8 Best Gaming Tablets 2024 (Android, iOS and Windows)

8 Best Gaming Tablets 2024 (Android, iOS and Windows)

Gaming and eSports are fast becoming the new stars of competitive entertainment. With the Chinese eSports market hitting a total value of $1.9 billion in 2019, and the Dota 2 International Prize Pool reaching a whopping $30 million, there’s really no arguing that esports is here to stay.This rise in popularity has led to and increase in interest in some of the best gaming tablets.

However, one debate that still rages is the debate around the best platform for gaming. We all have that one friend who’s a die-hard PC / Xbox / PS4 fanboy or fangirl. It can be annoying, but it can also be fun since it’s all really in jest – but there’s a new contender on the market. Gaming tablets are suddenly being taken seriously thanks to the sheer size of the gaming world as a whole.

If you had told someone you liked gaming on a tablet in 2010, they would have likely laughed at you, and assumed you were talking about mobile games or something less serious. Now, however, we’re getting tablets that have specs close to early Xbox One Models, with amazing response times, performance and abilities. These top gaming tablets are actually geared towards gaming.

If you’re still not convinced, then read a little further, because you’re about to get your mind blown by some of the best gaming tablets currently available, with all their features, pros, and cons to boot. You can even choose a Bluetooth mouse to go with your new tablet.


TLDR:The best gaming tablet is the Samsung Galaxy S7+ with its immersive display, processing power and the ability to connect an Xbox controller .

The screen of a gaming tablet with a game playing

The Best Tablet for Gaming 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is our overall favorite gaming tablet that runs on an Android operating system. It’s fast, has some really good performance when compared to the price. And in true Android fashion, customizing and tweaking your tablet is easy as pie. This is a perfect choice for the ‘open source’ tablet gamer, or perhaps someone looking to mod a tablet to use as part of a bigger gaming setup.

The Most High-End Tablet for Gamers

The Apple iPad Pro 2024 Model is our favorite high-end tablet for gamers.

While it’s not specifically gaming that the iPad is tailored to; with a focus on performance, usability, response time and accuracy. It’s clear that any sort of gaming would be making good use of an iPad Pro. Some more high-end gaming tablets for your consideration include:

The Best Cheap Tablet for Gaming

The best cheap gaming tablet we could find was the Lenovo Smart Tab M10. At almost a quarter of the price of the iPad Pro, it’s a real steal and has some pretty decent specs. All in all, these are great stats at a killer price, and it is probably one of the best-priced pieces of tech we’ve come across in a long time, in all categories. Some other great budget gaming tablets include:

The Best Android Tablet for Gaming

The best Android tablet for gaming has to be the Samsung Galaxy S7+ with its immersive gaming experience and the ability to connect an Xbox controller for the ultimate console experience. Some other notable Android gaming laptops include:

The Best Windows Gaming Tablet

The best Windows tablet for gaming is without a doubt the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 with an amazing performance from the 8GB of RAM for a quality gaming experience.

Best Tablets for Gaming Compared

Here is a quick breakdown of the best tablets for games but read on for a much more detailed review of each of the tablets.

Xbox controller with a gaming laptop

The Best Gaming Tablets of 2024 Reviewed

Now, let’s take a look at the ten best gaming tablets available on the market. We’ve got individual reviews of each tablet up ahead, with a few important pointers and specs of each, as well as some pros and cons, so that you can easily view and compare them at a glance.

Be sure to also check out our buyer’s guide section at the end of this article, where we cover how to choose a tablet, and what to look out for when choosing.

Anyhow, let’s get deeper into some tablet reviews.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Review

  • 9” Display
  • 64GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB Storage Options
  • Apple M1 chip
  • $$$

If you’re looking for a powerful tablet, one that can play games, record high-quality video, and perform resource-heavy tasks, then the Apple iPad Pro 2024 is simply one of the best options you can go for.

This tablet has a high-powered Apple M1 chip processor, great battery life, a 12MP rear camera, and 12MP front camera, and the fantastic Apple Pencil 2 as a stylus. This is simply one of the best-performing tablets you can find on the market today. While the iPad Pro isn’t necessarily designed to be a gaming tablet, it’s built to handle anything performance-heavy, and that includes games.

If you’re looking for a high-powered tablet for everyday use, which is a good tablet for gaming whether it’s mobile, or emulator, then the Apple iPad Pro 2024 is the perfect tablet for you.

