10 Best Reclining Gaming Chairs of 2023 | Adaptable Recliners Worth Buying

Whether you’re an avid or casual gamer, you know comfort is king when it comes to performance. A major part of a comfortable gaming experience is being able to sit for hours without feeling any pain in your neck, back, or bum. This is where gaming chairs, especially reclining ones, come in.

They’re comfortable, solid, and made for gamers. Actually, anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a monitor will benefit from these recliners. This includes animators, designers, developers, and anyone in between.

If you fall into any of those categories or are just looking for some stylish comfort, then read further to see which chair is perfect for you.


TLDR: The AutoFull Gaming Chair is the best overall chair that has been reviewed here. It has a vast range of ergonomic features that everyone will benefit from, including 4D adjustable armrests, thick padding, soft lumbar pillow, and headrest.

While some of the chairs here feature similar ergonomic functions, the AutoFull chair provides a better bang for your buck. Recline up to 155° and pull out the footrest for maximum comfort. The chair promises to be durable, but the 6-year warranty is also there to cover any pitfalls.

Best Overall Gaming Recliners

Pixelsmith Studios’ pick for the best reclining gaming chair is the AutoFull Gaming Chair. The chair’s range of ergonomic features provides the best value-for-money as it rivals chairs far beyond its price range.

Other chairs fit for being dubbed the best recliner for gaming are the following:

Best Budget Gaming Recliner (Under 160 USD)

The best budget pickup is the KCREAM Gaming Chair. It has ergonomic features that warrant a higher price, plus it’s extremely comfortable with a thick seat.

These are the best alternatives here:

Best Reclining Chair For The Tall & Big

If you’re big and tall, the Cooler Master Caliber X1 Gaming Chair is optimal for you. It has a long & wide back as well as a wide seat and supports 350 pounds of weight.

Other options available for your frame are the following:

Best Gaming Chair for Short or Petite People

Some chairs may be too wide or tall to fit petite or short people. The SOUTHERN WOLF SW1 Video Game Chair is designed to be on the smaller side.

Other great alternatives include:

Best Gaming Recliner Chairs Comparison Table

This comparison table provides an overview of the differences between the best chairs on the market. There will be more in-depth reviews later in the article so read further to get the full story.

Top Gaming Recliner Chair Reviews

The best reclining gaming chairs are flexible and serve numerous purposes. They can be used as support during hardcore gaming, designing, animating, or even just watching Netflix marathons. Here are some of the best ones on offer, looking at their strengths and limitations.

AutoFull Gaming Chair Review


  • 6-year warranty on parts
  • 4D armrest adjustment
  • Great value for money


  • Inward wings may be an issue for people with larger lower bodies
  • Armrests aren’t padded

From AutoFull comes the best overall PC gaming chair that reclines. This is a multi-purpose chair to use for gaming or work such as designing that requires you to sit down for hours. Thanks to the comfort it provides thanks to its height-adjustability, soft adjustable headrest, and lumbar pillow, it provides a comfy sitting spot for hours.

The armrest rotates in 4 different directions and the footrest found on certain variants of the chair adds to the comfort. Plus, the backrest and seat are both thick thanks to high-density foam, ensuring you won’t suffer from much pain. Its ability to recline to 155° as well as rock, means it will support your posture perfectly.

If you find that this chair doesn’t do it for you, there are other options in this article you may find are perfect for you. Despite its stated maximum weight, this chair may not be perfect for people with somewhat larger lower bodies (i.e. thighs and bottom).

  • Supports a maximum of 400 pounds
  • 360° swivel
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 23.6” W x 33” H | Seat: 20.9” W
  • Despite its price, this chair easily rivals more expensive chairs thanks to the comfort levels it provides.
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AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair Review


  • 5-year warranty
  • 4D armrest adjustment
  • Reclines 180°
  • Fits most heights


  • Seat bolsters are a bit narrow, leading to discomfort for people with larger thighs
  • Armrest can’t be locked when adjusted to the left or right
  • No footrest

AKRacing is an established gaming chair manufacturer and they live up to their reputation with this masterpiece. Their Masters Series chairs recline up to 180° and have a rocking feature. They are comfortable due to the high-density foam covered in PU leather, plus the chair is sturdy as any thanks to the steel frame and aluminum base.

The ergonomic design of the adjustable and removable soft headrest and lumbar pillow add to the comfort levels. The armrests rotate and can be adjusted in four different directions, providing support for your arms for long periods of use.

However, the lack of a footrest is a flaw, especially when you recline the chair all the way up to 180° and need support for your legs.

