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Best RGB Gaming Chair – 5 Top Gaming Chairs 2024 Reviewed

Best RGB Gaming Chair – 5 Top Gaming Chairs 2024 Reviewed

Looking to add a little more color to your gaming setup? Then an RGB computer chair is the way to go. As with most PC players, it’s all about that RGB and showing it off to your friends. That is why this article will help you find the best RGB gaming chair for your gaming area.

The perfect gaming setup isn’t complete without some kind of RGB to add that extra something, while still being able to sit in comfort and game for hours on end.

While you’re in the market and having a look for some new upgrades, why not have a look at this article on the best budget mechanical keyboards to go along with your cool new rainbow gaming chair.


TLDR: The best overall RGB gaming chair is the GoPlus RGB Massage chair. This versatile chair not only offers a comfortable design but extra features to keep you energized throughout your gaming session or work day. It is perfectly suited for the office or your gaming room.

Best RGB Chair

If you want the best of the best then the Vertagear RGB Chair Wireless kit is it. But this option is also the most expensive and the chair is sold separately. But the features that come with a true wireless RGB chair are worth it. Being the absolute best comes at a price so other more budget-friendly options include:

Best Affordable Gaming Chair

The most affordable RGB chair is the Youthup RGB Gaming chair offering a feature-packed design for a moderate price. With its value for money, it is a hard chair to beat but another notable mention is:

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

When it comes to ergonomics and comfort, the clear winner is the GoPlus RGB Massage chair. With the added head, lumbar and foot support thrown in with the massage function, this is a chair that is designed with customizable comfort in mind. Another notable mention for ergonomics includes:

RGB Gaming Chair Comparison Table

If time isn’t on your side, the table below provides a quick overview of the different cool gaming chairs. If you have some more time, carry on reading for a more in-depth review of each of the chairs in this table.

Gaming chairs with green rgb at a long desk

The Top RGB Chair Reviews – A Detailed Look

When it comes to purchasing a new gaming chair, you want to make sure that you know what you are getting as you’re going to be logging a lot of hours in it. Below is a detailed review of top RGB chairs with some of the best chairs for gaming.

Goplus RGB Massage Gaming Chair Review


  • 90° – 155° Reclining adjustment
  • Massage lumbar cushion
  • Multi-purpose
  • Stunning RGB lights


  • RGB only works when plugged into USB power source
  • Massage pillow requires a USB connection to work
  • It has a narrow seat

This versatile chair for gaming from Goplus provides ergonomic support for not only gamers but for office work alike. For those who want to rest and lay back, the seat can recline all the way to 155°, add a retractable footrest and you have a comfy break time relaxation spot.

The requirement of USB power to make the amazing RGB and massage cushion function means that you will be tethered to your computer. Freedom of movement is restricted in this way but this could easily be solved by plugging into a USB power bank.

If you are looking for a stylish rainbow gaming chair that offers a fair amount of adjustability to tailor to your needs, this is a good option. This does come at a price with this being the most expensive full chair on this list. 

  • USB powered RGB and massage cushion
  • High-density sponge construction with PU leather cover
  • Adjustable armrests for extra comfort
  • Remote-controlled RGB LED flashing edging
  • This is a quality chair that offers a few extra comforts than a standard RGB chair, with an ergonomic design to tailor fit the seat to your needs. All this with flashing RGB lights make this an amazing addition to any gamer setup

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Modern-Depo RGB Gaming Chair Review


  • Multiple color options
  • 90° – 180° Back recline
  • Thick padded seat for added comfort
  • Bright RGB colors


  • LED’s are not replaceable
  • USB Powered RGB lights require cable connection
  • PU Leather construction can make you sweat more in warmer climates
  • Assembly instructions can be hard to follow

The Modern-Depo RGB gaming chair is a sturdy design with adjustability to suit almost all the needs of the user. This LED gaming chair has bright RGB colors that are customizable through a supplied remote control.