  • Multiple storage options and memory levels
  • Works with the Apple Pencil 2
  • Powerful yet efficient processor
  • Closed-platform so has limited customizability
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review 

  • 4” 2800×1752 TFT LCD 120Hz screen
  • 128GB/256GB/512GB Storage (microSD up to 1TB)
  • Android OS
  • Best Samsung tablet for gaming
  • $$$

Samsung has always been Apple’s big competitor when it comes to mobile and tablet devices. While it’s a contender in performance (and price), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a great option if you’re still looking for great power and performance. If you are not worried about having the expensive features and status image that Apple offers then this is the best tablet for games.

The tablet runs on Android, meaning it’s quite customizable and has the option of attaching a keyboard cover and mouse to use like a laptop, which is a big selling point for some gamers out there. It also can connect to an S-Pen, which is a chargeless smartpen that has some great interactive controls to speed up your workflow with the tablet.

The display used in this tablet is also prime for gaming with its rich contrast, 120Hz refresh rate and deep color.  The Dolby Atmos surround system is even further immersing when you’re getting sucked into a game of any kind. This really is the best tablets for games

This is a very solid all-around choice for a gaming tablet, provided you’re not restricted by budget (or being an all-Apple fanboy). It’s a great device for portable gaming and entertainment in general and has the added bonus of being super customizable, and the ability to connect an Xbox controller for a true console gaming experience.

  • Good price compared to the iPad Pro
  • Expandable internal memory
  • Can connect an Xbox control for the console gaming experience
  • 120Hz Refresh rate screen
  • S Pen doesn’t quite compare to the Apple Pen
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ASUS ZenPad 10 Review 

  • 1” Display
  • 16GB Internal Storage (microSD up to 64GB)
  • 2GB RAM
  • $

If you’re shopping for a tablet for gaming, and you’re on a budget, then the ASUS ZenPad 10 is a great option – as long as you’re ready to make some sacrifices in performance too. It’s a really well-made tablet that’s not trying to break records in performance or looks and has quite a fantastic price tag compared to its higher-performing competitors.

When the ZenPad’s 10.1” IPS display is combined with its TruVivid and True2Life and BlueLight filter technology, you’re met with a super bright (and healthy for the eyes) display which is fantastic for gaming, especially if you’re playing a visually stimulating game. It’s also got very little bloatware, meaning the tablet comes quite bare and ready to customize or optimize. A lack of bloatware of this kind can also really boost the performance of a device from day one.

While the cameras aren’t anything mindblowing on this tablet, and it doesn’t come with a fancy interactive stylus, it’s still a great option for tablet gaming on a budget. You may have to knock down some of the graphics settings or exclude some high-performance titles from your roster, but at nearly a tenth of the price of the iPad Pro, the ZenPad is an obvious choice for anyone who doesn’t want to take out a mortgage on a tablet.

  • Great quality screen
  • Very customizable
  • Amazing price
  • Performance is nothing to write home about
  • No flex storage
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Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Review 

  • 1” Display
  • 16GB Storage (Upgradable to 256GB microSD)
  • 2GB Ram
  • $

For those who are looking for a cheaper tablet, perhaps one that isn’t from one of the name-brand titans, but a tablet that has good performance nonetheless, then the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is our top pick.

It’s got two front speakers with Dolby Atmos, and a full HD 1280×800 resolution for an immersive gaming experience, and while the cameras aren’t anything to write home about, we don’t think you’ll be worried about those once you’re wrapped up in a game of Hearthstone.

The Smart Tab M10 was the winner of the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award, which is always a good sign. It uses a decently powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which might not be able to run benchmarks, but should give you strong performance in most mobile games.

You will see it automatically switch to “Show Mode”, which is a hands-free style mode allowing you to stream music and podcasts, check the weather, and perform other logistical tasks with relative ease. This can also help turn the tablet into a great accessory when gaming.

All in all, this is a solid choice for mobile gaming on a tablet. It’s not too flashy, but still has some great power under the hood, and has a fantastic price which you honestly just can’t pass up, with tech becoming so overpriced.

  • Good Performance vs Price
  • Amazon Alexa support in Dock Mode
  • Award-Winning Tablet
  • A lot of bloatware
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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review 

  • 3” PixelSense Display
  • 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB SSD
  • 8GB / 16GB RAM
  • $$$

Looking at how the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is designed is almost a kick in the face to those of us who thought “Will Microsoft ever even try and compete with the iPad?”.