  • Supports a maximum of 330 pounds
  • Released in 2019
  • Swivels 360° on quiet wheels
  • Back size: 21.6” W x 33.8” H | Seat: 21.2” W
  • This could very well be the best chair in this article if the price wasn’t a factor to consider
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RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner Review


  • 2-year warranty
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Detachable side pouch
  • Extremely comfortable


  • No wheels, meaning it’s rooted to where it’s placed
  • No lumbar support
  • Doesn’t allow for height adjustment

The RESPAWN 900 is one of the top-rated gaming chairs that recline, fitting for an award-nominated brand like RESPAWN. The company has used its 25+ years of experience to create a masterpiece that’s suited for console gaming.

It’s made for comfort thanks to its thick segmented padding on the chair, armrest, and removable headrest. This means you can spend your days gaming or working on your latest designs without worrying about neck and back pain.

It has a built-in cup holder that’s perfect for keeping your drinks within reach. The side pouch is made for storing controllers or remotes. Add to that its 90 – 135° reclining ability and you have a chair made for casual console gaming or watching your favorite series.

While the base is sturdy, it doesn’t feature wheels and subsequently grounds you in one place.

  • Capable of upholding a maximum of 275 pounds
  • Swivels 360°
  • Back size: 18.9” W x 19.3” H | Seat: 18.9” W
  • The chair and footrest are a continuous structure, eliminating the chance of wires getting tangled up
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Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review


  • The lumbar has a massage feature
  • Has a retractable footrest further
  • Reclines from 90 – 180°
  • It has thick body padding


  • The lumbar massage function only works when plugged into a USB connection
  • Armrests only move up and down
  • The assembly instruction manual is pictorial
  • The headrest isn’t adjustable

Nokaxus’ gaming chair is a product with a steel frame covered in quality PU leather with great padding. It’s a multi-purpose gaming reclining chair that can be used for hardcore and casual gaming.

Plus, it’s great for extended periods of work such as designing or video editing. It is wide and well-cushioned, being able to support a maximum of 350 pounds.

For people with slightly larger thighs and buttocks, the wings around the bottom part of the chair may be uncomfortable. For people with smaller bodies, they may find the armrests to be too far apart.

As the assembly instructions are pictorial and may prove to be difficult to understand for some people, watch the video below for a step-by-step assembly guide.

  • Has several color options to choose from
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 23.2” W x 36.2” H | Seat: 16.5” W
  • A number of people prefer using gaming chairs without lumbar and headrest support, you can remove these from the chair if need be.
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SOUTHERN WOLF SW1 Video Game Chair Review


  • Massage function on lumbar pillow
  • Really comfortable
  • Built-in music player
  • Retractable footrest


  • Massage function works using USB connection
  • Armrest only backward and forward
  • Some variations don’t come with a headrest

The SOUTHERN WOLF SW1 is a sturdy gaming chair made with a steel frame and upholstered using durable PU leather. Everything about the chair screams comfort, from its height adjustability to the adjustable lumbar pillow’s massage function as well as the footrest.

This chair makes working or gaming for hours incredibly bearable, minimizing the back pain that using a regular chair would lead to. You can recline up to 135° for the perfect posture support or to suit your needs at the time.

The SW1 is more than just a PC gaming recliner, it doubles as a decent sound system. With a Bluetooth-enabled player and speakers, you can listen to your favorite jams while working on your next groundbreaking design.

The chair’s biggest pitfall is that some variations arrive without a headrest and the armrest can’t be adjusted for height. However, you can get the Feagar Car Seat Neck Pillow to remedy the first issue.

  • Swivels for 360°
  • Height adjustable
  • Supports a maximum of 350 pounds
  • Back size: 26.4” W x 32.3” H | Seat: 20.9” W
  • This chair is best suited for people with smaller frames due to its narrowness
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LUCKWIND NINJIA2 Video Gaming Chair Review


  • 2-year warranty
  • Works for people of all heights
  • Great value for money


  • Built-in neck support may be too short or too tall depending on your height
  • Armrest only adjustable forward and backward
  • Lumbar pillow massage function depends on USB connection

The LUCKWIND’s NINJIA 2 is an excellent budget gaming chair that offers high value-for-money use. The adjustable lumbar pillow and integrated headrest work in tandem with the retractable footrest to maximize comfort.

It’s a sturdy chair with a steel frame and thick padding covered in breathable and durable PU leather. The lumbar pillow’s massage function further supports back pain relief. Reclining up to 135°, you are supported while sitting in various positions.

