Luke Molver Artist Interview

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One of the best things about being a part of the Pixelsmith Studios team is interacting with some incredible international and South African artists. And Luke Molver is one of the talented illustrators we’ve been able to chat to.

Luke Molver is a Graphic Designer and Comic Book Artist, he’s a humble soul that we had the pleasure of interviewing and his work speaks volumes. Ba-dum, tss.

Setting aside the bad joke, Luke is certainly not a joke and someone who we highly recommend you chat to, for advice on growing, learning more about art, and growing as a digital artist.

He was one of the artists who exhibited and sold his work at Comic-Con 2019, but is also a regular at FanCon: Cape Town Comic-Con.

Although it was closer to the end of the festival, when we were wishing for more coffee, maybe a chance to go rather grab a beer than live through the last day, we thoroughly enjoyed the event and will certainly be attending more of the conventions to come.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts! And for more artist interviews, head over to our blog.

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