This pure feat of engineering genius is hands-down one of the nicest tablets available on the market at the moment. While, like the iPad Pro, it might be a bit of wasted potential to solely use it for gaming, if you do you’re going to get a performance like no other tablet can offer.

With a high-speed SSD, large amounts of RAM, three different usage modes (Laptop, Tablet and Studio Mode), a battery that can last for 10.5 hours of video playback, and an Intel Iris Plus i5 or i7 graphics processor, this tablet really packs a punch. If anything, it’s a little closer to a low-end gaming desktop inside a laptop body in terms of what’s inside it.

Finally, the Surface Pro 7 has the option of a whole host of premium peripherals – another nod, we’re sure, to Apple’s all-branded workspace approach. The tablet can be upgraded with a detachable keyboard, which is reportedly very comfortable compared to most laptop keyboards. It also supports three interactive devices: the surface pen, for writing and drawing; the surface arc mouse, which snaps flat and connects using BlueTooth, and finally the incredible Microsoft Surface Dial, a mouse/pen counterpart peripheral. Note that these aren’t included with the tablet.

Basically, if you’re looking for a tablet as powerful as, or more powerful than the iPad Pro, but you’re not an Apple fan, then your prayers have been answered.

  • Great performance vs price compared to iPad
  • SSD for super-fast performance
  • Large amounts of RAM
  • Some touch issues with certain programs
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Teclast M40 Gaming Tablet Review 

  • 1” Display
  • 128GB Storage (microSD expandable)
  • 6GB RAM
  • $

So if you are looking for what is a strong contender for the best tablet for gaming, the Teclast M40 should be on your radar. This is a tablet with some serious processing power with 6GB of RAM and a UNISOC Octa-Core processor. Throw in Android 10 with gesture navigation and dual-band Bluetooth 5.0, the possibilities are immense with this tablet.

Although maybe not as high in quality as a graphic design monitor or a few of the other tablets here, the 1920×1200 display is more than capable to play games on. The addition of a Mali-G52 GPU with an 850MHz frequency will lead to more immersive gaming.

A 64GB onboard memory will leave you with space to save some games and has the ability to be expanded with a TF expansion slot for added memory.

All these features are packed inside a full-metal body with Momentum System Stereo Speakers. USB-C charging will ensure a speedy recharge of its 6000mAh capacity battery. The only area of this tablet that is left a little lacking are the cameras. A rear 8MP camera with autofocus is a decent enough quality for photos. The 5MP front camera however could be a little better in terms of quality.

The quality of the cameras though is a small sacrifice to make when the main purpose of this tablet is to play games on. 

  • Great value for money
  • Powerful RAM
  • Android 10 OS
  • 8 Hour battery life
  • Camera quality is lower when compared to other tablets
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Vastking KingPad K10 Review 

  • 10” Display
  • 32GB Storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • $

The KingPad K10 is another tablet that seems to be the David amongst the Goliath’s with its price point and performance when compared to other tablets. It features Android 10 OS to add to the multi-tasking abilities and even comes pre-installed with Google Play. This being said, it’s great for gaming if you’re playing some low-performance titles.

With 3GB of RAM and a 1.8GHz Octa-Core Processor, the performance is nothing to write home about. It’s not going to play any of your AAA ports at high-quality, but for less intensive games, it’s a great experience playing them. The native resolution of the tablet is a nice HD 1920×1200, meaning it’s great for watching movies or streaming too. These features are all covered in a full metal body that also happens to support 2.4G and 5G Wifi.

All in all, there’s not all that much to say here. It’s a budget tablet in terms of performance, with a screen that performs about the same as most tablets on this list. The quality 13MP rear camera will let you capture some amazing moments in between gaming. The 5MP front camera leaves something to be desired but nothing is perfect.

The inclusion of wireless projection and Google Assistant Voice Control will make up for any of the short-comings that this tablet may have.

  • Full HD Resolution
  • 5G Compatible
  • Micro-SD slot for expanded memory up to 512GB
  • 12 Hour battery life
  • 60Hz Screen rate
  • 8Ghz processor is a touch slow
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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Review 

  • 1” Display
  • 32GB Storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • $$

Despite some of the negative press you might have read regarding Huawei and their business practices, they’re still on the cutting edge of mobile device technology. If there’s one thing Huawei knows how to do well, it’s high power, Android-based mobile devices for a great price. That’s just what the MediaPad M5 Lite is.