Unfortunately, the chair’s ergonomic flaw is its armrests. They can’t be rotated or adjusted up and down, only being able to move backward and forward. The use of a USB connection for the massage function means you’ll be stuck in one spot while using it.

  • Supports a maximum of 330 pounds
  • 360° swivel rotation
  • Released in 2019
  • Back size: 20.75” W x 31.5” H | Seat: 22” W
  • The chair comes in several colors, including black-and-yellow, black-and-red and black-and-blue.
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Rimiking Computer Massage Gaming Chair Review


  • Great entry level chair
  • Massage function in the lumbar pillow
  • Affordable
  • Several colors to choose from


  • The armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Massage function works with a USB cable
  • The armrests plastic and aren’t padded

Rimiking’s gaming chair is a budget gaming stool that provides decent value. It’s perfect for getting a feel for a recliner gaming chair before spending money on higher-end seats.

The ergonomic chair comes with a soft headrest and lumbar pillow as well as thick padding with PU leather over the skeleton. It reclines up to 155°, meaning you can adjust it to fit your needs. It’s perfect for reading, gaming, and work, and napping on your chair is possible thanks to its retractable footrest.

Depending on which variation of the chair you get, you may find that you can’t adjust the armrest in any direction. The USB-cable operated massage feature means you’ll be rooted to one place.

  • Holds up a maximum of 250 pounds
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 20.7” W x 28.9” H | Seat; 20.5” W
  • If you’re a noob in the gaming chair purchasing business, you can opt for this one to see if they are for you.
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KCREAM Gaming Chair Review


  • Great value for money
  • Armrests highly adjustable
  • Thick seat cushions


  • Sitting on the edge of the seat may very well send you flying
  • Armrest rotation adjustments not locked for left and right movements
  • The lumbar massage function isn’t impressive

KCREAM’s chair is a product that accommodates all users. Gamers, designers, readers, TV watchers and more are suited for this chair thanks to its reclining feature that supports different postures.

This chair with a footrest is also equipped with a headrest and massage-enabled lumbar pillow for a comfortable experience. Further, the armrests can be adjusted up and down and amazingly rotate left and right.

Unfortunately, the armrests can only be locked when moved up and down. The right and left rotational adjustments can’t be locked. This may be useful for someone that moves their arms frequently in different directions. For example, it would prove to be handy for artists sketching on their drawing tablets.

  • Accommodates 300 pounds at a maximum
  • Reclines up to 155°
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 20.48” W x 32.68” H | Seat: 15.2”
  • Offering some high-end features at a reasonable price, KCREAM’s chair is a good budget buy.
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Soontrans Ergonomic Gaming Chair (Classic) Review


  • Nylon cast wheels making for quiet movement
  • Sturdy, stiff base
  • Armrest padded
  • Soft headrest and lumbar pillow


  • Footrest may be too small for tall people
  • Seat bolsters may be too narrow for people with larger lower bodies
  • Armrests only move forward and backward

Soontrans’ ergonomic chair is a multi-purpose offering which, thanks to its 155° reclining ability, you can use for gaming, working, or just relaxing. Its comforting quality comes from the use of high quality foam coated with breathable PU leather and carbon fiber.

Further, the padded armrests, soft headrest, and lumbar pillow as well as the footrest add to the experience. You can adjust the chair’s height by 3 – 4 inches so it fits in with your needs, regardless of whether it’s gaming or working.

The chair seat is somewhat narrow and bigger-bodied people might find themselves trying to squeeze themselves in the seat.

  • Comes in different color schemes
  • Supports a maximum of 250 pounds
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 21” W x 33” H | Seat: 15” W
  • This gaming chair that reclines provides value for money thanks to a sturdy base and comfortable seat.
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Cooler Master Caliber X1 Gaming Chair Review


  • Sleek, minimalistic design
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4D armrest adjustment
  • Reclines 180°


  • Chair seat may be too wide for petite people
  • Neckrest on the thicker side
  • No footrest

Cooler Master is world-renowned for quality PC cases and their Master Caliber X1 chair is nothing short of amazing. It’s comfortable thanks to its cold-pressed foam covered in breathable PU leather and stable armrests. It features an adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar pillow.

You can move and rotate the armrests in four directions and recline the chair to 180° and adjust the chair’s height for added comfort. This ergonomic design feature makes it comfortable for long periods of gaming and working. Especially for drawing or design-related work that sees your arms move in different directions frequently.

Unfortunately, the headrest is a little thicker than its competitors. This may mean it won’t feel like one of the most comfortable gaming chairs for your neck after prolonged use.