When gaming gets a little too much, you can flatten the backrest to 180° for a little break. The high-quality steel frame means this chair is built to last and is easy to construct on your own if you can follow the sometimes hard-to-read instructions. The chair provides a lot of support with the added head and lumbar cushions. And the armrest adjustability makes this medium-priced chair a good investment.

This light up gaming chair is also USB powered meaning that you will have to be tethered to your computer via the USB port or a simple solution is to use a USB power bank and tuck the pack into the back of the chair.

  • USB powered RGB
  • Multiple color options
  • 330lb max load capacity
  • Ergonomic body hugging design
  • This is a solid design that will last many hours of gaming and working. The range of colours available give you options to suit your themes and stand out with the RGB.

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Youthup Gaming Chair Review


  • Bluetooth speakers provide a 360° immersive sound experience
  • Dynamic RGB lighting effect
  • Tools needed for assembly are supplied


  • No instruction manual included
  • Customer service is poor if contacting seller for help

The Youthup RGB gaming chair is packed full of features with USB-powered RGB lighting along the edges and back of the seat. Throw in two Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and you have an immersive sound experience.

This design continues the racing seat aesthetic with streamlined 3D sponge for comfort and a removable headrest and lumbar support cushions. The metal frame provides support for a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds and comes with commercial-grade components.

You can sync the RGB lighting to your music playing with 5 music dream patterns and 20 different non-music patterns, all via a remote control. This seat is also USB powered so you will be tethered to your computer, restricting your freedom of movement.

  • Immersive 360° sound with Bluetooth connectivity speakers
  • Dynamic RGB lighting
  • Multiple color options
  • USB powered RGB and Bluetooth
  • If you want a feature-packed chair that offers an immersive experience, this is the chair for you. A medium price point makes this an attractive choice, especially when you consider what you’re getting.

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Ohaho RGB Gaming Chair Review


  • After-sales service
  • Free replacement or money back for any reason within 30 days
  • High-density foam construction


  • Racing seat design can be uncomfortable for those with broad shoulders
  • USB cable included is too short for large movements.

The Ohaho RGB gaming chair offers a value for money way into the LED chair world. The excellent after-sales service will help put your mind at ease with full support provided by the seller. It may not have the best RGB customizability but this light up gaming chair can still hold its own against others on this list.

A two to three-foot USB cable is included to power the chair via the USB port on your computer which isn’t the longest so will limit the chair’s movement. A power bank attached to the chair will sort out the movement issue.

If you throw in the added head and lumbar cushions and the 90° – 180° adjustable backrest, this is a comfy chair suited for hours of use.

  • USB powered RGB lighting
  • Premium PU leather construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Mute PU wheels to protect wooden floors
  • This is a simple design with no added bells and whistles, a light up chair for gaming. This LED chair is more minimalist but will suit both gamers and office workers alike with its comfort.
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Vertagear RGB Chair Wireless Kit Review


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Effects are controlled through PC for cord-free sitting
  • Audiovisual sync
  • Dual charging options
  • Fully customizable illumination and animation effects


  • Expensive
  • Upgrade kit only – chair not included

So, to be clear this is just an upgrade kit for the Vertagear PL4500 gaming chair, you will still need to buy the chair. The Vertagear name is synonymous with quality and a high-end gaming chair, and this wireless RGB kit is no different. This is the World’s first wireless RGB gaming chair that means no tether to the computer so freedom of movement is no issue.

For full gameplay immersion, the gaming experience goes beyond your screen and onto the chair with the chair reacting to events in gameplay. You can customize all the presets and effects via your PC from a full spectrum of colors and even utilize the audio-visual sync function. It features dual charging options to ensure you’re always shining bright.

This is the most expensive option in this review, even before the extra cost of the chair itself is added. For the hardcore gamers out there, this should be on your radar if it falls within your budget

  • Fully wireless connectivity
  • Audio sync
  • Upgrade kit for PL4500 Vertagear chair
  • Fully customizable
  • Expensive
  • Even though this is just an upgrade kit, this is the best RGB available for a high-end gaming chair currently. It is unmatched in its performance by any other product on the market and offers games the chance to really show off their individuality with the near limitless custom effects.