With 3GB RAM and a 2.4GHz processor, you’ve got some really decent performance on this tablet – almost rivaling that of a mid-range iPad. It’s also got quad speakers for immersion, as well as quick charge with a battery life that supports up to 12 hours of continuous video playback – very important when it comes to gaming. The tablet can also be used with the M-Pen, Huawei’s answer to Apple and Samsung’s respective Apple Pen and S Pen.

Finally, the monitor on the tablet has a stunning ClariVu technology 2.5D curved display of 1920×1200. This results in a stunning visual experience on the tablet, which can handle some pretty graphics-intensive games. It’s slim and light, and while it doesn’t have a headphone jack, it’s pretty cutting-edge.

  • Great Screen
  • Customizable
  • No headphone jack
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A game being played on a tablet

How to Choose the Best Gaming Tablets

When choosing gaming tablets, the rule that not all are created equal is especially true. There are so many things to consider, just like when you’re shopping for a new mobile phone or PC. Some of these considerations include:

  • The games you want to play
  • Screen Size
  • Operating System
  • Processor and RAM
  • Brand

Let’s take a closer look at some of these, and offer some pointers as to what to look out for with each one. Remember, it’s all about what you are looking for from the tablet, not what is considered the ‘best’ or ‘strongest’ feature.


Just like the age-old issues of not being able to get PC games to work on Mac, it’s important that you first outline exactly which games you’re looking to play, and which tablets they’re compatible with.

For example, it’s obvious that if you’re someone playing games primarily from the Google Play Store, and looking for a tablet to continue playing those games, then buying an iPad is not the wisest choice you could make.

In addition, now that we’re seeing tablets like the Microsoft Surface, the amount of games, and kind of games we have access to is an ever-widening pool. This is the main point you’ll want to make sure you’ve researched, as there could be nothing worse than booting up your brand new gaming tablet only to realize that it doesn’t support the games that you want to play.

Operating System

This ties into the games you want to play to a large degree. The operating system of your tablet is really what defines what you can run on it.

While some games like Stardew Valley are available on just about any device imaginable, there are others like ‘Clash of Clans’ which don’t support anything more than iOS and Android – meaning that shiny new Microsoft Surface won’t even be able to run it in the first place.

Screen Size

Now you know which games you’re going to play, and which operating system you prefer, it’s time for the tricky part. The size of the screen on a gaming tablet is very important, just the same as drawing tablets for animation. Firstly because tablets are pretty small by nature – you need to be able to see what’s happening on screen – and secondly, because most tablet games require you to use your hands on the screen.

This means that you’ve got limited screen space once you’re playing, as a certain portion of your screen will be blocked by your fingers or hands. There are, of course, many who use external peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse or controller (using adapters to connect them to the tablet). However, not everyone has a preference for these, nor access to these – hence screen size is a very important deciding factor.

Parts of a processor

Processor & RAM

Possibly the most important parts of the whole tablet are the processor and RAM. These are the ‘brains’ and the ‘memory’ of the tablet, meaning that they’re both features that determine how fast the tablet will be, and how much it’ll be able to manage in a high-performance situation.

Processor names and brands vary so much, so to tell whether you’re looking at a powerful processor, you might have to Google it to see what kind of performance you’ll get. On the other hand, however, RAM is pretty straightforward. You’ll probably want around 4GB of RAM on average, with 6GB being an expensive preferred treat. If, however, you’re on the other side of the spending line, then a 2GB should do just fine, provided the games you’re playing aren’t too resource-intensive.

The bottom line is this – don’t cheap out on your processor and RAM. You might have the nicest tablet in the world, with an amazing screen and the most responsive touch functionality you’ve ever seen, but if there’s no powerful processor and RAM behind it, then your tablet may as well be a piece of aesthetically pleasing toast.

What is the Best Tablet for Gaming?

You’ve now got a great idea of what’s popping with gaming tablets. You know what to look for, and what not to, so now all that’s left is to choose the tablet for you, and get gaming! Don’t forget to keep your devices charged, and take breaks from your reclining gaming chair if you’re gaming for long periods of time.

So, which tablet will you start your gaming adventures on?

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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC’s started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.