  • Supports a maximum of 330 pounds
  • Swivels 360°
  • Released in 2020
  • Back size: 22.8” W x 33.8” H | Seat: 21.26” W
  • This chair is a great option for bigger people chasing comfort.
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Best Reclining Gaming Chair Accessories Reviews

Having looked at the best reclining gaming chairs above, you’ll notice there are features that some of them miss. Below, you’ll find useful accessories that help with those gaps.

Aloudy Ergonomic Office Chair Armrest Pads

Since certain gaming chairs come with plastic armrests, these Aloudy armrest pads provide much-needed padding. They are filled with 100% memory foam which provides comfort for your arms and elbows.

They are also useful when a chair’s original padding starts showing signs of wear. Aloudy’s pads fit armrests between 6 and 10.5 inches with all the chairs above being eligible.

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Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad

If you end up purchasing a chair without a footrest, you can get this Adjustable footrest for comfort. It adjusts up to 4 different height positions so it will work well when combined with the reclining feature of the chairs above.

Further, the footrest allows for 120 pounds meaning it will definitely support your legs and feet.

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Dreamer Car Pillow

Some gaming chairs arrive with an integrated headrest, these may be too high or too low for some people. The Dreamer Car Pillow is the perfect remedy for a situation like that.

The soft headrest is both adjustable and removable, ensuring support for long stretches of sitting in your comfy chair.

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Reclining Gaming Chair Buyers Guide

Before forging forward to buy brand new gaming, there are certain factors that are all too important you must consider. They are essential to know so you can make the best decision for yourself. These factors will influence your comfortability and as such, your gaming performance.

Read on to get the lowdown on what you should think of before buying a shiny new recliner.


Ergonomics are what differentiates between a decent reclining gaming chair and one that’s worth buying. This refers to how a chair is designed and how its features can be configured to best fit your body.

In simpler terms, ergonomics improve your posture, supports movement, and ultimately helps you perform at your best.

At a minimum, a gaming chair with a sound ergonomic design should have the following:

  • Lumbar and headrest: Adjustable lumbar support is essential because it supports your spine and saves you from back pain. Similarly, the headrest supports your head and spares you from neck pain.
  • Adjustability: In addition to lumbar and headrest adjustments, a quality chair should allow for armrest, height, and reclining.

As the quality and price of the chair increases, so do the ergonomics. For example, better quality chairs allow for 4D armrest rotation – as in movement across four different directions. This would be really beneficial for character designers who constantly move their arms when sketching new characters.

Build Quality

Build quality refers to the skeleton of the chair, as in its frame and base. A quality frame will last for years without any noticeable issues. A base is what the chair stands on, if it’s not good there’s an increased chance of it falling apart.


This refers to what the chair is upholstered in and the material used under the upholstery. It’s what ensures comfort (or discomfort) when seating in your chair.

Most quality gaming recliners come upholstered in breathable and durable PU leather (faux leather), an economical option for both customers and manufacturers. The top gaming chairs are often padded using high-density foam which is comfortable for your butt and back.

Gaming with PC and streaming setup


Dimensions are a factor most buyers tend to treat as an afterthought when looking at gaming chairs. However, it’s important to note a chair’s size as well as its backrest height, and seat width.

By looking at dimensions, you can avoid getting a chair that’s too narrow for you. Or one too big for your space.

Reclining Gaming Chair Additional Features

Gaming chairs aren’t that distinct in terms of their core functionality and features. The top gaming chairs separate themselves from run-of-the-mill seats using distinct attributes.

For instance, a console gamer would benefit from a pouch where they can easily drop their controller in when not using it. Other features include cup holders, lumbar massagers, and the ability to recline to 180°.

Man sitting on gaming chair with headphones on

Reclining Gaming Chairs in Summary

A reclining gaming chair is a worthy investment if you’re searching for comfort while spending hours in front of your monitor. Their ergonomic features allow for comfort regardless of what you may be doing. Whether you’re gaming, working, or enjoying some entertainment, they’ll prove to be a great investment. 

The gaming chairs featured here are some of the best, including the AutoFull gaming chair that soars above the rest. It comes equipped with thick padding, adjustable headrest, and lumbar pillow and armrest that move in four different directions. However, the AKRacing Masters Series Premium and RESPAWN 900 Racing Style aren’t too far behind. 

If you’ve decided on getting a chair and are a graphic designer, improve your experience further by getting one of the best monitors for graphic design. Or upgrade your setup even more with an RGB Gaming Chair

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