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Best RGB Gaming Chair Accessory Reviews

When it comes to RGB gaming chairs and gaming chairs in general, there are a few accessories that will enhance your experience and make life easier. The accessories reviewed below are tailored to gamers and especially those who love their RGB. Some accessories are practical and some just for the fun of it to add to the atmosphere.

Anker Power Bank

Given that most of the RGB chairs in this review are USB powered, if you don’t want to be tethered to your computer and would like some room to move, a power bank is a good investment. This will connect to the USB power supply cable and power your led chairs for a few hours with no cables holding you back.

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Kuyal Clear Floor Protector

In all the excitement of getting a new chair, you can forget that the wheels can damage your floor and leave indents in your carpet over time. Using a floor protector will not only prevent the scratches and indents but also means your chair’s wheels won’t get snagged in the carpet. A cheap investment to protect against a much larger expense in the long run.

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Vanspace 47 Inch RGB Gaming Desk

What RGB gaming setup is complete without an RGB desk? If you want to go all out with the RGB then an RGB desk will just add more flair to your setup. Set the mood for all your work and Twitch streams with this desk and your rainbow gaming chair together. This desk is also designed for gaming with a host of features aimed at gamers.

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closeup of gaming chair at a gaming desk with pc

RGB Gaming Chair Buyers Guide – Things to Consider

It’s hard to choose a gaming chair, let alone an RGB gaming chair but here are a few things to consider when making your choice of chair.

Chair Design and Shape

Probably the most important aspect to consider. There are a variety of gaming chair designs on the market with the most popular being the racing seat design. This has become the norm for seat shape but does not suit everyone.

Every chair is different so make sure that the shoulder bolsters are at a height and width that won’t push your shoulders together if you have broad shoulders. Make sure the seat width and height are suitable for your size as well.

What Will You Use it For?

Whether you want to brighten up your office life and be different or want it for your gaming room, decide on what you will be using the chair for most and choose accordingly.

A large chair with bright RGB might take up too much space in the office and distract your colleagues a little. But, a more minimalist design with more subtle RGB could work in the office. If you just want a chair for your gaming area, go all out and get the brightest, biggest setup you want.

What Material is the Chair Made of?

A strange but important consideration when choosing a gaming chair is the material that it is made of. You have to consider the environment that you’re living in as that will help determine what material is best for you.

If you live in a more humid/hot climate, a leather or PU material wouldn’t be the best option as it will make you sticky and sweat more, unless it is breathable leather. A cooler climate would be more suited for a leather chair but they will just be a touch cold until it warms up.

A fabric material is breathable, so better suited for warmer climates but is not stain-resistant and easy to clean, unlike the PU leather/leather options.

What Type of LED Lights are Used?

In general, LED lights are used for most RGB applications but there are various types of LED lighting that are used. Some are more efficient than others and produce less heat. But, the configuration also depends on the LEDs with some chairs using single LEDs for dedicated colors to create the RGB effect.

Other chairs will use true RGB LEDs that will mean less of these will be needed to create the same effect and they run more efficiently.

Summary – Cool Chairs for Gaming?

An RGB chair is a great addition to any gaming setup or office by bringing that individuality and brightness. These chairs offer the user a chance to have some fun and be creative in their space while also functioning by providing the needed support of spending hours seated.

The ergonomic designs will not only provide comfort but should help increase your productivity without having the drawbacks of pain that comes from sitting in a chair for hours.

For the designers who want these chairs for some inspiration, why not have a look at some of the best Android drawing tablets for you to use while relaxing in your RGB chair. Maybe even have a massage if you decide to go for the GoPlus chair.

Which chair do you think will add that extra bit of flair to your setup?



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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC’s started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.