controls on the device. Most child-friendly devices have parental protection for added safety. This allows you to control what kind of websites, downloads, and functions the learning pads can access.

More advanced parental controls will also allow you to control the amount of time your child can spend on the tablet. Some tablets allow you to control different profiles for your children on the same device.


As the tablet will be used by your child, chances are it will take a few drops and knocks. The best tablets for kids are durable and well protected especially for this.

Some tablets come with removable cases, while some have special built-in rubber bumpers. You will also want a screen protector, as well as a shatter-safe screen. This will help your child to stay safer in case anything breaks, as well as protect the valuable tablet.

Pre-Installed Apps/Games

In order to make the tablet more child-friendly, it should come with some pre-installed apps and games. The best educational learning tablets for kids will have a range of games that cover different learning areas. These will generally include letters, numbers, music, drawings, and more.

Try to get a tablet that allows you to add and install more apps as well. This way you can keep your tablet for learning more relevant and exciting as your child grows.


As with any kind of technology, tablets for learning come with different specs. Depending on how serious you want the technology to be, you have a wide range of options. Typical specs to take into consideration include internal storage, RAM, screen resolution, screen size, and more.

Also take note if there are cameras or USB ports, and how long the battery life is. These are all important features of a tablet.

Summary of the Best Kids Learning Tablet

Educational learning tablets for kids are amazing devices to help your little one’s development. Not only are they fun to use and can keep your child happily entertained for hours, but they also provide a great learning tool for a range of different subjects.

There are all kinds of smart learning tablets that are suitable for a variety of different ages and desires. Whichever one you choose, your child will be sure to have a great time playing with the many different features. We hope that this buying guide and our top picks for the 10 best educational learning tablets for kids, helps you to find the perfect device for your child!

If you are looking for more great gadgets that allow you to draw with your child, there are a number of Android tablets for drawing that will mean you can get creative together.

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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC’s started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.