Artist Interview with Raymond Minnaar

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Pixelsmith Studios has had the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing people, ranging from graphic designers to game designers. We’ve managed to speak to some pretty phenomenal South African illustrators.

The halls at Comic Con 2019 was a bustling cacophony of excited fans and artists, cheering each other on and all trying to enjoy one of the biggest events that finally came to South Africa.

During the festivities, we took the chances we could, in order to ask some of the artists questions about their journey. And if they had any advice they would have liked to share with upcoming artists.

One of these, is Raymond Minnaar, a fantasy and horror illustrator from Johannesburg, South Africa, who specializes in making our fantasies of dragons in battle, seem like they just actually are real.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts and what you took away from this interview! For more interviews like this, head over to our blog.

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